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The Zebra Danio is a popular aquarium fish favored for its charm and grace, and above all for its hardiness!
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Sean - 2010-11-21
I HAD 5 Zebras, yes they are flashy, energetic, and fun to watch. I recently read a comment about them killing neon tetras and didn't believe it. The last 3 weekends we have been staying away for a night and each Saturday we returned home I had a dead fish. The first being a danio, the second being another danio, and this last saturday, my biggest female neon.I noticed that the Zebras are VERY aggressive feeders and they consume more than any of the other species in my tank. I have concluded while we were away everyone was picking the bottom of the tank and the Zebra's survival instincts said to defend any available food. Keep your Zebras fed, fish-heads!

The Crazy Fish Lady - 2010-10-08
I have three males of these currently in a ten gallon with some young goldfish. They are so energetic and I love their games of "tag." They play with the goldfish even! They were a great choice for my tank, because of the fact that they have caused my goldfish to become more active. I have had them for a few months now and they are no longer afraid of me coming up to the tank and are actually very affectionate. Maybe they caught on from the goldfish? Either way, they are a happy and healthy family.

Holly - 2007-01-01
MY EXPERIENCE WITH SPAWNING THE ZEBRA DANIO: Hi..i bought 10 Zebra danios at walmart along with 2 giant danios less than a week ago. They are in a 55 gallon tank with plenty of water current from two power filters (aqua-tech and whisper) and an air pump(whisper) with an airstone and bubble wall. They are in there to help cycle the tank( you can cycle your tank three ways: chemical cycling, fishless cycling, and you can cycle with fish. I absolutely love my little danios! they are extemely playful even with the giant danios who are nearly twice their size! I have at least 4 females and i believe 6 males. Also when i brought them home I found out i had a little leopard danio mixed in with them. They sometimes pick on him it seems, but other than that they all get along just snazzy! And much to my excitement they spawned once already! On 12-30-06 and i bought them on 12-26-06, 4 days in the tank! The tank temperature is set on 80 or 81 (this is a tad high for this species of fish, but they all are happy and healthy). I also use about 1 rounded tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons of water and Novaqua. Some websites and books that I`ve read say unless its absolutely necessary, you should never add salt to freshwater aquariums. But salt helps fish in alot of different ways so i added it. When i purchsed my zebra`s from walmart they had some scales missing and a few scrapes due to the less than great conditions of the tanks and the fact that they were very over crowded (think 50 fish in a ten gallon). But within days the scales had grown back and the scrapes had completely healed up not to mention they felt so good they spawned!
Spawning activity usually occurs around daybreak first thing in the morning and mine lasted the rest of the day. Several males would eagerly follow the "chosen" female swimming very close beside her.(Not all of my females spawned and not all of them looked interested in spawning either even though their fellow tank mates surely were) Zebra danios will often choose mates and will usually only spawn with their mates. They do not however form the close bond that some other fish species do. Well the chosen male (usually chosen by the female or the only male with enough energy left to still chase the female) and the female would swim to the bottom of the tank around the base of some of the plastic plants or in a slight depression in the gravel..and then they would get very very close together and swim quickly in circles the female depositing her eggs and the male fertilizing them. I saw this happen many times in a single day. Fortunately( as i dont know what i would do with hundreds of babies!) they polished off all of their eggs. If i really wanted to raise zebra danios i would separate the sexes and condition them on live foods for several days in seperate tanks. Crank the heat up to atleast 80 degrees F and when the females are really plump, put the conditioned sexes together in a 10+ gallon aquarium with a bed of good sized marbles in the bottom. (Not to big or else the parents can get stuck trying to eat their young, but not too small because the eggs and fry then cant escape their parents). Add a sponge filter (sponge filters will grow rotifers that the fry can eat on their surface AND they wont suck up the fry OR cause turbulence in the water). Dont use sponge filters for anything other than breeding/fry tanks or hospital tanks because they tend to clog easily and just work better in those types of tanks were you cant use much else.
So, add a sponge filter and some live or plastic plants (If you use live plants it may up your chances of getting a good spawn. There are microscopic one-celled organisms(protozoa) that live in and around plants that your babies most likely will eat). You will need to either use brights lights on the tank for atleast 12 hours or use some very hardy low-light plants like java moss or java fern. Also you dont necessarily HAVE to use an aquarium. Those big clear plastic storage tubs you can buy at any dollar store or walmart will work just as well. just follow the same principles and make sure to rinse it out well before using it and punch some holes in the top for air. Add you male and female danios the night before you want them to spawn and feed them once before you turn their lights out.
Wake up the next morning and sit back and watch the action (hopefully)! After you see the spawning winding down or that afternoon remove the parents. To feed the fry you neednt go to extremes as you would with anabantids or other small fish species. Tiny micro-organisms (infusoria) arent really needed with egglayers like zebra danios as they are with most of the anabantids for a fry food. Most danio fry emerge large enough to eat finely crushed flake food or you could even try that commercial fry food(i've never tried it and i would be iffy about using it, just crush your flakes). Baby brine shrimp can also be fed but they arent necessary. Sit back and watch your babies grow!
Hopefully this will work for you too! ^.^

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  • Kevin - 2010-08-15
    Hello Holly,
    Nice article, with my zebras spawning as you said they will spawn at daylight, after spawning i wait about 2 days than i will siphon the bottom of the tank into a white bowl, i will change about 2 gal of water every other day, every time i siphon i find about 10 fry in the siphon bowl, i than place them in a 2 gal tank with an air stone, i feed the fry wardly small fry liquid for a week than switch to frozen baby brine and the HBH baby bites, after about a month i have about 40 fry, i tranfer the bigger ones in a separate tank until big enough to put in fishtank, im still getting fry everytime i siphon tank, but be careful as they are so small you can overlook them, and repeat the growing cycle, this is working well for me
stephen - 2010-07-13
So far I have 6 zebra danios. My 10g tank is about 1.5 months old right now. I have also put a live streaming webcam on them, check it out if you like!

Emily H - 2010-05-15
I have four of them and they are great. They are very active and fun to watch. They are not too aggressive either. I keep them in my 10 gallon tank with a bronze corydora and a spotted corydora.

Francesco - 2010-05-06
i have two bala sharks one angel 2 mollies 2 elephant fish 3 different cats one pleto and 2 long-fin goldfish, im a beginner at this, the tank has roughly 20 plants inside and its a meter long, there are'nt really any fish that swim around the top parts of the tank except the mollies so I'm looking to get a few small schooling fish, so far zebras look like the best option, I'm just worried about the temperature of the tank which is usually 26-27 degrees cel. Will they survive and will they be too fast for my other fish like the elephant fish.

ben - 2009-01-28
Zebra Danios are beautiful little fish. I had 5 of them. They where really active and lasted about 2 years, but they were fully or near fully grown when I got them. Recommend them for anyone.

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  • charley - 2010-03-08
    one of my zebra danios died
  • Anonymous - 2010-04-20
    If you're a fan of zebra fish than try a glofish they are zebra danios but they glow under a blue wavelength light.
Mike - 2010-01-14
I just bought 10 of these guys from my favorite local fish store, only 8.99 for all 10! Plus I love these little guys! I added them into my 55g tank which already has 3 red minor tetra, 3 black platinum tetra, a PowderBlue Dwarf Gourami and a Dwarf Red Gourami, and catfish. I wanted a smaller type of fish to inhabit the open water areas of my tank near the top. Perticularly on that would school. And these guys fit the bill! My tank is still young so I wanted a hardy choice also. The school really well and are fun to watch. Very fast and they like the current. Sometimes even swimming right thru the filter output. Be sure to cover your tank because these guys like to jump and are quick. I was worried about my tetras nipping or even eating the smaller danios but no problems yet. One thing I noticed is that the introduction of the 10 danios has seemed to send my Gouramis into hiding. Even more than before. But we'll see! I'd say all in all a great choice for any community tank!

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  • Shawna - 2010-05-08
    Hey Mike, I have two danios and I love them. I can't find anywhere that tells HOW OFTEN to feed them. Can you let me know? Thanks! Shawna
kathy - 2007-11-26
I have the Glofish Zebra's, 4 of them. I think the Glofish are neat. My 4 Glofish are in with my 3 Glowlights, my 5 neons, and my Clown loach and everyone is getting along fine.

Jacob Gomez - 2007-03-17
I have a Zebra Danio named Stripey-stripe and he`s a good fish to
have. He is in a 10 gallon tank with 6 guppies and a female betta.
At morningtime, I see his stripes shining in the light. He is doing
fine and I know he`ll stay that way.