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The Electric Eel creates electricity, making it one of the most amazing creations of nature!
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Anonymous - 2012-02-03
Okay, so this does not have anything to do with an electric eel but whatever, I got a true Freshwater Snowflake Eel yesterday and it is living with two Blue Gill currently and will be moved with the Glue Gill to a 150 gallon freshwater tank containing 3 or more Senegal Bichirs, 4 Firemouth Cichlids and a Red Belly Pacu along with a common Pleco, good idea or no?

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  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-07
    im not sure, i wish i could keep pachu :( you cant keep them in australia
Kenny - 2009-03-14
Electric eels should have an empty tank but with dechlorinated water sand or smooth gravel, and a filter. I keep mine at 85 degrees and has a ph of 7.2. Mine does well in a 55 gal. and I'm going to get a bigger tank. It lives with plecos.

Anonymous - 2013-01-25
It's is growing big in my 5000 gallon.

Trevor - 2009-03-20
I have had a electric eel for a year now. About a month ago my son fell in its huge tank and it electricuted him and them ate him! You got to be careful with these fish.
Editor's note: Your 'fish tale', is quite humorous and is a cute way to point out that fish keepers need to be careful with this fish!

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  • lola - 2010-03-07
    it ate ur son really?!?!?!?
  • jenniferhenandez - 2010-05-12
    Who do you get them from?
  • Eddi - 2012-01-09
    Essays like this are so ipomrtant to broadening people's horizons.
BioMajorNeedsHelp - 2010-10-16
Can anyone point me to scientific data charts on the electric eel? Such as an electrical discharge graph, or correlation of murkiness to electric fields, etc?

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  • Sami Kosonen - 2010-10-19
    I wonder if anyone has tried using electric eels for electricity storage. For example, few hundred electric eels attached to a tank and aggregates to charge batteries. It may be inhuman but certainly bio friendly and alternate way to generate electricity. On the funny side, has someone experimented with multiple eels in a tank? do they attack each other :)
  • Fish farmer Ed - 2012-09-29
    This may be a bit late. If you want to look into electrical charge in water data why dont you look at electrofishing related research. I know the UK enviroment agency has done a few.
  • bob - 2012-11-05
    I have only seen this once before, but I found some person on the internet who took a generator and hooked up to the aquairium. When the eel shocked it's live prey the excess electricity was stored in the generator, and powered the filter, lights, and the other equipment in the aquairium.
Gron - 2010-07-01
What an eel!

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  • danger rat - 2010-07-29
    Where do you buy an electric eel?
  • marc gowler - 2011-12-23
    from me i have one about 15 inches willing to sell or swap for arowana my contact number is 07745066410 thanks
chris - 2011-10-07
Does anyone know where I can order one of these eels for my tank at home? Please help me out. I would love to have one

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  • KayWow - 2012-04-28
    Zetts fish farm and hatcheries has eels. I do not know what kind but you can contact them. Just go to their web site.
David - 2011-10-10
What size tank does an electric eel need?

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  • Sorb catfish - 2011-11-05
    It needs a 4000 gallon tank because it grows 8 feet+ and will kill almost all tank mates not a good beginners fish
Anonymous - 2009-03-15
I have a pair of them over 2 feet. I hand feed them in a 120 gallon tank. They can be quite entertaining, they like beef strips when nothing live is available. Is there a group of electric eel lovers to contact, I"m currently not available on line but can be contacted by snail mail. mike okeefe RR#2 wilde road powell river B.C CANADA V8A-4Z3 .

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  • rea ann - 2010-05-13
    Trisha and I got hit.
harry - 2008-09-10