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The adult Tinfoil Barb makes an impressive and beautiful display, but needs a very large aquarium!
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Angel - 2004-04-16
Hello, I also purchased Tin Foil Barbs after Christmas, without knowing the full truth of these beasts!!! I love mine, they are so BEAUTIFUL. Just like a 2 yr old i sit there and watch them swim from one end of the tank to the other a second apart counting one, two, three.....fourfive@!! hee ehee I had no idea they would grow to be so large, the pet shop didnt instruct me on this. So now i have these beauties and they are very entertaining, and i have to decide how to keep moving them to bigger tanks. i agree they need huge tanks. Angel

Emily Dickow - 2004-04-13
Greetings! I love my tin foil barbs. I have 2 of them in a 55-gallon tank with some cory cats, a pleco, clown loaches and two kribensis. They are now 14 years old, and I am on my third fish tank (55-gallon). I now believe this tank is also too small for them, as they are nearly a foot long each. I bought them when I was much younger, before I did anything like fish research, and I got no warning from the pet store that they would grow so very large! Had I known then what I know now, I do not know that I would have gotten the same fish! They eat everything in sight (live plants are a fantasy to me, as they ate an aquarium full). I cannot get any new fish, as they eat them. Algae is a problem, as any otocinclus I attempt to put in the tank are usually eaten within one week. They constantly harassed the snails, as well, so now they will just have to make do with the lazy pleco. They are incredibly hardy fish - one even took a late night sail out of the aquarium and flopped on the floor for a while before being scooped up and dumped back in. As that was nearly 11 years ago, I am not anticipating he will have any long term difficulties from it! The people at the aquarium said they can live up to 30 years in captivity, so if you keep them right, you will have them a VERY long time! Just be sure you GET A BIG TANK!

Augustine - 2004-04-12

These beautiful, unusual, fish are very hardy and tough survivors in stressful situations.
That DOES NOT mean though that you may place them in a tank and forget about it.
Beautiful and great to hand-feed, Tinfoil barbs are so entertaining to watch, actually intensify their brilliant red colors as they mature while other fish usually lose their color, and are easy to care for. I currently keep three Tinfoil barbs along with four Severums cichlids and one Striped River catfish in a 55 gallon.
I got my barbs from a relative and they were only about 2-3 inches. After about a year they are at least 6 inches and are so pretty in the tank with their contrasting silver coloration.
Feed these fish variety, high quality flakes, shrimp pellets, freeze dried food and others. Tinfoil barbs are very easy to care for as long as the owner provides a decent tank size and keeps up with many water changes.
If you have a large tank of at least 55 gallons, get around three of these silver beauties. They are very worth having around in your tank.

Andrea "Vuelta" - 2004-01-31
They are beautiful. Sono pesci bellissimi che consiglio a chiunque voglia avere nel proprio acquario un pesce inelligente e che mangia davvero tanto.Regala molte soddisfazioni. (Translated: "They are the most beautiful fish and I recommend them to anyone who likes intelligent fish in their aquarium that eat a lot. Regala many satisfactions indeed.")

tim - 2004-01-26
I have resently bought a single tin foil for my 30 gallon tank. When I purchased him he was about an 1 1/2 inches, and in just over 2 weeks he has grown another inch. Other fish in my tank include 1 albino cory, 2 small alge eaters, 1 giant danio, and 1 small shark about 3 inches (not sure what kind because I purchased it long ago, not bala).

Jeremy - 2003-11-29
I have 2 albino tinfoil barbs 6 1/2 inches in length and 2 normal tinfoil barbs 8 1/2 inches in length. they live in a 300 gallon with a 5 inch pleco. also theres bout 1000,0000,0000 zebra danios which they feed on, its so cool to watch them gobble up these little speed demons. Ive had my barbs for about 7 months now and are the most awesome fish i have ever owned the tank is filled with many aquatic plants and black gravel which really make the tinfoil barbs stand out well. i sugest these fish to anyone that has the time,patience and of coarse a big enough tank for these whales :)

IAN cOUZENS - 2003-09-20
I have four 5 inch long Tinfoil Barbs together with Bala sharks and silver Dollars. They are exstreamly greedy fish, giving the others a good work-out when trying to feed.They seem to be getting larger by the day, so I suggest you have a large tank.


Sheri Holder - 2003-09-14
I have 2 tanks, 2 30 gals. 1 tank has a 10 in. adult tinfoil barb, 3 Bala Sharks, 3 Albino Cory Cats and a Plocostomusumusums..... whatever. The Tinfoil Barb is a male, color and agressiveness tell me this, love the beast he will get in my hand if I put it in the tank. The other is full, 4 young albino Tinfoil barbs, 4 young Bala Sharks,, 3 albino cory cats and 2 Plocostomi (snicker)
I will be purchasing a 1000 gal tank before to long if the Barbs get as big as the one in the other tank.

NATE - 2003-08-12
Tin foil barbs are great they love to eat feeder fish. I have three of them with all kinds of fish in one tank. I have a shark oscar three tin foils 5 bottom feeders one albino shark an african chiclid and some other medium fish I had many smaller fish but when the tim foils grew to be bigger they eat all the small fish. FUN GREAT FISH.