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emilie fisher - 2011-04-04
Yesterday as I was cleaning my tank my fish had to set in cooler than normal water (which is why I was cleaning the tank) and my calico fantail started dying after I got warmer water in the tank I could literally pick him up with no fight. I had to hold him in place for him to get warm enough and he moved just fine all night and today. My tank is warm and my fish are fine except the calico, he is slimy and resting at the bottom of the tank yet when I hold him up he is energetic and swims away should I be worried?

Judy Blanch - 2011-04-04
My goldfish has a whitish fleuro like covering on it's body and tail. It'ss not eating and is very sluggish. What should I do? I've changed the water in the tank and there is two other fish but they are not affected.

Abdul - 2011-04-01
I have fish that is white on their body please what can I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-01
    White Spot Disease is usually the culprit and it looks as if the fish has salt on it. The salty looking white spots would first appear on the gills and fins. It is treatable but without treatment, it can be fatal. It most often occurs as a result of stress. Stress can occur by something as simple as adding a new fish. It can also be caused by certain medications that were placed in the tank.
    It is referred to as ICH (Ichthyophtirius multifilis). It is a parasite and attracted to light so it is recommended you turn the light off in the tank. These parasites can be fatal to fish so you need to treat the entire tank and all the fish in it.

    Speak to someone at your fish store. Two products have been recommended to me:
    Quick Cure by Aquarium Products and CopperSafe by Mardell.

    It is also suggested that an anti bacterial agent be used. When a tank is treated for a parasite, the resistance of the fish in the tank is lowered and frequently a bacterial infection will occur. By using an anti biotic for both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, you will be preventing a possible bacterial infection.
    This treatment process takes 14 - 16 days. Old water should be replaced by clean water with the treatment over time. Replace 25% of the water in the tank with new water every 2 - 3 days based on treament directions.
Anonymous - 2011-03-31
I've got a black moor goldfish and it looks very sick. Both its eyes started to look cloudy. Later on noticed white fluffy stuff growing on its eye and I dont know what it is.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-29
    Attached is Animal World article on Fish Diseases and Symptoms. There is one where it says there is white/grey cloudy patches and that is cloudy eye and a fungus and treatable.
    There is another that says milky cloudiness on skin which is bacterial and treatable. Please go to the article and see which symptoms best describe what is happening to your little fella nd the appropriate treament is recomended. Good luck but looks like you saw it and know to treat it. Good for you.
Courtney - 2011-03-31
I came home today to find my convict lying on the bottom of the tank with her belly completely white and bloated. I tested my water and all levels look great she's barely moving. I've had her over a year and she is in a tank with a Green Severum and a Jack Dempsey, those fish are doing just fine. Please let me know if you know what it might be? Thanks.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-03-31
    Due to the bloated belly, it sounds like it might swim bladder disease or constipation. You say she is barely moving, so I don't know how much she is eating, but my first thought would be to try a different food (possibly soak it with glycerol or castor oil beforehand as mentioned). You may also want to try an anti-parasitic food.
Christine Messenger - 2011-03-31
I have a tank of platy fry about 2 months old. I have noticed a few of them rubbing against a large rock in tank repeatably. Is this an itch ?

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  • Anonymous - 2011-03-31
    It could be. It is usually safe to add a dose of ich medication like aquarisol. If it is ich it will clear up within a day or two.
Hils - 2011-03-27
Hi all, I have an 8 yr old goldfish in a 72 ltr tank with 3 others. I went away last week, changed some of the water and left a feeding block as normal. Today I have noticed that this fish has a lump sticking out behind its head - looks like from its gill and that side of its head is off colour. It's swimming normally and has been feeding fine. Nothing has changed recently - no new fish/ornaments/stones etc. I have given it a brief salt bath this afternoon in the hope that may do something - can anyone help?

Joycelyn Hirsch Smith - 2011-03-25
I have a betta that has a severe swollen body. It is very active and has no trouble eating. What is the problem?

Linsay - 2011-03-21
Hi, I'm new to the fish world and am loving it! I purchased a 26 gallon Bow Front tank in Feb 2011 as my first tank and have just finished stocking it about 1 week ago.

1 male betta
4 phantom tetra
3 longfin Danio
2 glass bloodfin tetra
3 albino cory
1 longfin bristlenose pleco

As far as the community goes they all get along and there is no fin nipping to date! However, I am concerned for one of my phantom tetras. He's gone pale, lethargic and stays in one spot hidden about mid tank. He seems to be gasping as his mouth is constantly opening and closing. He flicks his fins over and over and doesn't seem interested in food at all. He was one of my first few fish so I'm wondering if his immune system may have been damaged from stress caused by adding the other fish. I'm not quite sure how to help him or what's wrong :(

If anyone has any advice it would be welcome.

Thanks, Linsay

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  • Linsay - 2011-03-22
    So my phantom died over night after posting this and I noticed that morning that another of my phantoms had a long white thing hanging from it so I'm positive that it's a parasite issue :(

    I removed the second phantom from my tank and am wondering what I would need to get to treat the tank so that the other fish don't fall ill as well.
gay - 2011-02-09
My sons fish is lying on bottom of tank in a curved position not eating and seemed to be swimming funny other day (on its side) thought of swim bladder gave pea not eaten it.

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  • Anna Rega - 2011-02-25
    Gay, this website has a very good Disease and Treatment page. I think your fish is showing signs of "flashing" caused by a parasite. I would do a water change using Quickcure/Parasite meds and a new airstone. Make sure your water is treated with AquaSafe then add the Meds with new airstone. My fishes were doing the same thing! And now they are doing great. Constipation is treated with *esponson salt and peas*
  • Trent - 2011-02-20
    I have had the same problem if you feed it peas that might help. You need to take the skin off the peas and put it in the water.You don't need many peas maybe 3 or 4 a day until it stops.
  • Georgia - 2011-03-21
    This advice is probably too late but you need to have the water tested for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Nitrate poisoning can cause a fish to curve into a "C" shape.
    Also, when feeding peas make sure that they are lightly boiled first, then skinned and chopped into small enough pieces that the fish cannot choke.