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Natasha - 2010-08-09
I recently got a new 60lt tank and after cleaning the gravel several times and letting the "dust settle" I bought a few fake plants
And some new fish... 3 Algae eaters, 1 "cat fish" looking & 3 others... I prepped the tank with the
Plants, filter, bubbles & heater however 6 of the 7 fish have died. The water was cleaned
Before with a chlorine & heavy metal binder "Sera" and enough oxygen tablets the day before..
I made sure that the new fish had an opportunity to "adapted" to the new tank before I put them in.
Please help.... I don't know why 5 died, 1's alive & the last is swimming upright half bent over
And gasping for breath... All fresh water fish. In a 26 degrees tank...

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  • Jo - 2010-08-10
    It sounds like a problem with water quality, common in new tanks.The presence of uneaten food particles and fish waste can lead to raised nitrate levels. This will cause fish to die. In my experience bottom feeders are among the first to go when nitrates are too high. The way to avoid this is regular partial water changes (20-30% at least weekly). You can also add liquid bacteria formulas that reduce nitrate levels, and this should be done after water changes. Loads of different types are available in pet shops. Good idea to use a testing kit to check on water quality once a week.
Michael - 2010-08-09
We have a comet-tail gold fish, approx. 5 to 6 years old. She (we think) is just lying on the bottom of the tank near some cover, almost like she's looking for cover. Compared to her normal activity, she looks lethargic. Her dorsal fin is flat and she is lying flat on the rock.

This is a fish that is usually very interactive with us. A couple of weeks ago we started changing her water more frequently (our bad, we didn't know) and, subsequently, her pH is more appropriate and the amount of nitrogen in the water has been decreased.

She has some opacity toward the forward parts of both eyes, although the right eye had this prior to the water changes (distilled water) and the left eye has become affected, also. But, the opacities seem to be getting better, as they are smaller and thinner.

Please advise. She's a much-loved member of our "extended" family.

Thank you in advance.

Diane Burch - 2010-08-08
I have 5 outside goldfish in my pond, one of them has it's head and mouth outside of the water as if it wants to jump high in the air. I's mouth is like stuck open now-- A complete circle. The one gill is a little dark. I'ts not eating because it can't shut it's mouth. Please help.....

DIPESH BAIDYA - 2010-08-06
I have a community fish tank with 8 species now see that some fish are ill they have white spots on their body and some have fin rot problems i treated with blue liquid and adjusted temp 26 degree but no effective changes /what to do please suggest?

Yevgeniy - 2010-08-01
I have had a 40 gallon aquarium for a while now and then I got the algae problem, so I bought Algae Destroyer Advanced by MARS, it promised on the bottle that it wouldn't harm my fish or plants, so I used the dose recommended on the instructions, and every time I'd use it, about 2 minutes after I put it in the water clear tiny worms appear everywhere, at first I thought it was the algae but then I looked closer and they were moving. I have no clue what they are and they scare me. If anyone knows please reply to my problem!

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  • Dave B - 2010-08-05
    This sounds like a round or flatworm has taken hold in your aquarium. You may be able to kill them with a copper based anti-parasitic medication (the algae destroyer is probably copper based). There are also anti-fluke and worm medications that are usually used for anchor worms on the fish itself. These might work as well. The ultimate solution if these don't work is the dreaded complete aquarium clean with the associated cycling of the biological filter. If you have to resort to this it would be best to change everything in the aquarium or sterilize it with a thorough cleaning.
Samantha - 2010-08-02
When I purchased my black moor he was very energetic. Once I added him to my tank with 4 other goldfish he began to move very slowly. It has been three days and all he does is lay upside down or on his side. I moved him to a "hospital tank" but I'm concerned. My children have became attached and I don't want them to see him die. Please help.

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  • Dave B - 2010-08-05
    It sounds like he is stressed. It could be one or several things. Temperature difference, ammonia levels too high (the existing fish could be adapted to it), bullying by other fish or overcrowding, onset of a disease like dropsy, low oxygen levels (make sure there is plenty of aeration and water movement at the top. Check these things to try and narrow it down. If your aquarium is fairly new, check for ammonia and nitrite levels above zero.
ellie - 2010-07-30
I have a community tank which I have been treating for white spot for the last 10 days with a 32c temperature and salt. They all seem to be doing a lot better but I've noticed on one of the larger fish a red growth on his lower lip. It looks like a grain of rice and I have no idea what it is. I've read that it could be a worm of some sort and removed but another site said don't try to take it off try to treat it so I haven't a clue now - I'm still not 100% sure WHAT it is xxx

nikki - 2010-07-28
I have a pond with koi carp in I have 1 fish which has white spot, I have noticed this fish has little lumps under the scales, I have another fish which has these little lumps but also has some raised scales which are becoming red and a scale near its tail is very raised and very red, help please does anyone have any ideas and yes I am treating my pond for white spot.

Virginia - 2010-07-22
We have a goldfish and koi pond in back yard--about 26 fish altogether. It is a lovely pond with a lovely waterfall & everything. One of our goldfish is bloated--getting bigger every day. At first, I thought it was going to have eggs. But now it is going sideways and having trouble swimming straight. Is there anything I can do or will it die--Is this something that the other fish can catch?

paul - 2010-07-12
I have a three year old pleco, in a large community tank. He now has open sores on his head and now underside, I have no other fish sick in the tank. He is eating still, polus moving as normal. Can you advise how I can treat him?