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The flashy Tiger Barb is very colorful and a real lively, fun to watch fish!
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Anonymous - 2009-03-10
I have a Tiger Barb named Stripes in my 10 gallon tank and he's mean! I had a clown loach and he chased him nonstop till he got Ich and I had to flush him. But today he killed my Angelfish that I got 2 days ago. I wouldn't buy these fish even in groups, they're mean and attack and chase all the fish in my tank including my innocent pleco and corys.

Jennifer - 2009-03-02
My mother and I once had five Tiger barbs with about 5 Red-Tailed tinfoil barbs, a bala shark, a columbian shark, an iridescent shark, 2 corydoras (one bronze, one pepper) and 2 very big plecos. They ate the fins off most of the tinfoils, resulting in their deaths, and only one is still living at 13 years of age. We had to get rid of the tiger barbs because of their destructive ways. They really are rather nippy, and can be... somewhat of a hazard to big, slow fish. Keep them in schools of seven or more, and they should be content.

Joseph jr. - 2008-12-04
I have a tiger barb and an albino one. My tiger barb (reggie) is with me for more then a month now. When I added the albino(albi) and a comet goldfish (cory), reggie tend to bother the two; but when I put them in the aquarium after cleaning it reggie stops after a few hours. On saturday I will buy some more tiger barbs to make reggie stop nipping on cory's fins, but I think all of them are like happy friends. I even think that reggie likes albi and if one of them becomes pregnant I will separate them in another place, and cory and the other fishes will live happily ever after.

Lyndsay - 2008-10-15
DO NOT keep only one tiger barb in your tank with other fish! I had 6 barbs and 5 fell victims to ich disease. The one we have left just killed two other fish by nipping at their fins so badly, they were left with no fins at all- just their torso. He did this in 4 days only! We are taking him back to the pet store we purchased him at because we can't bear to see any of our other fish killed by his biting. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP MORE THAN ONE BARB! He was fine until the rest died, and then all hell broke loose :(

Brian - 2008-07-06
I've noticed that the statement about the "fin nibbling" from these fish is true. I bought a school of 5 and have recently bought 2 more. I love watching them, they are a blast. However, right away they started nibbling at my angel fish. This has caused some major stress to my angel fish. To add to this statement in here, I recommend having a larger than 15 gallon tank if you want to share the tigar barbs with the community fish that have longer fins and move more slowly. I only have a 10 gallon tank which doesn't give the tiger barbs much room to be preoccupied with each other.

drew - 2008-03-19
These fish can somtimes be harder to take care of than they look. Once I had around 5 goldfish in my tank and 2 tiger barbs. I had to feed the tiger barbs tropical fish food and my gold fish gold fish food. It took me about an hour every day and by the time the tiger barbs died I only had one goldfish left.

Tyler - 2008-03-05
I have a 55 gal tank. It is quite the relaxing thing to watch. I have 9 tiger barbs, 4 green 3 albino, and 2 tigers... also I have 2 ocsars, 8 guppies, 2 plecos, 1 algee eater, and one blue dragon. It is my own tropical ocean in my living room. All the fish get along and seem to do just fine with each other. Hope the rest of you enjoy them as much as I do.

Amina - 2008-02-18
Today I just bought 3 tiger barbs. I hope that I will enjoy them! They are so cute and thanks to this website, I know the difference between males and females. :) :) :)

Andrea - 2008-02-07
I'm a starter aquarist. I'm only 12. I have three tiger barbs and they are so happy. I take very good care of them and their tank. For their roommates I also have three sail fin mollies and an algea eater. They are very friendly but you want to keep them in groups or they are quiet and scared {they hide alot}. But when they are with buddies they are a load of fun to watch. They are fast and exciting fish. I have a 10 gallon tank in my room. I put all of them in and they love company. Ifeed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they are very happy and comfortable. Their names are dash, stripe and quickster and they are a wonderful starting fish. They are very hardy and they really make a hobby grow, so the tiger barb is recommended =]

Nicholas - 2008-01-01
Tiger Barbs are my most favorite fish. Their stripes are really cool. I love to watch them swim in my tank. I feed them tropical flakes and keep the tank clean. They get along with my other two Highfin Tetras good. They are also like vacuum cleaners. I love Tiger Barbs! I hope to find out what other people like about them.