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suzy - 2010-11-07
My oscar fish is going crazy in my fish tank it's swimming backwards banging its face on the bottom or the side of the tank keeps falling on its side swimming upside down and on its side breathing really hard doesn't even eat anymore the colour of my fish keeps changing its yellowish brown and black spots and it keeps going in the corner and hides under rocks my other oscar fish looks fine eats all the time and swims fine?

Mike - 2010-11-06
My fish is swimming upside down on surface, her belly is bloated, can hardly swim to the bottom, when she swims down she immediately comes back up to surface, seems has air in her stomach.

eric - 2010-11-02
I'm not too sure what kind of fish I have but it's stomach is getting very big like it's pregnant but it has a hole looking circle on it's side....I had another fish kind of like it and it did the same thing with the swollen belly and we found the top half of him floating in the tank about 2 months later...what should I do so I can prevent this from happening again?

Subhajit Das - 2010-11-01
I have a fish in my aquarium whose tail is appearing to be bent for the last few days. What medicine am I going to administer?

penny babbits - 2010-10-27
we have goldfish that have a crush velvet look on them is this anything to worry about

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-10-30
    It sounds like your fish may have velvet or rust. You can read about it on this page to figure out if that is what they have, and if so, treat with copper.
Amanda - 2010-10-21
I have a large fantail gold fish. Recently, a sliver on the top of one of his tail fins came off. At the top where the two fins start to fuse, there is some white fin stuff and you can see where it came off. Is it possible to "shed" parts of the tail or did an ornament accidentally rip it out?

Brier - 2010-10-17
Hello. I have a calico telescope butterfly who is really having a difficult time. She is now in a hospital tank and I am using salt. Every morning she is completely limp, listless, somewhat curved to the side. I am able to hand feed her (mostly dethawed blood worms} She seems pale and thin. I have had her for 1 and 1/2 years and she has not grown much. She does have very large eyes and a deformed mouth. After feeding her she seems completely well again for the rest of the day and then again the next morning I think she might die. I have always made sure she eats well and put her in a net house so she could eat at her own pace. I have several types of food that I rotate {flakes, daphnia {dethawed and freeze dried}, pellets, vegetables} Her tankmates are around the same age but different types {lionheads, orandas, ryukins} and they are thriving. She is now in her own tank though, and will remain there because she is so fragile. With the amount of food she is eating, it would seem she has something inside her that is eating it for her. Please help if you can, I am unable to figure this out.

Ebony - 2010-10-17
My Painted Glass fish has white spots on its fins that resemble eggs. What could this be?

Missy B - 2010-10-17
Please help! My mother in law has an African Lungfish (which she absolutely loves) & recently he has developed this huge tumor on his body, I would say near his groin area (if the fish were to have a groin) more specifically it is near his back "legs" or whatever they are. She doesn't know what to do & doesn't want him to die. Can anyone help?

Nicole M. Rios - 2010-10-12
My Best Friend Liz and I got a male betta (fighting fish.) We started to notice black specks on his fins. They keep increasing in number and Liz and I becoming increasingly worried. WHAT ON EARTH SHOULD WE DO?