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The adult Tinfoil Barb makes an impressive and beautiful display, but needs a very large aquarium!
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Jack - 2005-04-11
I have had my tinfoil barbs for about a year now and they have quickly grown out of my three foot tank to my bigger four foot tank with a big pleco, angelic catfish, a big leprinus, black ghost knife fish, a large polypterus, a lemon-fin barb and a silver shark. both of my tinfoil barbs get on well with my other fish Except for feeding time, when they all get alittle bit tense over getting all of the food for them self. I feed my tinfoil barbs flake, bloodworm and cokkles with some live food every now and then. I dont tend to put plants in any more because every time I do they rip them out and eat them. so I just stick with bogwood and rocks. You have to be carful when you have the lid off of your tank because the tinfoil barbs jump, which I have experienced a few times before. I will be getting another tinfoil barb soon because you really need to keep them in a school rather then singly.

Oscar Torres - 2005-01-23
Hi i have 15 tinfoils for about 4 years. Its really cool to see them in my 95 gallon tank. They enjoy chopped liver,which isnt expensive at all. None of my tinfoils have ever died.I recommend that people should get these fish. They arent hard to take care of.

Michael Crespi - 2004-12-12
How did you get him to hold still to take that picture? They are always darting all over the place. I like them because they liven up the tank. I always keep them with some cichlids. I just had two die today rather suddenly for no apparent reason with a pair of Bala Sharks. All I did was a routine water change and they were dead in two hours. I had that happen once before many years ago. One of the foods I feed my fish is beefheart. The Tinfoils devour it. They grow fast an big too. So do my cichlids.

... - 2004-11-21
As Marcus Hargreaves already mentioned, these fish are brutal. My tinfoil killed my six-year-old angel fish after it knocked over the glass division.

chris - 2004-11-10
I have had my 4 Tin Foil Barbs for 6 months or so, and they have grown almost 6 inches! They are very hardy fish, good eaters, and fun tank mates. I currently have the barbs, 15 diamond tetras, a ropefish, 2 clown loaches, fiddler crab, and a pictus catfish in a 75 gallon tank. One additional note: these guys eat so much you have to be creative with their food to keep form going broke. I have a planted tank, and instead of throwing away plants that get too big, or any clippings i take from them, I feed them to the barbs. Also they love liver, which is really cheap at the supermarket. Cut up a beef liver into small squares, and throw them in the freezer. The barbs will love these.

levi - 2004-10-11
I have 2 one for 5 years and one for four. They are extremely hardy fish. One of them once jumped out of my tank and fell onto the floor (a four foot fall). I have no clue how long it was there but when I came home and put him back in the tank he sort of floated upside down and barely moved his gills. After a day he was swimming upside down in circles. And after a couple more days he was swimming like normal fish but all his fins rotted away. they grew back and now hes fine.

Leon - 2004-09-27
I have 5 in a 30 gallon tank. They are all within 6 to 7.5 inches (their max size is greatly reduced if they are in a smaller tank.) I have had them for about 7 years now. They have grown hand friendly and will try to nibble on it every time I do something in the tank. They will eat any food whatsoever. Frequent water changes are not critical in my opinion. Sometimes I would not change the water for months and they did fine. I used a small canister filter (fluval 104) and the water stayed clear except for some waste on the bottom. They are extremely hardy: survived two moves, power outages, not being fed for a week, etc, etc. They seem to be somewhat intelligent, but not as intelligent as predatory fish. For example: I have been feeding them floating cichlid pellets for years, and they still have difficulty picking out the ones at the corners of the tank (even though they see them and circle around them).

I bought them because I wanted to have large fish with big eyes that were hardy and did not need too much looking after. They totally lived up to those expectations. However, after 5.5 inches, they started looking more like food than pets (this is a comment that I often get from those who see them for the first time and I agree). They are vicious plant killers, it did not matter whether I fed them cucumbers or not, they would still go after plants for the sport of it. This is the biggest problem with these fish. Do not hope to have any live plants if you are getting them (unless you are putting them in a pond :)). Also, they will eat a smaller fish if they can catch and swallow it. If it doesn

Glen - 2004-07-01
Hi! I have 2 tinfoils in an 85 gallon tank along with:

-2 Red Zebra Cichlids(about 2 inches each)
-2 Jack Dempsey Cichlids(one is about 5 inches and the other is about 4)
-1 Ngara Flametail Cichlid (about 3 inches)
-1 Venustus Cichlid (about 2 inches)
-3 Convicts Cichlids (the largest one is about 3 inches, the second largest one is about 2 inches, and the smallest one is about .7 inches)
-1 Green Terror (about 3.5 inches)
-1 Red Tailed Botia (about 6 inches)
-2 Common Plecos (about 8 inches each)

They always stick together. One is sbout 9 inches, and the other is about 15 inches (he is huge!!!). I actually just recently bought this tank and it came with the two tinfoils, one of the plecos,the botia, and a silver dollar(which is deceased due to to much stress in the bucket while I was transporting it). All of my fish get along very well, which really suprised me since I am mixing a bunch of cichlids from different regions. My largest tinfoil barb can fit
2 1/2 blocks of bloodworms in its mouth. I now have the tank set up and it has been set up for about a year. I had all the fish that I had gotten before I bought this tank in a 30 gallon, but they were getting to big. When I bought the tank I was afraid to put the tinfoils in the 85 gallon tank because I thought they would get tortured by the cichlids. So I put them in the 30 gallon for 3 days until I finally was brave enough to put them in with the cichlids. The smaller tinfoil was fairly easy to transport across the room into the big tank. But the large one was hard because I couldnt fit it in the gigantic net that I bought for it. I had to put him in a bowl the size of a large bin to move him. He flopped around with no mercy. He actually flew out of the bowl and onto the carpet so I scooped him up and put him back into the bowl. Once I actually got him into the tank he was hairier than both of my dogs combined. These tinfoils are very hardy fish but they get HUGE!!!

Marcus Hargreaves - 2004-06-10
CAUTION : These fish are argrssive i have 12 in a 600L tank, with other fish species, they have physically harmed my other fish by beating/eating them until they die!:o even if the fish are TWICE as big as them. They are beautiful fish but in larger schools their behavor is brutal and lethal.

Angel - 2004-04-16
Hello, I also purchased Tin Foil Barbs after Christmas, without knowing the full truth of these beasts!!! I love mine, they are so BEAUTIFUL. Just like a 2 yr old i sit there and watch them swim from one end of the tank to the other a second apart counting one, two, three.....fourfive@!! hee ehee I had no idea they would grow to be so large, the pet shop didnt instruct me on this. So now i have these beauties and they are very entertaining, and i have to decide how to keep moving them to bigger tanks. i agree they need huge tanks. Angel