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The flashy Tiger Barb is very colorful and a real lively, fun to watch fish!
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Elliott - 2007-12-29
I have just bought 6 tiger barbs today and they are doing great. I was going to put more fish with my barbs but I dont know which kind. I hope my fish are gonna be ok in my 10 gallon tank.

chun - 2007-09-05
Even though its not recommended to have tigerbarbs with angel fish, I haven't had a problem yet! The only reason I think that there isn't any problems is because the angel fish is over 5 inches in size, so they are intimidated by its size. They still generally leave each other alone.

Sean - 2007-04-05
About 2 months ago, I bought 6 very small (young) tiger barbs, they are about an inches long now and are the life of my 20 gallon aquarium. I feed them flake food and tubifex worms which they love. I have a few ghost shrimp in there and I will occasionally see one of my barbs chasing after a shrimp for his next meal.

Nathan - 2007-02-19
I have my tigers (7 of them) in a 20 gal tank with 2 pictus catfish. I personally think i am not overstocking the tank because the fish have been doing well for the past year. however one of the pictus somehow injured the tiger barb so now i only have 7 instead of the before 8. They still do very very well though. If you feed your tigers routinely, they will recongize you and if you shake the food can, they will follow it. its really funny.

Diane - 2006-12-01
I love my Tiger Barb! I have a 30 gal high tank. I started out with white clouds, danios, tiger barbs, and mollies. Unfortunately all the fish died after a year or so except 1 tiger barb and 1 FAT orange balloon mollie. He now lives with 2o plus mollies(babies 1 inch or so and some up to 2 -2.5 inches long), a pleco, a corycat and 4 gold barbs. He just LOVES everyone. NEVER have I seen him nip at any of them...they all swim together!

mario - 2006-11-24
I have 2 tiger barb and 2 danios and two more guppies in a 20 gallon and they are all happy:] I always feed them flake food and freeze dried blood worms,as a treat.

chris - 2006-06-12
I recently added four small tiger barbs to my 10 gallon planted setup that had a snail and a 2.5" blue gourami. They all get along great! I feed them flake food and a treat of freeze dried blood worms and they love it. These fish are fun to watch!

lucas - 2006-03-22
wow!tiger barbs are cool.I have 25 in a 100 gallon tank. they usually divide themselves into 2 to 5 groups instead of staying as one big group. they don't nip each others fins and tails. it is best to keep at least 6 tiger barbs.

John Price - 2005-11-05
Love those Tiger Barbs...I have 11 in a planted 37 tall and it is like the music they live their life by would be circus music. What a show just a gang of goof-offs!!

Christopher H - 2005-10-12
I love Tiger barbs, and currently have 16 in a planted 55 gallon tank along with my Rainbow shark. They are so much fun to watch and at that number when they school up together it's really cool looking because it does not just look like they are swiming close to each other but like they are acting as one.