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The adult Tinfoil Barb makes an impressive and beautiful display, but needs a very large aquarium!
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Amy - 2008-12-23
I have had my 3 tinfoil barbs for about 3 yrs now and I love them. They are about 6 to 8 inches long. they live with 4 silvers dollars and 2 angel fish. Everyone gets along good. I have them in a 55 gallon tank. I didn't realize how much you can feed them until reading some of the posts here, so I am going to try some of the new things I read. One thing I do give mine that they love is frozen brine shrimp. Mine also jump and splash you while feeding.

Becky - 2008-05-03
I have had a tinfoil barb for nine years now. He is now about 20cm. It live with my blood red parrot cichlid which I have also have for nine years. Recently I have placed four bristle nose catfish and a sailfin pleco with them and they are all one big happy family. One month ago I intergrated a new albino tinfoil which is 7cm with no problem what so ever. They are my pride and joy.

chris - 2007-04-05
I have four tinfoil barbs and a red tail catfish in a 140 US gallon aquarium, It's a good idea to keep them in a large tank because they are shoaling fish and do best in groups of at least 4 fish. They are entertaining eaters but very messy. To keep a good diet try feeding them frozen lettuce, when it melts it becomes limp and easy for them to digest.

Dwayne Nabarro - 2007-04-02
I have a 15 gal display tank that is tall and I wanted an impressive fish that was active and fun to look at. It did not take long for me to find out that this Tinfoil Barb will jump and scare the crap out of you as you walk by your fish tank. I hated him for the longest time, but now; what a fish to watch; always moving and fun. All my friends comment on this fish and watch him. Now I have to upgrade to a 55 gal tank just to keep this fish happy and room to move. I had no idea how much they love to eat and all the things you can feed them.

Kristianne Delorme - 2006-12-13
I have 3 tinfoils, 4 tigers, 3 albino tigers, 3 green barbs, 3 pepper corys, 2 pleco, 2 african dwarf frogs, 1 columbian shark, and 2 iridescent sharks... all in at 30 gallon tank. the tinfoils jump when i feed them. I feed them flake, pellet and bloodworms, they LOVE the bloodworms. they are a hearty fish. i like them, they all school together and they all leave my frogs alone. i recommend them.

Michael Kuhn - 2006-11-28
I bought 2 Tinfoil barbs when I was a child. They were VERY easy to care for. They lived well with large Angel fish for a time. They didn't seem to mind a high PH, or change in temperature. I enjoyed watching them make a big splash coming up for food. The female lived for over 21 years. The male was alone after that, and is still going strong at 34+ years of age. I don't know if this is a record or not, but I'm afraid he will outlive me now!!

sally - 2006-11-27
I wish I had done more research before getting mine - the pet store just told me they were great fish but nothing about how fast or large they get. Lately I notice my zebra fish slowly disappearing. I think I might end up putting them in their own tank to avoid any more problems.

Monroe - 2006-11-09
I have two Tinfoil Barbs, two Red-bellied Pacus, two Algae Eaters, and three Clown Loaches in a 50-gallon tank. I've had the Barbs since I started the tank (2 1/2yrs.) The Barbs were approximately 2 1/2-3 inches when I bought them. Now, they are unbelievable at around 9 1/2 inches! They LOVE the tank. If you give them lots of space they'll grow, they'll grow like you wouldn't believe! A year ago I bought 5 Masoic Crabs to accent the tank. The Barbs ate all of them in about a week. Two of my Clown Loaches are very small. One trick I've learned to keep the Barbs from eating them is to keep my Aquarium lights on all night. in a way, it seems that the Barbs behave very well if they think someone's watching!:)

mark richardson - 2006-09-09
A quality complement for a cichlid tank, it uses that unused water in the tank.

Doug Worth - 2006-08-04
All I can say is that i have a 6ft by 2ft tank with 40 tinfoils in it and its awesome!! I put a really strong air pump in it and they swim in the air current like a school in tight formation. At night with a strong blue or white light and its tranquil heaven. I stare for hours. They like the freeze dried blood worms. Throw it in the tank and they fight and tear it up like a bunch of paranas. Only other fish you can put in with them are fish that are small enough to swim away fast (rummynose or black neons) or of equal or greater aggression. Fish with long fins and forget it. I had a telescope goldfish in there, at first when they were smaller it was no problem but when they got bigger they got more aggressive and constantly went to eat the tail. If you want bigger tinfoils feed them chilid pelets..they eat anything! Also I spared no expense in the filtration system and products to handle more than what the tank and fish can dish out, but it wasnt much. Good luck!!