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The Slender Rasbora is a great fish for the aquarist looking for a less common species to add interest to their tank!
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kris - 2013-03-23
I have 32 of these fish in my community tank and they are my cheapest and most favorite fish I have.  They keep my tank from being boring, they all group together and swim from side to side of my 100 gallon aquairum. They really are a beautiful sight to see... I have a blue light bulb and a white bulb on my tank and wow their colors really pop out! The gold stripe looks fluorescent and they are so happy. Mine never hide they are not shy at all... I have them in with large veil angels, mollies, platies, all types of tetras, clown loaches, cory cats, rainbows, dwarf gouramis, bumblebee catfish, green & pink kissers, chinese algea eaters, plecos, cuckoo squeaker catfish & a red and blue crawfish...I LOVE MY TANK!!!!

Znaika - 2012-06-19
I have a school of 9, bought separately 7+1+1. Interestingly enough, 7 keep together most of the time, whereas two (I suspect the two bought separately) tend to keep alone or with one another, but rarely join the 7. These fishes are very shy compared to barbs and like to hide in upper levels of vegetation at any sign of outside movement.

DebbyB - 2011-08-08
I have 6 in my 30g-Long tank. It's planted with Amazon swords. They coexist with a beautiful blue betta and a snail. I agree that they are easy to care for. I'd like to pick up some more if I can find them. I stumbled upon these about three years ago. None have died at this point. They seem to be very vigorous fish.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-08
    Works for me - great glad
janek51 - 2007-11-15
I got five of these rasboras, as well. They were in a tank at the LFS with a hodgepodge of fish, all priced at $2 a piece. They were washed out and I thought they were red-lined rasboras, so I got them to add to my school. Anyway, I got them home and as they colored up a little, I could see they had a gold line. The black line colored up as well. After trying two other tanks where they didn't seem happy, I finally put them in a 20-gallon with some checkered barbs and harlequin rasboras. Then they settled down and their colors came out in full glory. I think these fish are real beauties. The color combination is great, so I think I really lucked out by mistake.

chris - 2007-06-14
I have a shoal of 5. They are top swimmers in my 24" deep tank. They seem very easy to keep, are very active, and I would recommend them highly.