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The Black Spotted Eel may not be brightly colored but it has a beautiful design!
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Anonymous - 2010-02-14
A Spotted Eel has just systematically worked its way through our new guppies and fighters in one night. Little git is on his way to the pet shop to be swapped! They are great but avoid little slender fish. Our baby barbs and other unknown little fellas have been fine, so it must be the thin bodies of the eaten ones that appealed. Mistake with our new hobby number 1....

Todd - 2010-01-31
Hello animail world. I'm new here and I just bought a black spiney eel and he's great, he's about 5 inches long. He's amazing. Anyways take that one part very serious about them being ecape artists, cuz it's true. No more then 6 hours of having him he tried escape number 1, and I also noticed that they are really night time fish and they need fast moving fish. He started to attack my tiger barbs. I don't know what he's gonna do with my other tiretrack eel, hopfully it'll be a happy tank.

Anonymous - 2010-01-04
I bought a spotted eel at a place in portland called the wetspot you can google them it comes up easy. good luck

cesar - 2009-07-03
Where can I buy this fish, I'm tired of looking for him. I live in portland or
if anyone can give me the number to where they really have it, would be nice.

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  • Chris - 2010-04-01
    I have a black spotted eel I am going to sell. Let me know if you are still looking.
Anonymous - 2008-12-11

I'm new to this site. So far I have found it fascinating and extremely educational. I own two Clown Knife fish that I purchased about 5 months ago from a local pet store. (The told me the specimens were "African Clown Knife fish") -shrug- Anyway, I was wondering if the Black spotted Eel would get along with my Knife fish? The larger of the Knife fish is roughly 7-8" and the smaller about 6-7 1/2" I was thinking (if they would get along) about purchasing a Black Spotted Eel, probably 5-6 1/2"
Some advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Marine Life Momma

carol - 2008-08-26
Hi I have what i believe is a spotted eel, and i love it. I ne ver knew such thing exists until a friend told me. However, i want to know how to stock live shrimps and to breed them ... any advise on what is required to breed river/ghost shrimps?