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The Green Tiger Barb is a very lively fish and one of the most striking Tiger Barb varieties!
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kyle - 2010-01-12
You can absolutely not put any barbs with goldfish. Goldfish should only be kept with other goldfish.

Jessie - 2007-12-05
I've noticed that my green Barb will turn a shimmery green when he is happy or being fed. He turns a dark rich black when he is fighting with the other barbs and doesn't want to back down, and will fade out in color almost instantly if my water isn't the perfect condition or if he is stressed. My tigers fade out or brighens up too, but not as drastically as my green.

Sherri - 2006-10-28
I'm a good fan of tiger barbs and i recently purchased 2 Moss and 2 Regular tiger barbs. I also have one grown tiger barb and a grown albino tetra. usually barbs do not go well when there is only one but i had good luck with it and my tetra. I bought the others because i loved them, and i thought i should play it safe. =)

Paul Gill - 2006-07-26
I currently have 4 of what I know as Moss Green Barbs, having the same rich & shimmery bluey green body colours, but they also have rich orange colouration on their nose and the tips of their fins. I say currently because I realised the other day that two of them are pregnant, and I came to this site to help me raise some baby fish! I put the most bulging mum in a small floating hatchery in the main tank, and she started dropping eggs today! I had to use the hatchery idea because I have a number of other fish that although live very happily with the barbs would find the eggs and baby fry a tasty treat. The other fish I have are 2 silver sharks, 2 kuhli loach, 2 bristle nose catfish, 2 gold algae eaters, 2 siamese catfish, a pepper catfish, a panda cory, 3 black widows, and a bumble bee. This is a very exciting time!

3hrs2mars - 2006-07-13
I have 3 Green Tiger Barbs and they get along just fine. They're in a 30gal tank along with 2 Dwarf Gouramis (red), 2 Dwarf Frogs, 3 Pleco, 1 shrimp, 1 guppy, 1 platty, and 2 Black tetras. (they like to hang out with the green tiger barbs as they swim back and forth sometimes. Nice combo)

Green Tiger Barbs are a excellent choice for a community given the proper amount of plants and rocks.

robert vermeer - 2006-06-13
i just bought some green moss, 6 of them and totally love them. their colours, the way they move, everything at this stage the best fish i have

Sarah Jane - 2006-02-14
I had 8 Green Tiger Barbs & encountered a tragic event! One morning I awoke to find one missing the fin on its tail. I moved this injured fish to its' own tank. It did not survive. A month or so later I found a different Barb missing it's right fin & the muscle was entirely exposed!! I moved this fish to its' own tank. This fish survived and now has a tiny stump for a fin (quite cute actually). About ANOTHER month later my Plecostomus dorsal fin was attacked & the fin part was chewed away leaving the spines of the fin. I moved this pleco to the tank with the other injured Barb and both are fine and get along well. Now that I have a group of 6 Green Tiger Barbs, I have found no further injuries. The moral of my blurb is that 5 or 6 is probably a good number of fish. 8 may be too many. I had been warned when I purchased the fish not to put them in groups larger than 8 but also not less than 5. I certainly learned a lesson others may want to heed. (p.s. I have a 60 gal tank so it wasn't a space issue)

Ruth - 2006-02-07
have just got 5 of the green barbs and i love them. i love the colour of them and they remind me of a small group of soldiers in camoflauge when they school together. i also have two blue gourami and they don't bother them at all or the other fish. they don't really school together all the time either. they seem happy enough to swim around in pairs or alone sometimes. they can be quite playful and fun to watch.

Steven Lammie - 2004-05-01
These are truly beautiful fish! some are metalic green and others are really dark blue! As they are a different colour variety of tiger barb, they will shoal quite happily with normal tiger barbs and albino tiger barbs. When these fish are sexually mature, the males will show off to each other and their fins errect and show beautiful colouration, they scrap a bit to gain higher ranks in the shoal. In the community aquarium, it is best to keep at least 8 tiger barbs, so they will quarrel amongst themselves and will not bother other tank mates as much.

Elizabeth - 2004-04-04
The picture on this site does not do this fish justice!! I have 2 of them and they are absolutely green jewels. I also have 2 "regular" tiger barbs and when I added the green ones to the tank, they instantly took to each other and began schooling together. PS...I also have a large Angel, 4 pink kissing gouramis, and 2 blue gouramis. Tiger Barbs dont really bug the other fish as long as they have friends of their own kind and lots of plants :)