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Red-tail Tinfoil Barbs makes excellent additions to a large tank with other large, semi- peaceful inhabitants!
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Ann smart - 2011-04-01
My tinfoil barbs bobby, cobby, jobby (I like ryhmings) all have a deep personality like the main character tophero, from Tophero son of smilodon (Top Hero)....

Alan - 2011-01-02
I have two red tail tin foil barbs (8in), I just got back from vacation and both sides of both fish are bleeding, it looks like the have been scraping themselves or fighting. Any suggestions on how to heal them?

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  • Steve - 2011-03-12
    Hello Alan, I was searching postings for this exact reason. I just noticed today that one of mine seems to be bleeding too. I have a couple of large rocks in my tank that may have been the culprit. They do love to chase each other and swim around very quickly. They often can be heard bumping into the glass. I suppose all you can do now is observe to make sure he heals okay. I'll probably remove the rocks and just put a few more plants in at the next cleaning. I hope he'll be okay. Good luck to yours too.
Allison - 2008-01-22
I recently acquired (rescued) two 6-inch Red Tailed Tinfoils from a local pet store. I have them in a 75-gallon tank with 4 5-6 inch golfish of various colors, and they love each other! They all swim in formation at the front of the tank, and aren't skittish at all! I am militant about water changes, and the temp is at 73-74, so everyone is in an appropriate range. Eventually I will be getting a larger (100+) tank, so they all have room to grow. The Tinfoils seem extremely hardy, since when I brought them home they had already been at the store for maybe 4-5 hours, and the only means of transportation was in a pot used at my house exclusively for fish purposes (not cooking!=). Anyway, I floated it in my tank and one jumped clear out onto the carpet! I dunked my hands in water, grabbed him, and put him in the tank, and he acted as though he'd lived there his whole life! No harm no foul. Overall, a fantastic fish. If you have the room, get some.

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  • kram - 2011-02-28
    Better make your aquarium 100 gallons cuz your fish will grow bigger xD.
Jay - 2010-03-05
We have 2 red-tail tinfoil barbs in our 75 gallon tank, along with several other species that all get along great. One of the barbs seems to swim back and forth incessantly, which tends to drive some of the others this a normal behavior? Thanks so much!

Miquel - 2009-03-07
I have two red-tail tinfoil barbs (9") in a 55-gallon community tank with one large oscar (12"), one clown loach (6.5") and two striped raphael catfish (6"). Because of the occasional racing they do in the middle of the night I placed my aquarium far, far away from the bedroom, all the way in the dining room.

Jennifer - 2009-03-02
I keep 2 red-tailed tinfoils in a community tank of only 58 gallons. yes, only 58. and they're doing great. They have very good coloring and seem content to poke at their coral all day. The two we have are inseparable chums and swim side by side at all times. One is 13 years old, the other is about 7. They are extremely gentle with the other fish. I bought an Albino corydoras a few weeks ago, and I swear, I was so scared they were going to eat him at meal times. The cory looked much bigger at the store, and when we took him home we realized he was smaller than their mouths and looked like fishy flake food. not good, right? I was watching them at feeding time, and like usual, the little Albino clown was swimming around like he was taking a Sunday drive. The biggest of my tinfoils swooped (quite literally) in to snatch him up, stopped with his nose practically touching him, did a double take, then turned and swam away. The cory just kept swimming like nothing happened. He could have been a tasty meal for my tinfoil, yeah? I'm certainly impressed by how large and gentle these guys are!! If you have space, unlike me, you should seriously consider getting a pair! 8) a very good fish indeed

bob - 2008-12-16
Tinfoil barbs and red tails, also golden ones, are easy to care for. Your crazy and cruel if you don't have a 120+ gallon tank as they need copious amounts of filtration and water movement. They love live foods and get along with most fish if fed well and balnced mix of fish. I have 5 with a butterfly koi, 2 blood parrots, 2 kissing gouramies, and a 6 inch blue crayfish. They all get along great. But beware! they love to jump and swoop at food when they feed at the surface. They play chase the leader a lot. They are not fighting but love room to swim. Enjoy your fish and don't forget "how would you like to live in a shoe box with several others" buy bigger tanks please...

Andy - 2008-02-15
I had a red tinfoil for awhile, and I accidentally killed it as I was cleaning the tank, On the top glass I used 4 drops of bleach to clear up the glass, and one slid down into the tank. About one minute later it was swimming upside down. When it died, I had it with about 20 1-week-old bluegill and one 2-pound blue gill (I have a bluegill pond next to my house). But before that it was in with another tinfoil, 2 bala sharks, and 2 silver dollars. A great family fish, except once a baby bluegill was chasing it around the tank and the tinfoil ate it.

jim - 2007-12-11
I just bought a school of nine! I was in the market for a school of large fish to add to my 75gal which previously only housed a butterfly pleco, a Jack Dempsey, and a mutt-african cichlid. I don't have quite enough space for their full grown size, so I am now committed to buying a larger tank for them. But I couldn't resist all nine. When I saw them at the store they occupied only a third of the 30gal they were in because they schooled so tightly, seeing that there was no way I could break them up. Currently they get antagonized a little by the african, but the Jack acts as a sort of bodyguard. On that note I have noticed they do not get picked on (and in fact chase the antagonizer off) when the light is shut off. Perhaps good to note for those of you about to introduce them into a mildly aggressive tank. Enjoy their activity, but remember they are skittish and even their own reflections trip them up. Happy fish keeping!