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The Peacock Spiny Eel with its six attractive 'eyespots' is a very handsome freshwater eel!
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BRITTANY - 2007-10-06
I just got 2 and they love the 54 gallon tank they are in. They've been eating and swimming around peacefully. I'm glad they are happy!

jake drain - 2007-10-01
I have named mine Coolige, he is my favorite and is so fun to watch. He shares a 55 gallon tank with many other fish. He is best friends with my loach clinton. See ya

Dunavin,Melissa - 2007-09-29
I just bought a Peacock Eel from Wal-mart, when I purchased him they told me that they are non-aggresive. I guess now I know why I have had two of my Fancy tails pass. He doesn't hide alot, but he isn't very active either. My sons fell in love when I came home with him.

Jessica Carrillo - 2007-09-09
I have 10 peacock eels. I've had 6 for about 5 days and 4 for about 2 days. I see them all day long, whether it's hanging out of plants or on the bottom. I have a bare bottom tank but have put pvc pipe (glued together with a rock in the middle to keep from floating) and some stay in there. But I never see them eat. Mine are with goldfish who ignore them, but I'm sure eat the food before they get a chance.

Jamie - 2007-08-29
we just bought one and so far so good, he's out swimming. we have him in a 30 gallon aquarium. he hasn't eaten yet though... we'll keep our fingers crossed

Austin - 2007-08-02
ive had mine for 2 days now. i havent seen him eat but im gonna try to feed him at night. if you want to see them put a rock sideways against the tank, i did and now i see him every day

BRITTANY - 2007-07-23
I just bought two eels at walmart, Zeek and Sleek. I love to sit and watch them! I could'nt believe it, they got along so well with my other fish. The only bad thing about it is I hardly ever get to see them!