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Apu - 2014-09-03
My name is apu i am set my aquarium 7nth month suddenly my tank's all angel fish died i dont know what i doing

Laura C. - 2014-09-01
I purchased a Raphael catfish about a week ago. I noticed a small white patch, not fuzzy, on his left side. Currently, the tank is being treated with melafix as I recently lost an angel fish that developed white nodules above his eyes and then developed popeye. I QT'ed the angel before it died. Does anyone know what this white patch could be on the catfish? The ph is 7.0. Temp is 78 degrees. The nitrates have been running high from 80 to 160 ppm. I just treated it again with prime and nite-out, as there was a trace of nitrites, below .25 ppm. I also did a 50 percent water change two days ago, vacuumed the gravel. I also added two plants to control the nitrates two days ago. The tank is 55 gallons and contains: 1 Cory cat 1 bumblebee cat 1raphael cat 1 tetra 1 comet gold fish 2 shumbunkins 1 gold gourami 1 needlenose gar 1 tire track eel 1 red tail shark 3 angels Please help! I don't want to lose another fish!

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  • Laura C. - 2014-09-01
    I forgot to add that I have 1 Pleco too
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-04
    It could very well be Columnaris, which is very contagious and fast acting, but responds well to antibiotics. It is a very common disease especially for catfish, but with a quick response it can be treated. Read about it and treatments on the fish disease page here: Columnaris.
sushil - 2014-09-01
I have trout fish big farm.since before 5 years.that going days I havenot any problem.but I have tail and fin rot problems.l use all kind of method and medicine camical but it is nont please help me which kind of medicine and comical good for this diseases.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-01
    You are describing a bacterial disease which can be treated with anibiotics. But I do suggest you figure out what is causing the problem or it will simply recur, it may be inadequate filtration and water changes. To treat this see the fin and tail rot info above.
imah - 2014-08-28
Hi I have a bottomfeeder but do not know what type it is. It has developed two buldges in front on its second fin. What is this and what should I do? Thank you and I hope someone can help me

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-29
    It could be Columnaris, which is a common ailment in freshwater catfish. It results from such things as poor water quality, inadequate diet, stress, or injury.
chhaya - 2014-08-16
hello, i have a giant gourami of about 2 years old. she is suffering with cloudiness in both her eyes. its some kind of yellow patch within her eyes since a day, her vision is deteriorating as observed and she is not eating anything even though she has a very good apatite. i put salt and tetracycline after cleaning her tank 3weeks once. but this time there was a delay and her tank had really become very dirty. may i please know the reason and the cure for it? please help me out, she is a part of our family and we cant see her like that :( please.. need help :(

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-17
    Cloudy eyes are most often the result of a bacterial infection, though sometimes it can be parasitic. These diseases are usually related to water quality and poor diet. Do an immediate partial water change, then perhaps start an antibiotic treatment, you can get antibiotics for fish at a pet store. A complete treatment usually includes administering the medication several times over a period of time, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the medicine. Also try changing the diet to include variety and include foods with added vitamins. Do regular water changes weekly, 25% of the water should be changed out. Cloudy eye can lead to blindness, especially if the water quality and diet are not kept up with. Good luck to you both!
Sarah Wheeler - 2014-07-23
what is the best way to treat ich for a Green Spotted Puffer? and also, my puffer is just a baby about an inch long. Should i treat him for ich in the 30 gallon tank he's in right now?(with a couple minnows) and ghost shrimp) or should i treat him in my extra 10 gallon? which is best.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-05
    You have to be very careful treating this fish with ich medications, as they are scaleless and very sensitive to any chemical treatments. The best way to treat these fish is by slowly raising the tank temperature to about 80 degrees and adding some aquarium salt. Ich is a parasite that cannot survive above about 73 degrees. However, to completely eliminate the ich, you must maintain the tank at the higher temperature for at least 10 days. This is because the parasite will be in the tank in various stages of development from larvae to maturity, and you want to elimate it totally. With this treatment the minnows should be fine, but I don't know what effect the increased temperature may have on your ghost shrimp. You may want to move them to the other tank.
  • Sarah Wheeler - 2014-08-07
    Thankyou so much! I don't see him scratching on things anymore, i did also remove them all for 3days and put ich medecine(for other fish but not scaleless fish) and let it get in there to kill the ich and cleaned it all out before returning them, the thing is, the temp is always 80deg-84deg. Even at one point the temp was 87-88 just me trying despratley to kill the ich! because I had a fish wich recently died Green Spotted puffer about 3 inches, he always scratched but never grew white spots. he didnt have any other marks or things that shouldnt be there or look weird. He eventually died of ich but i tried everything with raiseing temp to half dose ich medecine, it just wouldnt die, a period of a month or more. :( Do you know why this happend? why the ich wouldnt die at 87-88 degrees for more than a week and a half,I dont understand what I did wrong and miss this fish ;'(

  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-07
    Your fish's death is truly a mystery. But your story about the danio is very cute... I can't stop laughing as I picture him!
  • Sarah Wheeler - 2014-08-07
    Also, I dont know the salanity or whatever, but i put about 2 tablespoons per gallon or marine salt(not aquqrium salt) because these fish are brackish, and hs only a baby still so its just a bit. Im not sure if youre allowed to mix marine salt and aquarium salt? and will that even be okay? (omg this is so cute all my danios jumped out except one and since he cant follow other danios as they like too hes following my baby puffer everwhere he goes! just an extra word cause that is so cute I thought you wouldnt mind to hear haha.
basantsharma - 2014-08-05
I farming fish last 5 years , I never face any problum but now a days in my fishponds water became brown and all fish died . What is the problum ? Please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-05
    It sounds like there is a problem with your water quality. You can test for ammonia, nitrate, etc. to help determine what's going on with it. Also look at your filtration, it may be inadequate, and the water turning brown definitely indicates a problem.
Lori - 2011-08-29
I have had 5 Powder Blue Gouramis and they looked good, but they start to get thin and then die. They are eating, don't show signs of disease, then they get listless and die with in days. I have a healthy 55 gallon tank, lots of plants and hiding places. I have Angels, Parrots, Kissing Gouramis, Tetras and Barbs. They all seem to get along, with some spats, but nothing constant. Any suggestions?

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  • Harry - 2012-01-23
    How big is your angel? I have gourami and angel mixed tank and to begin with it was a struggle angels at time can be very aggressive
    Especially when fully grown!!
  • daryl - 2012-02-16
    I have the same problem and the same size tank. My other dwarf Gouramis do great just the powder blues are having a problem.. Wonder what is going on no signs of disease.
  • ben - 2013-07-14
    Hello we got a powder blue dwarf gourami a week ago and everything was fine until earlier today it seems to be having problems staying a float... side fins and tail fin was going like 90 miles an hour and it was barely moving and looked like it was breathing hard or having trouble breathing. And it looks like its tail fin is deformed or something like its tail fin and under belly fin are all in one... we have a red dwarf gourami for a month or more now and it's just fine and looks normal.
  • Linda - 2014-07-28
    I had to stop buying the dwarf gouramis, especially the powder blue ones, which I love. I was told that there is a specific disease that the dwarf gouramis get with some regularity and there was nothing to do about it. They have a weakness for it and when they developed the dwarfs of some of these, they would most often end up with it. A local pet store chain told me she hadn't heard that, but she wasn't well trained either. I decided to wait until someone figured out how to breed these fish without this disease shortening their life. Sorry I am no help except to say, about everyone that has them has told me the same thing although I haven't checked lately to see if these has been any progress.
faythe - 2014-07-25
I have few different kinds of sharks in my tank. One has a lesion behind his eye area & some of them I've noticed blood looking color in their eyes. What can be causing that? I've changed the water to try to make sure the water quality is still good.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-05
    It could be that they are scrapping with each other, especially if the tank is not large enough and/or lacking enough places for them to hide and take refuge from each others territories.
Sam - 2014-07-10
Hello, I have a large angelfish that has suddenly developed what seems to be a kind of 'tick.' It swims swiftly and jerkily and then seems to be trying to hold still. Some of the other fish in the tank seem to be doing a little rubbing also. I don't see anything else, but I suspect some sort of parasite. Am I right? What's wrong and what can I do? I don't want to lose this fish. I have had him almost a year and he is my biggest fish. Thanks.

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  • Chris gates - 2014-07-13
    I have a fish same as this with a tic like features as well.
  • RAJESH KUNJIRAMAN - 2014-07-14
    pls provide some medicine
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    I have read a number of suggestions to why an Angelfish starts to have a jerking type action. They range from shipping stress (which obviously isn't your situation), a natural breeding behavior, and even constipation. But because you are also seeing the rubbing action with some fish, I would look for a parasite too.