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Renee\' - 2010-09-21
One of my full grown angel fish (freshwater) got itself stuck between the spoge cover on the outtake tube and ground down its fin, part of the side scales and it appears that its eye may be affected too. I put a little aquarium salt in the tank (it is a 45 gallon tank with 4 angels, 4 swordtails, 6 corys and 2 pitbull cats) the water tests good (we have well water) and all other fish are vigorous and healthy. The fin is about half there, the side swipe looks like it will heal, and possibly the eye (which has a milky scoured look), will the fin grow back or just be small now?

sinclair - 2010-09-19
My neon glo lite tetra looks like a black bacteria is eating away its face my other fish died the day it started help!

teresa rodda - 2010-09-13
We have a black ghost knife fish about 30cm long and about 4yrs old he has blisters on his body and he is still eating well the blisters pop and he loses his skin what could it be?

Lisa Pfouts - 2010-09-01
We have a Comet who is gold and about 8 inches long. My son won him at the fair exactly a year ago. The past few days he has had black on both sides. It started as a black dot on one side of the head and then both sides and today there is black on the lower part of his body. Sometimes his fins are up and he seems fine and then they are down and he just seems to float. I read through the list of diseases but nothing seemed to match. Right now he is just suspended with his head pointing down. Thank you if you can help me. If we lose him, my son will be devastated.

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  • lulu - 2010-09-06
    Black patches can be a sign of ammonia burns. What are your water parameters, how often do you do water changes (and what percentage do you remove) and what size tank is the fish in?
eddy - 2010-09-05
I have an oscar, and he came down with some kind of problem. He can't stay under the water, it seems like when he trys to go down in the tank he gets pushed back up. If you have an answer please email me at, thank you.

Lin - 2010-09-03
My goldfish, who is a good age now, insists on floating near to the surface of his tank on his back, is it his age?

Surendra Bahadur Zuwa - 2010-07-21
I have 6 carp fish in my aquarium but one of them has the tail bent to the left, and become unbalanced in swimming. It has low appetite and movement normally less than other.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-08-18
    Read viral infection.
  • D.Kopas - 2010-09-02
    Carp should not be in an aquarium... they get extremely large... the fish will outgrow its space.. & because it is in an area that is too small for it... the fish will actually break in half as yours has... even tho it doesn't seem that the tank may be 2 small just yet.. it still happens.. they need a vast area like a lake.. I've seen this happen a couple of times now.. they eventually died.
tony - 2010-09-01
I am new to keeping fish and bought my daughter all the works but after 1 day of having fish there seems to be a ball shaped pink/brown bubble from the under part of the fish which has grown within 12 hours at the tail end I am confused to what this could be and can anyone help?

tan - 2010-08-28
I have a murray cod, he has torn off a piece of his gill, was not feeding for a couple of days but has his appetite back, what can I do to help him recover?

Katie - 2010-08-22
I have a male Betta fish and his stomach is bloated and he has a gray line on the top of his head, but that seems to be it. I treated him with the only thing I have till I can get to the pet store, which is Meracide. Can anyone tell me what he might have? He is swimming around normal and other than the head I can't find anything else on him.