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suresh - 2011-06-08
I bought a 30 gallon acquarium 10 days before, 4 blood parrots, 2 kissing guramis, 2 zebra fish. I lost my both guramis, and blood parrots have white spots in their body, one blood parrot has black spots with fat belly, zebra fish looks tired, could any body please help me in identifying the problem? I changed 30% water yesterday.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-09
    Sounds like you have a bunch of stuff going on there. Do the white spots sorta look like salt? That is probably ich and treatable. Black nodules on the skin sounds like Ichthyosporidium and is also treatable. It might be some other things but all symptoms of fish diseases are described in the attached article from Animal World "Fish Diseases and Treatment". Scroll down to where the symptoms are listed and provide your guys with the recommended treatment.
  • Anonymous - 2011-06-25
    The characteristics of the affected fish is the white patches on the skin of fish. Squirt metapen alcohol treatment in place as much as 2 drops in one gallon of water / 4 1.12) liters of water. The next step give the salt and let some time. Give the hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria that are attached to fishing nets for 15 to 30 seconds. Or it could also be used malachite green or blue or acriflavin methyline as a disinfectant.
    How to fish treatment that bacterial infection should be given additional space before treating.
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Shawn - 2011-06-15
Could anyone tell my why my electric blue ram has turned almost white? It has also pretty much stopped swimming and kinda just hangs out on the bottom. Is there something i can put in the water to help it get better? or is it doomed?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-15
    Sounds like it might be a fungal infection. I have included an Animal World article on Fish Diseases and Treatment and turning white cloudy is one symptom of a fungal infection and the recommended treatment is listed. Scroll down the article till you get to symptoms and then treat accordingly. Good luck... hope all is OK
Daniella Waite - 2011-06-08
Hi, I have two catfish, around the age of 25 but recently rather quickly the smaller one has developed this weird fungus type..thing. I can't really explain but over his back and sides its scales look like they are just covered or ripped away and replaced with white. I have been told by my uncle it's a fungus but its fins have also been rotting like it has fin rot. The other cat fish has recently showed this as well. I noticed its rays were showing. I took a closer look to see the same kind of fungus on its stomach around the fin. We have had to separate them in the tank as the bigger one keeps viscously attacking the one with the fungus.
I am worried as his eyes have sunken into his head and he dosn't really swim. He just kinda flops down on the floor of his castle then lays there looking dead. I am worried. I dont want to loose my catfish =( they are older than I am
please help what can I do????
Daniella Waite.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-09
    It sounds like a fungus and so you would treat for the fungus and the secondary treatment would be with an antibiotic (which would work for Fin Rot) as well. I have attached an article from Animal World "Fish Diseases and Treatment" which lists the various symptoms and the recommended treatment. Scroll down and see if FUNGUS is explaining the symptoms and then do the recommended treatment. OK? Hopefully the one will stop attacking the other when you get rid of the fungus. Might be something else and various symptoms are identified so check them out. OK? Good luck.
andrea - 2011-06-06
Why have the eyes of my black moor fish turned white...the 2 of them. They never used to be like that now they both are totally white???!!!!!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-06
    Animal World has this information regarding problems on the eyes. You can also click on Fish Diseases and Treatment and scrool down to the bottom which highlights symptoms. The corresponding recommended treatement is listed. Sounds like cloudy eye which is treatable. Good luck and let us know.

    Eye Problems
    Symptoms: Cloudy cornea, opaque lens, pop eye, swelling, blindness.

    ◦Cloudy cornea can result from a bacterial invasion. Antibiotics may help.
    ◦Opaqueness can result from poor nutrition or a metacercaria invasion (grubs). Try foods with added vitamins and changing the diet to include variety.
    ◦Pop eye (exophtalmia) can result from rough handling, gas embolism, tumors, bacterial infection, or vitamin A deficiency. Gas bubble or bacterial infection can be treated successfully with penicillin or amoxicillin.
    ◦Blindness can be caused by poor nutrition or excessive light. Lowering the light level and a change of diet to include lots of variety may help prevent it.

Katie - 2011-06-06
This is more of a question than a comment... I have just recently gotten an albino molly and I had decided to pair it with an albino cory... They seemed to get along at first but just today I noticed the cory had what looked like an injury on his head. It doesn't look too bad and he seems ok otherwise but I separated them immediately. Would a molly hurt a cory like that? I read up on both of them and it seemed like they would be alright, but I am a beginner. I'm keeping them apart in any case I think. Is it ok to have a cory alone? Hope there are some answers. --thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-06
    Both the cory and the molly are supposed to be good community fish. They should get along without problems. I have included an article on Fish Diseases and Treaments just in case there is a possible disease (fungus) going on. Good luck and let us know. OK?
Robbie Graham - 2011-05-19
Blackmoore sick or lazy?

One of my black moores has been lazing around on the bottom of the tank for about a week. Now I treated him for constipation but has not changed, he still lies on the bottom till fed, all the water levels are fine btw. Can Anyone HELP?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-19
    Doesn't sound right to me. I attached an article on Fish Diseases and Symptoms and you can scroll down to see if there is anything that sorta sounds like what your fella is doing. He is eating and I found nothing about just laying on the bottom but to me it sounds like a behavior issue which is usually something to do with PH, or water temperature or lights or something with the tank. Just check the tank again to make sure and look at the article. OK? Good luck.
  • john adams - 2011-06-05
    This sounds alot like SBD (swim bladder disorder). See, sometimes fish get too much oxygen in their swim bladder which helps control their depth in the water. When this happens, the fish starts floating upsidedown but is still alive. To cure SBD, fast your fish for 3 days and then feed it boiled skinned mashed peas. This should cure him.
    Mine sticks around the bottom of the Tank too,but also swims off key and upside down for a while.Me personally i think they stick around the bottom after having a stressfull time trying to get theirselves righted.

abby - 2011-06-04
My. Pearlscale Goldfish Is At The Bottom Of The Bowl. (I Got Her Today From Petco. Her Name Is Puff). And She Swimming At The Bottom And Sometimes Staying There For A Long Time. And I Also Think She Is Pregnant. And I am Really Worried And Scared For Her. Please Help Me. This Is My First Fish, Thanks. Bye Abby. From Michigan Is it OK?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-04
    Could be newness to the tank. Could be water condition so check the water and PH. Could be the fish is sick so check the listed symptoms in attached article. Is she eating? Swimming or just hanging out at the bottom of the tank. Check for symptoms just in case but check the water.
Andiemus - 2011-06-02
Does the folded fins of a fish means that its stressed? if so, does high temperature stress goldfishes?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-03
    Yes it usually means the fish is stressed or sick and the temperature and qualityof water could cause this. Check the temperature and water conditions to make sure it is OK. I have also included an article Fish Diseases and Treaments so you can scroll down and see if possibly there are any other symptoms your little guy has. Good luck.
Anel - 2011-05-30
Well my bubble eye fish is 2 years old and it`s had sooo many probles in it`s life. Now one eye big and the other is small what do I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-30
    Sorry, poor little guy. Not sure but possibly pop eye which is an infection and treatable. I have attached Fish Diseases and Treament page from Animal World and if you scroll down to symptoms you can easily check to see what most sounds like what your little guy has. If it is pop eye, there is the corresponding recommended treatment. If it sounds like something else, then you will know that too.
    Good luck and enjoy
Asraz - 2011-05-29
Hello, I bought two black Moore gold fish about 3 weeks ago. Today when I went to look at them one of their eyes has been pushed out a bit but is still attached. Why is this ? And what can I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-29
    I am not sure as not quite enough information but it might be pop eye. It is an infection and it is treatable. I have included the article on Fish Diseases and Symptoms. Scroll down and look up the symptoms and possibly it is pop eye. The corresponding and recommended treatment is listed. Good luck and good you noticed.