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kennith - 2011-03-06
Hi there, I have a gold saum/green terror. He is about 15cm he was battling to keep his balance and now he is on his side at the bottom of the tank he is bloated and not making NO.2. Can any one help me?

smith89 - 2011-03-05
My green spotted puffer has a pop eye on his left eye. He moves slowly like he is tired. He also has no appetite to eat anything. Please help me! What can I do? Any quick home remedies?

Pegi - 2011-03-04
Help! I have a regular old goldfish, but he is large, 12 in. long! I bought a 40 gallon tank going from a 30 gal. Used the same water plus made up the difference with water that sat a few days with nutrafin cycle added. Once put in the tank seemed like he was loving it, 3 days later and since has been laying on the bottom of the tank, white (q-tip looking) patches have been now growing on his head and over his eyes. Is not eating. Pet store had me start Lifeguard all-in-one treatment. I could REALLY use some help. He may just be a goldfish to some, but to me, he's my dearest pet. Thank you to all who can help me save GIL (his name).

Emily Anderson - 2011-02-28
I recently added two smallish Bala sharks to our planted aquarium. They showed a horrible outbreak of Ich after 3-4 days which I assume they brought in with them since I have never had it in my tank before. I have been treating them ~2 weeks now and one has recovered and the other is almost free of ich spots, but seems to be having swim bladder problems now and a little bit of cloudy eye (swam sideways a few days, now seems has to swim constantly to avoid sinking to the bottom). Does anyone know if the ich parasites ever cause swim bladder damage? Fish wants to eat all the time but has difficulty maneuvering to get food and is losing weight (probably from the constant swimming). I am unsure whether to try to treat or whether to give this one up as a goner due to swim bladder damage...any ideas?

ailie - 2011-02-26
My koi fish is showing signs of deterioration of her fins, and this morning I went to check on her and the scales on her abdomen turned into a yellowish color, there is small redness here and there with the yellowing scales. I'm really worried, and would appreciate any advice on how to care for her. Thank you.

Miranda - 2011-01-20
I have a cichlid tank and all of the sudden once I introduced angelfish to the equation, my beautiful parrot fish just started dropping off like flies every day one would float to the bottom of the tank could not swim and would not eat, they would also get paler in color and within 12-24 hours they would be dead. Please anyone know why? I'm stumped.

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  • esha - 2011-02-25
    Angel fishes won't live with parrot cichlids because parrots are actually meat eaters & as the angel swims in a slow motion the parrots will think she is ill and attack on them I had the same here & after ones death they all become extreme slow.
cass - 2011-02-20
Why do other fish eat the tail off another one?

alan woods - 2011-01-27
One of my paradise fish just stays in the corner of the tank all day and night above the filter. The other 3 are fine. What can I do?

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  • esha - 2011-02-20
    If she/he is eating then don't be disturbed fishes just like the heat or massage of the filter.
esha - 2011-02-20
My fish's partner has died and she has stopped intake of food what should I do?