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The flashy Tiger Barb is very colorful and a real lively, fun to watch fish!
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Blaine kiker - 2005-09-29
I had 6 tiger barbs, now I have 4, and 2 male bettas. All of them get along great. It is cool to sit down and watch them play. It is fun to watch them eat the flake food I put in for them.

MIKE F, - 2005-09-07
I have 3 tiger barbs and 4 guppies, 1 male and 3 females (a good match), and a couple of neons. recently iv seen them biting my neons so im like holy **** so now i have them separated from my neons.

Richard Wallace - 2005-04-18
We have three tiger barbs in our 55 gallon aquarium. We did have 4, but one was a little bit smaller than the mouth of our knife fish. They are definately one of my favorites. They try to attack your hands while your cleaning out the tank and if you get one it is a good idea to get more than 1 because they will attack your other fish if they dont have partners.

Brent Holzheimer - 2004-09-24
I have three 3 tiger barbs and 2 Moss green barbs, I have found them to be really good with the setup ive got (3ft tank with 1x Blue acara, 1x Red forest jewel 1x Bristlenose catfish 1x Bunblebee catfish, 1x Clown loach and 1x Pictus catfish) They pay alot of "attention" to new tank mates for about half and hour then get bored of them and go back to chasing each other. The one I believe is the girl, is the biggest at about 6cm and is the ruler of the others. I have found them a great fish to watch and keep and would recommend them for most community setups (but not with neons oh no not with neons:( ).

narco - 2004-05-21
Tiger barbs are cute and lovely fishes although i have to get rid of them in my tank for they always nip on my other fishes which caused them death so i have to get rid of them and evacuate them to a smaller tank which eventually leave them biting each other and caused them death...

Tan Joo Fung - 2004-04-02
Wow, tigerbarbs are cute n lively.. They move around the fish tank happily.. I have 11 of them.. I feed them with fish flakes n they love it I suppose. Ha Ha.. Happy watching them n feeding them..

Ignacio Villa, Jr. (IV) - 2004-03-15
Tiger barbs are my favorite fish. They are very colorful. I had 5 white clouds with 4 tiger barbs and 3 alibino barbs. They were peaceful with each other. On the other hand, I had 3 danios, and 2 died mysteriously. Now I have 6 tiger barbs and 5 serpae tetras. I feed them flake food everyday and shrimp as a treat.

Heather - 2004-02-20
We own one tiger barb. The first one died but this one is doing just fine. We have an assortment of fish, including one angelfish many guppies and some mollies. The tiger barb does like to nibble but has never seriously harmed another fish. Now the angel fish on the other hand is the one we have to worry about!

victoria - 2004-01-06
we had to get rid of our tiger barbs because they were tearing fins off other fish in the tank, especially the swordtails. they were attacking the other fish. we left them to see if they would settle down but when they killed a guppy we had to take them back to the shop.

Dish - 2003-11-05
A very beautiful fish to add to your aquarium! Easy to feed and take care of...enjoy!!