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Worried - 2010-12-08
We have a 4 year-old + Bumble Bee Cichlid with what we can only guess is a tumor growing from his face. It started as a small pink sore a few months ago and is now largely swollen, cracked and bleeding. The bulge is about twice the size of the fish's eye and is located between its left eye and mouth. You can literally see the scales being pushed from his body as it grows in size. I imagine it has to be interfering with his vision and must be very painful, yet he acts normal. Pet stores can only tell us to wait it out. I think we've waited too long. What other options are there?

Ryan - 2010-12-06
Hi; my goldfish developed severe fin fraying and some holes in its fins over the weekend. It hasn't had a bad history of disease and it's pretty healthy up until now. It is also acting lazy and doesn't swim much. What is the cause?

tash - 2010-12-04
Hi one of my fish has got red spots near the left eye, is this a type of sickness? I'm really worried.

dawn - 2010-12-03
I have a sailfin molly that is having a difficult time swimming. He toggles from left to right to swim, when he is not sitting at the bottom of he tank. I don't know what's wrong. Please help.

Kim Woods - 2010-11-19
I have a 125 gallon with frontosa's some of them have developed little pits on their faces. I have treated the tank 2 times for fungus. I had to take one female out of the tank because she had big patches of raw meat around her eyes. Can anyone help me figure out what this is?

Amy - 2010-11-13
My fish jumped out of the tank this morning. Now its body is kind of distorted and its fins are damaged. It is swimming sideways and has bulging, cloudy eyes. It's not eating. How can I help it?

erin - 2010-11-11
I have some sort of eggs in the corners of my tank. I just set it up three weeks ago, but had the fish. I had two angel fish one died, two catfish looking fish that was called a shark, one died today the other last week, an algae eater and one danio fish. I don't know if one of them laid these eggs or it's something bad growing and killing my fish. Any ideas?

linda - 2010-11-11
Have a female molly and we have just noticed she is having difficulty swimming as though she is too light and "drunk" when trying to move and she seems to float up towards to top. Also when she tries to swim she goes into a vertical position nose down could she have swim bladder?

g hall - 2010-11-10
Goldfish, it is getting red at the base of its fins and looks like bleeding under the skin on about 1/3 of its body.

Tazmen - 2010-11-10
My fancy goldfish has red all over his/her bottom, and the little fins there are dried up and look like they are about to fall off. Also, his/her eye looks like it "popped". like, one eye is normal, gold in the center, black around that. But the other eye looks like it was popped, the black is all over the eye. I think its a physical injury, but am I wrong? Can somebody recommend something I could do?