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The flashy Tiger Barb is very colorful and a real lively, fun to watch fish!
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rakesh vaghela - 2010-02-18
i bought a few days ago, three tiger barb, but they fight with one another, and the biggest of them, he tries to kill the small barb. So what can I do for this suggestion, can they kill each other always? PLS help me about this fish

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  • Sandra - 2010-02-28
    Keep the tiger barbs in a school of six in a 20 gallon tank and they will school together and will be fine. Also the decoration you put in your tank make sure that it has no small holes because they are very curious fish and will try to go thu the smallest holes and get stuck. I had two of my tiger barbs to do that and one live but the other died. He was too big for me to get him out. So be careful what you put in your fish tank. They do love greenry in the tank so they can hide when they want to.
  • tEh AzN - 2010-03-23
    3 barbs are actually not enough to keep them from bullying each other. Some people recommend having at least 6. The rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish for every gallon of water your tank can hold so if you can, I recommend adding more tiger barbs (. Remember they grow to about 3" so don't get 6 barbs while they're at 1 inch). It also helps if they are all the same size.
  • Porter - 2010-06-01
    You need more barbs...if you don't have at least 5, they will constantly attack each other and other fish in the tank. With more they won't have enough time to focus on attacking one fish because there will be too many other barbs that will serve as distractions. You will have about a month long streak where they will attack each other and other fish, until they figure out their own pecking order, then they are quite civil and fun to watch.
MaKeITs - 2010-05-07
My Tiger Barbs (10) are doing great! They're really active and they're not nibbling that much now.

Joy - 2010-03-02
After a battle with ICK my group of 8 tiger barbs are down to only 4. After the white spots disappeared they seemed normal again, but over the last couple days those 4 seem to always hide behind the plants (artificial) and beside the rocks. They rarely come out anymore. Your thoughts?

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  • tEh AzN - 2010-03-23
    My guess is that they don't feel safe. This can be because their numbers are cut in half and/or because they don't have enough cover. Improper lighting habits can add to this. Best thing to do (in my own humble opinion) is if you want to restock your population, buy 4 more tiger barbs when you're about to do a water change, take the surviving tiger barbs out of the tank, change how decorations are set up in the tank (add more decorations or at least move the ones you have around) so that there is no bullying due to " we were here first!" attitudes. Put everyone back in after acclimating the temperature and keep the lights off until the next day (. Best to do this in the evening) Good Luck!
Kyle - 2010-02-21
I have 4 of tiger barbs in my 30g tank. They are very lively and fun to watch. One thing I have noticed about tiger barbs is how fast they grow. I initially bought 5 from the store when they were the size of a dime. Now they are all at 3" long and are very full bodied. My other one, in case you're wondering, jumped out of the tank after a week. I keep my tiger barbs with 2 kribensis, a flying fox, 3 orange serpae tetras, and an upside down catfish. Everyone gets along great. I would recommend tiger barbs for anyone interested in keeping a fun and lively fish.

yanel - 2010-01-02
Hi, I just bought 3 rosy long finned barbs and 2 gold ones. I have 2- questions: The gold ones have fat bellies they look like their pregnant! How do I know what they look like when there pregnant? And the other question is, can I have them with discus fish?, because they seem to be a little aggressive especially at feeding time?

Jo - 2009-11-09
I just bought 3 Sumatra Barb yesterday. I like their colors & fast moving, but it seems 1 appeared a bully. He keeps on chasing the other 2 which I doubt could stress the weak ones. By the way, I keep them on my 12 gallon tank with 5 Rosy Barb in it. I hope they will be in harmony for the coming days of staying together.

TIGERBARBS - 2009-08-26
I introduced 4 tiger barbs into my 50gal aquarium with 3 full grown gouramis and 1 baby rainbow shark. It is a excellent combination, the gouramis at the top minding their own business, the tiger barbs schooling and darting around at the bottom and the rainbow shark hiding in its castle coming out only to feed. I am going to the pet store tomorrow to add to this semi-aggressive tank. I hope they don't mess up the balance.

Mastermind - 2009-07-08
I had 1 tiger barb and two albino barbs. I had them for 2 weeks and after sometime
the albinos killed my tiger barb. On the next day one of my albino nipped the fins of
other and killed him. So, I experienced that always you should have the knowledge of
fish you are keeping. Good Luck!

steve - 2009-07-02
It pays to study on this species before buying. I had 5 barbs (3 tiger and 2 albino) in a 40 gallon tank with a red tail shark and a rainbow shark. They did not come to agreement on which was dominant (possibly because of the large tank size) and now I currently have 1 tiger barb. When my dominant tiger barb killed the others I realized that the faster sharks didn't get bothered so I replaced them with other species. I found clown loaches to be an excellent companion to the barb and my 2 loaches have thrived (they do not appear to be aggressive but really control the tank). In addition I added 2 silver dollars which have become very large and the 1 tiger barb cannot "bully" them as a single barb. The loaches actually have to keep the silver dollars in check which I didn't believe at first to be an aggressive species. I now have a 40 gallon tank that seems in harmony with its 9 residents including 2 algae eaters. Having lots of vegetation and some rocky hiding places also helps and they have all found their areas. I do not believe that a larger school of barbs is the answer. I like 1 with the 2 loaches and it has been stable for about 1 year.

<3 - 2009-06-20
I had 4 tiger barbs in one 4 gallon tank, and they took a few days of fighting to establish a pecking order. I had those 4 for about 6 months, when one died, and I replaced him with a slightly larger albino barb, because whenever you introduce a new fish on its own, it should be bigger, or the barbs you already have will gang up and attack it. The 3 regular barbs would swim curiously around the new fish for a few days, not nipping, and very cautious, and then they became a pack. They are all every healthy and happy together in a pack. I would not add more than four fish in the 4 gallon tank, otherwise they will get very crowded, and get sick.