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The Peacock Spiny Eel with its six attractive 'eyespots' is a very handsome freshwater eel!
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Amy - 2008-08-19
I have two peacock eels. One stays burrowed in the sand/gravel beneath some rocks, but the other swims around alot. "She" is named Derva and her tankmate is Doug. "He" just waits for the bloodworms to settle, then he grabs a bite. I only see him if I do a water exchange, or replant what he dislodges burrowing. He has grown @an inch in the 2mos. here, so he is eating well, despite the fact that he doesn't swim about,and "dance" like his tankmate.

drew - 2008-03-20
I just got a peacock eel (at least I think). It is either that or a zigzag eel. Everytime I look for it, it is always so hidden in my rocks or plants I couldn't find it. An hour ago I thought it was dead because I couldn't find it. I just decided like five minutes ago that I'm going to hand feed it.

Luke - 2008-03-01
I've had a peacock eel for about 1 week now, no troubles at all. Mr.wiggles hasn't jumped out or hurt himself. He loves when I hand him live black worms and he will take frozen bloodworms ocssionally, also freeze dried tubifex worms. People who want this fish shouldn't keep it with robust tank mates and should have a rather large tank, maybe 20 gallons or more. These eels are very entertaining and will take food from your hand. It only took me 2 days for him to get used to hand feeding. You must have your heater on always, they like warm water. One more important thing, they like to jump so keep your tank covered, but Mr.wiggles has not wanted to jump yet.

Dan - 2008-02-13
I got one, but it doesn't eat...

Marc B. - 2008-02-03
I've just ended up with one of these by accident. All I was after was the plant that he was hiding in, well he'd managed to wedge himself in REALLY well to the plant. When I got home and was setting the plant I must have loosened it enough for him to want to move. I'm moderately disappointed that I have him now, my tank is FAR too small for this one and the size I believe he's going to end up.
So now I've got to figure out what to do with him, I figure I'll give the local aquarium store a ring and see if they will take him. I know this one can live comfortably in my tank for a time, but I'd really rather he go somewhere he can do well.
The tank he was mistakenly introduced to is a 10 gal planted I use for a small community tank. Currently it has 5 cherry barbs and 2 dwarf gouramis. No problems thus far, but I am worried. I'm going to give him a month or so to recover from being at walmart before I find him a new home.

Spence - 2008-01-31
My last Eel jumped out of the tank and died after only a few months. He was a very happy Eel, I Fed him freeze dried blood worms. That was about ten years ago. I bought a new Peacock Eel a few days ago. I made sure he couldn't jump out this time, they are definitely escape artists. I am not sure if he is eating but he looks fine. I guess I will have to wait and see. I do however recommend blood Worms.

Anonymous - 2008-01-13
You need to separate the eels and goldfish immediately. Goldfish and tropical fish (eels) should never live in the same tank
because of the ammonia the goldfish let off that will kill the eels. I hope this helps for future reference.

aimee - 2007-11-20
I just bought one. The kids love it! I bought it at wal-mart. I figured for $3.50 I couldn't go wrong. The first eel the man caught jumped out of the bowl at walmart and swiggled down the drain... Poor thing! The guy couldn't tell me what to feed it so I am glad I found your website. He has been in the tank for about a week and seems happy. We have lots of plants, shells and logs so he has a lot of hiding spaces. But, I am guessing he is getting hungry so I will get him some more appropiate food today. Thanks!

kevin roque - 2007-10-11
I just bought a peacock Eel and it won't eat. I picked two but the other one died. All mine does is swim up and down and side to side. I've had fish since i was small and know a lot, but this one is tricky.

BRITTANY - 2007-10-06
I just got 2 and they love the 54 gallon tank they are in. They've been eating and swimming around peacefully. I'm glad they are happy!