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Sarah Rubin - 2011-01-03
Help! Please My Fancy Guppie (female)color: silver and black, she got this puffy white loose scales this afternoon. She is swimming with her tail facing the bottom of tank, she is bloating and has this weird yellow round thing in her belly please help!

Dawn - 2011-01-03
I have a blue cichlid. It has been with me for 5 yrs now. He is about 8" long and a couple inches wide. I have two plecostamas' (9"long) in same 80 gal. tank. W/in past 2 wks, my cichlid has a whitish lump on the nose area in between the eyes. Around the eyes are white rings that are getting puffy. My cichlid had this same lump a month ago and it went away after it/fish popped it. I have been reading about all kinds of diseases and I do not want to do the wrong type of treatment. The cichlid is now having the bottom of his belly turning white/grey. He doesn't look too good and it seems to be happening rapidly. I have changed the water and would like to have a suggestion of what to use to treat whatever this is. I have ich/parasite medicine which I used last month. This problem is just affecting the cichlid and not the plecostamas'. Please help.

Keith - 2011-01-01
I currently have a Blue Gourami that is not eating. The food can hit him on the head and he still will not eat. This is not the first fish that has not eaten. I also lost a Marble and Golden angel fish which also just quit eating. There are no signs of injury, bloating or any outside signs. They just hang out in the back of the tank and not eat. Would like to know what could be possibly wrong? I have tested the water and everything is good.

arti kapur - 2010-12-30
We have 3 sharks. 2 of them dark grey and one silver. The silver is smaller than other two. Both the big ones have grown quite big and now have distended stomach. Could they be pregnant? Otherwise everything else--colour, movement, feeding is normal.

joe Nittolo - 2010-12-29
One of the fishes belly is distended as if it were ready to give birth and 1/2 of it's body has turned black. There are no irregular swimming pattern but a small red patch near the eye?

Afeefa Zaman - 2010-12-27
I have three white carp-like fish in my aquarium (I'm not sure what they are). One is 4 inches long and the other two are maybe 6 inches long. About three weeks ago we introduced a new fish to the aquarium who got sick and died. One of the white carp began to show red spots on its scales. The other two just acquired a pinkish tinge particularly at the fins. After a while the pink spots on the scales diminished and vanished but the fins are still pinkish. Does anybody know what I should do?

Sam - 2010-12-26
I have a Beta Fish and he has been bloated now for a week or two, at first he was swimming aimlessly then he would lie on the bottom of his tank. Now he is hovering near the surface and there is something black around his gills and under his neck. I've cut back on his food and turned off the tank heater. Does anyone know what he has and if its curable or is he dieing?

Nala - 2010-12-22
Hi I have a fish and I don't know what breed it is, but it's fairly small. There are 3 big ones and they had babies. They had 6 but 3 of them already died from the same thing. Theyr're tails are bent and they just float at the bottom of the tank with their tails and head touching the bottom and the middle of their body floating. What can I do? Please help.

Aman Shergill - 2010-12-18
Hi, my Firemouth and Convict cichlid stopped eating suddenly and started just sitting at the bottom and rarely swimmed. They just died 2 days ago after a week of not eating. Now my 2 texas cichlids are showing the same behaviour and I have a really wrong feeling that my Golden Severum is also infected as it didn't eat the feed last time.
Please suggest me what to do.
I have a 30 gallon aquarium, and I perform 20% water change every 2 weeks.
I feed them Toya bits 2 to 3 times a day and water temp. is 28 degree.
P.S. They have white feces and breathe like they are having problem in breathing.
Please Help.

kim - 2010-12-17
Hi, have an oranda cold water fish his appearance is fine on the outside but his mouth is closing up got some sort of, well I don't know, it's not a growth or anything abnormal looking, doesn't look like cotton mouth or any disease anyone had described. I've treated for mouth rot and internal bacteria nothing is working my next step was methylene blue coz that covers so much but nobody seems to have any idea it's just like the skin is overgrowing and causing the hole in his mouth to get smaller and smaller he is struggling to eat and breathe! I don't wanna lose him had him from a lil one and he's now about 6 inches long please please please help any info would be gratefully appreciated. kim