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The Ocellated Spiny Eel is a smaller spiny eel with a most definite and unusual color pattern!
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anonymous - 2011-03-09
When I was living in san jose in a pet store I saw some very strange fish they were black with a dark brown/dark dusty gray undertone they had no scales they were very smooth and slick-looking they looked almost like seahorses with no bumps that had been uncurled and stretched except they looked slimy like eels they had a long fin running down their back and seahorse snouts they were swimming through the pipes between the tanks but one of them stopped, lifted its head out of the water, and looked at me. I was a little ways behind it so it literally lifted its head and some of its neck out of the water, twisted its neck like a human would, and looked at me and its eyes looked way too intelligent to be a fish's eyes and they didn't seem to care if the water was warm or cold because they went between a tropical tank and a goldfish tank if someone knows what these are please leave an answering comment.

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  • Another Anonymous Guy - 2014-10-01
    it depends on what type of fish they were. Instead of goldfish it might of been a red devil. They look a lot like goldfish but they are not. The fish you saw was still probably a spiny eel because its snout that you described sounded a lot like the snout of a spiny eel.
Anonymous - 2012-02-03
Okay, so this does not have anything to do with an electric eel but whatever, I got a true Freshwater Snowflake Eel yesterday and it is living with two Blue Gill currently and will be moved with the Glue Gill to a 150 gallon freshwater tank containing 3 or more Senegal Bichirs, 4 Firemouth Cichlids and a Red Belly Pacu along with a common Pleco, good idea or no?

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  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-07
    im not sure, i wish i could keep pachu :( you cant keep them in australia
Benjamin Aunger - 2012-12-04
Could I keep this with red tail barracuda or needle nose gar?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-04
    They stay near the top of the tank so it should be fine.
JonBoy Fisherking - 2012-09-15
Me like eel. Eel swim crazy like slinky with spotted flesh. One time, eel swim up but and make me rethink sexuality. Me go out with man named Roger now. He treat me good, but not as good as eel. Amen.

brittaney vanzant - 2011-11-22
Does anyone know where I can buy an ocellated african eel?

suzanne campbell - 2010-10-25
I recently acquired a fish tank from my brother and have had it up and running for 3 weeks now. When I added the fish a couple weeks ago I noticed some fish on a daily basis were missing fins and had pieces taken out of their fins. Some of the smaller fish, like the neons and guppies and platties would disappear and I'd find them a few days later with pieces taken out of them. 2 or 3 months before my brother gave me the tank he had some kind of african eel and it disappeared from the tank. He searched for it, removed all the plants and hiding places and searched the gravel and couldn't find it.. it all became a bit of a mystery. Where had it gone? Had it escaped? This morning when I turned on the light in the tank, the eel was swimming around happily! Where could it have been the past 2 or 3 months? Was it hibernating? Was it just hiding and then coming out at night? Could it be the one who was nibbling the fish? I don't understand how I've never spotted it before. It made me laugh to think it's been hiding somewhere all this time!

Forest - 2010-03-08
i was wondering if a spiny eel would eat smaller fish like Guppies or tetras. if you have an answer comment please

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  • stephen lindsay - 2010-08-12
    A small spiny eel would eat baby fish but unless bigger than half a foot it is unlikely that decent sized guppies or tetras would be gorged.
jessie - 2010-04-08
I think eels are so cute! I think people should like them more. It's not like they are going to bite you or something.... you should look them up and then decide if you like them or not, but if don't still well then can't change your mind. :)

Oytun ERTAN - 2006-09-12
I have had two spiny eels for about 2 years now. They used to get along well but in time one grew much bigger and started chasing the other. Nothing serius happened but constantly chases the smaller one. But interestingly not when eating...They both feed head to head. One other problem is that they have not been eating something other than bloodworms(live or frozen). And time to time i see them trying to hunt down some little tetras which they live together with. But generally they are quite and peaceful. One of the fishes i can recommend.

Lica Campbell - 2006-02-23
I own a Spiny Eel, not sure if its African or not, but it is in the spiny eel family. I've become very fond of my eel. He (or she) has sand to burrow in and it isn't deep so I can still usually see him playing. He does fine in higher ph levels so I have him with several African Cichlids, bigger than he can eat! They get along fine. They hardly know each other are in the tank. the cichlids eat off the sand after meals sometimes, but run into him a bit and move on, very quick, and busy! They always make me smile, such busy bodies! I would purchase another eel but I don't think they get along with each other very well, he's only in a 75 gallon. He can be my only eel. its fine, I love having him. He eats blood worms and brine shrimp mostly, I throw in plankton once in awhile. I've had him 2&1/2 years and he is about 8 inches, still growing. If you can have a Spiny Eel I recommend them, they can be very interesting and not too snake- like the way traditional eels are.