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The Longfin Blue Danio is a delightful fish colored in stippled silvery blue with long flowing fins!
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Bob - 2012-08-05
Can they be in a 10 gallon tank with platies?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-05
    No not realy, 10g is too small just for the danios.  Figure at least one gallon of usuable water for each inch your fish(s) are going to be as adults.  So if you have a 50g you would need to subtract about 5 gallons for filer, substrate,plants etc so you would have approximately 45 usable gallons.  10g is just too  small.
Troy - 2007-01-14
Today (13/01/07) I added the blue danio to my community tank. At first their spashing startled me, but I have since come to love to watch and listen to them. Thanks for your comments on this page which has helped me to better understand the blue danio's behaviour. They are my best buy yet...

R H - 2008-07-23
My danios will not court each other! They just are not interested! I am wondering what I can do!

... - 2006-09-12
the blue danio is a very hardy fish, my sister kept it with gold fish and platys and it survived the 'green' water!