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The Peacock Spiny Eel with its six attractive 'eyespots' is a very handsome freshwater eel!
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Brittney - 2014-09-19
I put a bubbler in my tank. My eel goes & kinda plays In it but it shoots hi up. He keeps doing it tho. I don't want him to get hurt. Should I turn the bubbler off! He's just a baby

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-19
    Sounds like he's enjoying the bubbles, but I wouldn't want him to get hurt either. Maybe you can turn it down a notch or divert some of the water to reduce the intensity of the flow.
PRADEEP.S.BHADRAN - 2014-08-31
Is there anything wrong if we keep peacock eels of about 3 to 6 inches length with a small Tortoise...???

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-01
    Well first off, tortoises don't live in water. Perhaps you are asking about an aquatic or semi-aquatic turtle, like a red-eared slider or something?. You would need to set the aquarium up for the needs of the Peacock Eel, i.e. tropical temperatures, good filtration and water movement, necessary decor, correct diet, and then keeping the water quality up.

    If you then want to include turtles, compatability isn't really the problem. It's the very different types of animals and their needs. Understand that turtles place a very large bio-load on an aquarium, so keeping a quality aquarium for the eels will take a lot more maintenance just to keep the fish healthy.

    You can learn about turtles and their needs on the Selecting and Caring for Turtles and Tortoises page, and then read the care page for the needs of the particular type of turtle you are interested in.
Kaytelyn - 2013-11-11
I just added a peacock eel into my 50 gal yesterday and was of course expecting her to hide but she hasn't. Our rocks are a little bit big so she couldn't dig at first but we got finer rocks for her. She's not even interested in the floor of the tank, she just swims up and down in the corners all day and night. I'm worried she's too stressed. I have caves in there and lots and lots of plants and floating plants but I'm so worried I'm over-stressing her. Help :(

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    I didn't see your question earlier, I sure hope your eel is good now. It did sound like it was stressed so hopefully is comfortable in its home now.
Larry Seymour - 2013-04-06
We bought one to help clean the tank. The pet store guy said he would hide most of the time but this couldn't be farther from the truth, he is all over the place! I hope this is a sign that he loves his new home! He is leving with 5 Zebra Danio's, 1 Rainbow SHark, 2 Bala Sharks, 1 Cory Cat, and 1 Pleco. Love this guy he is so cool!

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  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-21
    your lucky mine disappeared the day i got it and i haven't seen it again, it could even be dead!
  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-23
    YAY! i saw its nose! yay!
  • Dilipan - 2013-08-23
    Friends, I am a beginner, what is the recommended food for eels?
Shawn Handley Jr. - 2012-08-29
I was just feeding my 2 peacock spiny eels and the smaller darker one of the 2 went after the larger lighter colored 1 of the 2 and actually appeared to bite the other one and the one that was being attacked didnt really care I was feeding them 4 blocks of frozen blood worms so it could not have been a competition over food could it have been breeding? These fish are in a 40 gallon breeder fish tank with a silver dollar, gold severum, rocket gar, pleco(which i may be giving away due to the fact he seems a tad bit aggresive), and 5 various cory cats. Please tell me if you think it was breeding and now i think about it is it possible for spiny eels to hybridlize between speices because the darker, aggresive peacock eel has half a peocock eel pattern and then the rest is just plain brown color. Any info will help thanks

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  • Shawn Handley Jr. - 2012-08-29
    Also each eel is about 6 inches long and I purchased both as peacock eels
  • Olaf - 2013-03-09
    No. Or I doubt it anyway, as of 2006 there were 0 reportings of peacock eels mating in captivity. I got mine recently and despite the descriptions of what everyone says my peacock eel is not what I would call shy. He is almost always swimming around the whole tank. And they only need to feed 2-3 times a week that's why a lot of people think their eels won't eat cause they just don't eat a lot and unless your target feeding your eel, which you should do at first, you won't see then eat all too often.
Katy - 2007-07-03
I bought one from Wal-Mart and it is getting a Sailor's Funeral today. I've never seen him eat anything and wonder if the other fish in the tank ate all the freeze dried blood worms I would put in the tank for him. It is sad the only time I've seen him out of the caves is when he is sick. Let's just hope I can replace him before my 5 year old notices. He really loves Josh the eel!

michelle - 2012-12-24
so i have had my peacock eel for about 6 mo now and i think he is sick....he doesnt bry himself anymore and looks dead but is alive. He stays kinda bent and upside down. He will move some but mainly only when the other fish bump into him. Have not seen him eat ever...pets mart said they would eat flake food. But now im finding out not really...i just trued earth worms but he didnt even budge for it and then other fish ate it. Is there anything i can do for the poor little guy?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-24
    First thing I would do is check your water conditions.  Make sure thay have adequate hiding spaces.  These eels eat mainly at night and flake is not their food of choice.  Try some ghost shrimp.  Put a lot in the tank to get its instints going to hunt.
brad - 2009-06-14
WELL MY PEACOCK STRIPED EEL is startin to turn the peacock eel color in jus 2 up an down stripes so wuts up wit dat?

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  • Jessica - 2010-05-07
    I just got a peacock eel and so far he/she doesn't seem to be stressing at all. In fact he/she is swimming all around the tank (right now it just the "hospital tank" which is 10 gals). Gave me a scare though. First think he/she did was manage to wiggle out of the net (Definitely an escape artist) I'm glad I had one of those drain catchers in (To keep things that shouldn't from going down the drain.) Every where I read you want to feed them live foods. I know I can get earthworms and cricket (from my own backyard if I have to) and even baby guppies but everything else . . . might be a little hard to come by. Maybe a few tips.
  • jordan - 2010-05-26
    Can peacock eels live with tiger barbs because I was gonna get one and I already have a 10 gallon tank? Please reply.
  • Eryn - 2012-10-29
    Jordan, please do not put a peacock eel in a 10 gallon tank. It is nowhere near big enough. They need a 30 gallon minimum. While they may be small at the store, they grow quick.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-30
    I have success feeding these dried krill using tongs.
Seth - 2008-02-22
I seems like most people have issues trying to get these guys to eat. I have tried frozen tubiflex worms, shrimp pellets and minnows. I have not tried any freeze dried food such as bloodworms. One thing that I do know is that my PEACOCK EEL loves "EARTHWORMS"! Trust Me! Mine will feed right out of my hand and will beg like a puppy dog. I hold the worm with a pair of tweezers as it hits it with its lighting strike.....TRY THE EARTHWORMS!

rashela - 2012-08-07
Does anyone know of any where in perth I could buy some spiny faced eels plz

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  • Drobin - 2012-08-27
    You might want to try Petsmart. I just purchased two beautiful peacock eels 5 days ago and I am very impressed! They are simply wonderful to watch and very active.