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The Leopard Danio is a great starter fish and a delightful addition to any community aquarium!
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Jason Remigio III - 2009-01-27
I have kept Longfin Leopard Danios in sets of 5 for 3 years. They are very good to start with. I don't know why they would go to the bottom of the aquarium under the gravel along with its other buddies. They have been disappearing one at a time after 2 and half years already.


S. A. - 2009-08-16
I started with just two longfin leopard danios and luckily got a male and female. When the females belly looked as if she was pregnant I moved both to a 3 gallon tank for about 3-4 days and when she went back to normal size I then moved them both back to the 50 gallon with my other tropicals. I now have about 80-90 babies. Almost microscopic at first, and about the size of a newborn guppy now after almost 2 months. Love these fish, a lot of fun to watch play.

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  • paige - 2012-02-14
    I have 4 leopard danio and one of them has just died so now I have 3 but I would like to breed them but I don't know if I have too many or unless they fight a lot and that's why one of them died, I think. Help me
Scotty - 2006-10-01
I have been keeping a Longfin Leopard Danios for a while and they do really good with Lyretail Mollys.