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Lilly - 2011-01-16
Hi, I have two gold fish. Around 2 weeks ago, they started turning black. All the white portion of their fins turned black slowly with black patches on body and fins. One of the fish also has black around mouth now. Now I have noticed that their appetite is reduced and one of the fish has destruction of its fins and tail. I have used antifungal and antiparasitic treatment once but did not see any improvement. Please help!

Samantha Finley - 2011-01-16
I have a blk/org oscar that has small white spots all over his body which I believe is ich and I have treated. My concern is that oscar has a large lump on his stomach where he would excrete waste and it has caused what I can only think to describe as skin bubbles to form from it can you plz help me cause this is my kids pet and it would be a great loss to our family since we've had him a yr and they've watched him grow from an inch long to almost six.

alex mclaughlin - 2011-01-16
3 of my female guppy,s have grey opaque patches on their body and are flicking against rocks and gravel. Other younger females are suffering from frayed tails and fins. Can you help me diagnose the disease and treatments? I have a 90 ltr tank with 30 guppies and carry out a water change every fortnight sometimes every wk depending on nitrate levels. My ph is 6.8 and dh is 8. I look forward to hearing your response.

Lauren - 2011-01-16
Hi, I have three fish but suddenly 2 weeks ago one died out of the blue
I came home from work the other night to find one of my fish at the bottom
Of the tank not moving basically dead but it started swimming normally the
Day after but it has got White spots on his body and tail and the other one
Has swollen and blood shot eyes please help I love my fish! Ohh they are goldfish.

Litzie - 2011-01-14
Hi my name is Litzie. I'm having a problem with my goldfish. He's a lion head. He will be 1yr this July . I noticed that every time he swims he turns around not the normal swimming like straight. His always in one side close to the plastic plant. But every time we feed them he eats good but still he turns around every move he makes. I used to feed them once a day in the morning but my husband tried to feed them again at night. What do you think we should do? My other 3 fishes are good but this is the only one who turns around. But he has no spots at all but his stomach is bigger. Pls...tell me what can I do to protect my. I love my fish PLEASE help.

Ricardo - 2011-01-12
I have two juvenile tiger oscars who's skin has started 2 turn kind of cloudy, and they occasionally rub against the rocks at the bottom of the tank. What could be the problem and how do I treat it?

Joan Philhower - 2011-01-08
My large goldfish has a growth on it's back also on his side(3) . Fish seems in no distress. Could this be age related? Other fish in tank are uninfected. Any idea what's wrong?

Georgia - 2011-01-08
Hey, I have just set up a tropical fish aquarium. I have 3 molly's and 10 neon tetras. For a couple of days the 3 molly's have been acting weird, they have been gasping at the top of the tank but also staying near the bottom of the tank as well. However at times they are fine, swimming round with each other. The 10 neon tetras were fine for the first day and now they are starting to do the same. We have treated the water with care by buying products that was advised with us by professionals. I have searched the internet to try to find out what is wrong but I have struggled with the lack of information. I am very worried as now one of the neon tetras have died and I don't wish of this on any of my other fish. So if anyone has any idea what is wrong, can you please get in touch? Thanks for your time.

Colleen - 2011-01-07
Can anyone help identify what is wrong with my tang, it appeared suddenly and had grown by a third in one day, any suggestions on treatment would be appreciated, all other fish are fine and water test levels are good. See pics here:

sunitha - 2011-01-06
My fishes are dying of some kind of infection. I have no idea of what it is. I have already lost my big shark. Its skin gradually pealed off, I could see the underneath layer, they are dull, loss of appetite. All the fishes are infected pls help.