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JEFF - 2012-06-02
I am trying to raise some tilapia and there getting thick slim on the scales and swimming close to the top of tank does anyone have any ideal what is up

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-03
    How is you ammonia level. Slime coat may be being produced to protect itself.
Krystal - 2012-05-30
I gave my silver goldfish to my neighbor when it started attacking my tiger barbs. She asked me to look at it today because it was looking ill. She introduced a new goldfish about a week or two ago, they both are lethargic and having difficulty breathing and swimming. They have white spots and a clear substance on their bodies. Their color is dull and their fins and mouths are clear with red streaking ( I assume where the veins are). The fins hardly move and seem shorter ( not entirely sure as I haven't been over to see the silver in awhile). I think it is Marine Ich but not sure. I'm worried we might be to late to save them. Can anyone help me with a definite diagnosis and a treatment. Preferably a cheap one beings as she is disabled and on a fixed income. Oh and there was some gross greenish clear gunk on the fake plants. They are the only fish in the tank and not sure of gender on either ( I am very new to goldfish and she is even newer than me) Please help me! Thanks!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-31
    It sounds like you have several things going on at one time. ICH is the usual demon. I would look at the symptoms in the above Animal World article to see what other symptoms it might be and treat for what describes your situation the best.
Nikki - 2012-05-25
I have a bright reddish-orange cichlid i think? Different places seem to call him different things but when I look him up he resembles a cichlid. I love him to death and just recently we had a figure eight puffer develop grey patches starting at his face and working down his body and soon after died. Now my little Sampson has developed the same thing. It seems to have all popped up at one from his face all the way to his back fin. His personality has changed dramatically. He's much more active and eating much more. Normally he is very non aggressive but now he doesn't want anyone around him. We went to the pet shop and they gave me something to cure Ich. But it looks like it's getting worse. Is there anything else I can do for him or is it just a waiting game now? I just don't want to lose him.

Erin Briggs - 2012-05-18
Hi, I have a 250L tank which has one angle fish, 2 pleco, 2 rumble nose Teras and a gold fish. My fish got white spots which I have now fixed but my gold fish started to get red sores over him and other fish were trying to eat him, I have separated him into a breeding net and now his tails becoming white and looks like its falling apart. Can anyone help me as I do not know what going on. Is it a fungus disease

Maria - 2011-05-30
Hi, my brother is out of town and left me with his yellow fins. In these three months of taking care of them I saw never saw any strange behavior until I got to my office this morning and saw that one of them (if not mistaken, female) was lying dead on the sand without and eye and a hole on its stomach...I've been feeding them properly and last night when I left they were all doing great. Can someone please tell me what happened? I'm new to fish caring and would like to know a bit more on how to take good care of them. From what I read, the tank my brother has put them in (now three, used to be four) isn't too big and I've seen them push the sand so it caves up. I currently have two male and a Female in the tank, is there anything I need to be aware of?

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  • raghu - 2011-08-09
    Dear Maria, what substrate do use? There could be a chance of fish trying to dig and ended up with a piece stuck in its throat or it could have hurt its eye to your rocky arrangements. Or it could be due to stress.
  • Chris - 2012-05-13
    2 males and 2 females in a tank is a bad ratio to have. You want to have at least 3 females for every male in the tank, or they will be harrassed to death. They have been mounding up the sand to establish a breeding area, which makes me think the female was killed because she wasn't interested in breeding at that time. I know this is an old thread, but I figured I should respond to help others with the same problem.
leo - 2012-05-07
All my monos (5 of them) are dying day by day. 60 cm by 30 cm by 30 cm tank. They are 6 cm from fin to fin. Freshwater. Food for them. Anyone knows why?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-05-08
    They are still juveniles, did you just get them? What are your water parameters? My first thought is the water quality is poor.
Nate - 2012-04-10
My beta, his water has like a mucus film on it even after cleaning it and he has a really bad white mucus on his 1 side. He has loss of apetite seams 2 wana hide. Very slugish. At times looks dead. Anyone know what could cause this plz help.

sridhar - 2012-05-04
Hi there all fish lowers, I have 3 inch long flowerhorn fish.
From last 2 months, I had noticed that he was not eating food because he can't see it. He is eating by judgement. Neither his eyes are popped out but both pupils seem little bigger. He swims lethargically and not at its actual way. Skin looks normal. Have given tetracycline 3 times. But of no use. Water conditions are good enough. I am not able to make out exact symptoms from your chart. Pls.advise.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-05-04
    change the water of your aquarium dude...
    that's the usual diseases of fish on the tropical area...
    give the fish stress out drops...
Rajesh Devasthale - 2012-04-26
I have 3 inch long flowerhorn fish. He was eating feeder fish or any other food
immediately. From last 20 days, I had noticed that he was not eating food because he can't see it. He is eating by judgement. Neither his eyes are popped out or cloudy. But both pupils seem little bigger. He swims lethargically and not at its usual way. Hard breathing observed .Skin looks normal. Have given tetracycline/amoxicicilin once. But of no use. Water conditions are good enough. I am not able to make out exact symptoms from your chart. Pls.advise.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-26
    Try adding some airstones. Also I would put a probe in to see if you have any stray current going through the tank.
Corinne - 2012-04-24
I have lost many fish recently. I had my water tested and it came back fine. Then I treated my fish for ich as the dead fish seemed to have white spots on them. Now the few fish I have left seem to be sleepy.....wanting to lay at the bottom of the tank. I feel that they are a short time for this world and I really do not want to lose them. More importantly I want to know what is going on! Any ideas?