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Nicole M. Rios - 2010-10-12
My Best Friend Liz and I got a male betta (fighting fish.) We started to notice black specks on his fins. They keep increasing in number and Liz and I becoming increasingly worried. WHAT ON EARTH SHOULD WE DO?

jemma - 2010-10-10
One of my fish is swimming upside down and doesn't look happy at all he gonna die :( what can I do? xjx

Marianne - 2010-10-08
I have a fish and don't know what kind.... I'll call her lucy.... lucy started getting really red has progressed to being chopped up like something is eating her flesh around her mouth... it looks frightening. What is this.....?

Anonymous - 2010-10-08
I had three goldfish then one just dropped dead out of the blue and now I have noticed one of the remaining fish has strange red spots on its body two of which are swollen and stick out of the body.

Christina - 2010-10-07
I have a fancy goldfish that has developed red streaks on part of the tail and white spots on the same area. It also looks like they are moving to the other part of the tail fin. He doesn't really act like he is in any distress. I am not sure if just a water change is in order or if I need to do a hospital tank and treat there or both tanks? I have 3 fancy goldfish and one Plecostomus.

Gary Montgomery - 2010-10-03
Hi there...I have a 55 gallon tank that had about 75 baby plecos in it and all a sudden they started dying...There are also 6 large ones along with 3 black mollys and 2 coradorys which do not seem to be affected by what is going on...I have transferred a few small ones to another tank that was just set up and they are also dying...They do not show any symptoms and I am treating the water with something called Rid Fungus and am hoping that will work...Any information would be greatly appreciated...Thank you very much....

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  • Ron - 2010-10-05
    Are you certain that the plecos are getting enough to eat? Seems like a lot of fish in a 55 gallon even if they are babies (plus the other fish you have in with them). Plecos are someone nocturnal so most feeding would go on at night. Also, could your larger plecos be attacking the smaller ones at night mistaking them for food? Even though you moved some to another tank, the damage may have already been done. I hope by now the problem has cleared up.
Adam Jones - 2010-09-12
Hi, 2 of my seventeen goldfish are really bloated - not with overfeeding, please could you advise?

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  • Danni - 2010-09-27
    That could be bloat, or if not you may want to look at other goldfish pictures. Some (especially pearl-scale) goldfish can look rounded as they get older and larger.
  • Ron - 2010-10-05
    Do the scales appear to be sticking outward from the fish? If so, they may have dropsy. Best to use for that is Fungus Clear by Jungle. Remove the charcoal from the filters but do not discontinue filtration.
Mike - 2010-10-03
I have a Korean Blue Angel, and it has developed some round patches of sorts around his face ..they take away the blue color, but his stripes can still be seen through the patch. Any ideas on how to treat and what this may be? I have several other types of fish in the tank as well, but they all seem unaffected.

dwayne - 2010-10-02
We have 2 male dwarf gouramis for about a week and a half an one is starting to get a light dusty brown from just after his nose an goes up along his forehead an a little further, his appetite has decreased, if not stopped and he's hiding in the top of the plants under a lillipad, his breathing is laboured and he's taking slower bigger gulps, and he appears to have tiny minute little black spots (can barely see them) all over his body, not sure if that is part of their colour. Apart from the black spots, would the other symptoms be a sign of velvet, any advice would be much appreciated?

Janice - 2010-10-02
I have a young goldfish and she usually lays at the bottom of the tank and even on her side. Her back is curved in a "s" shape way and was like that when she was a small baby. One side of her is flat while the other side sticking out. She swims as if she has swim bladder disease. Could this be swim bladder disease caused by a birth defect and how can I treat it?