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cass - 2011-02-20
Why do other fish eat the tail off another one?

alan woods - 2011-01-27
One of my paradise fish just stays in the corner of the tank all day and night above the filter. The other 3 are fine. What can I do?

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  • esha - 2011-02-20
    If she/he is eating then don't be disturbed fishes just like the heat or massage of the filter.
esha - 2011-02-20
My fish's partner has died and she has stopped intake of food what should I do?

esha - 2011-02-20
How should I put penicillin in my fishes eye it is swollen?

Sandy - 2011-02-15
I have a Red Devil Oscar, I noticed that he is breathing funny like he is gasping for air. He looks like he is turning purple on his insides he will act like he is trying to throw something up but can't then just a couple of air bubbles has come out (sometimes). Do you think he might have swallowed a rock or something? He won't eat he won't even try to get the goldfish that's been hiding from him. I noticed a hole on the side of his face about the size of a pencil eraser when he opens his mouth I looked in it with a flashlight and can't see nothing in there. It's like he was wanting me to see to help him. Don't know what to do or diagnose him for it's been 5 days as of today.

april - 2010-09-08
Hi, my goldfish has developed black spots on its body on one side and his gills. It is not tail and fin rot. Eating fine, no other signs of distress. I have used multi cure. I work in a pet store and haven't seen this before. Thanks April.

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  • yuting - 2010-11-22
    I have got this problem too.
  • Patricia - 2010-12-30
    Hi, I just treated my fish tank cause I notice a lot acting weird they were fish flashing they would itch their sides on gravel. So I treated them with a antibacterial treatment. Then I noticed they stopped well my oranda goldfish had a bunch of black spots covering whole body in huge patches and also on fins. Well just recently notice and couldn't figure what was different about him cause I work a lot and notice all the black spots was gone yah it's a parasite. He never had signs of not eating or nothing. Now noticed all fish are healthy and really bright in there coloring. The stuff treated tank with is called MELAFIX antibacterial fish remedy you treat up to 7 days. Yah I thought I overfed my other fish in tank but they were killed by this parasite also there was no signs of parasite besides noticing them trying to scratch there side of body on gravel.
  • jo - 2011-01-14
    Hello, this happened to one of my goldfish, his fins turned black and it looked like he had a little mustache. I didn't use any treatment except taking 2 larger fish out the tank for aggressive behaviour. He eventually turned pink and lived for 5 years. Sadly swim bladder got him in the end. Good luck.
  • Noah - 2011-02-13
    It is ammonia burn it happens when you put your fish in bad conditions then it scabs over and create a black spot this is a good thing because it tells you your ammonia levels are going down.
Kira - 2011-02-10
Help please! My fish have been fine but tonight one of them started to look sluggish, he was leaning against a plant not moving much, I think he seems pale but not sure if I'm looking too closely he was struggling to swim so took him out and noticed a bubble like thing on his side, it was there for about 5 min then I watched it burst, not sure if it was an air bubble or cyst, but it was on him while trying to swim! Another one is now starting to seem to float backwards with the filter but can swim forwards, the one I have taken out does seem smaller than normal! What should I do?

Arielle - 2011-02-10
My 1.5yr old Black Moor is head first in the rocks. His body is curved and he is seemingly trying not to move over much. I have tested and retested the water with normal levels. Tried feeding him peas for constipation. I got him to eat 2 pellets of food today by sinking them. There are no visible abnormalities to his body. I am at a loss for how to help him.

marc - 2011-02-09
Do I need to stop my filtration of my aquarium, for clear water treatment?