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A beautifully striking species, a school of Glowlight Danios in a well designed tank is unforgettable!
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kyle - 2010-01-02
WOAH, your 32 gallon tank is way over crowded! Even if you just had the danios in your tank, it would still be over crowded. When stocking your fish tank there is one fundamental rule. An inch per gallon. For example a 1.25" glowlight danio needs 1.25 gallons of water. Please remember this rule for the future.

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  • Josh - 2012-03-29
    Your using the rule incorrectly, a 4 inch Red Tail Shark would need at least a 4 foot long tank, a 55 gallon. Glow light danios need at least 20 gallons.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-30
    This is not really a rule but more of a guide. Not always correct with all fish. Some fish it is more important to have length then actual amount of water. a 55 gallon high tank for example would not have enough surface area for many fish, where a starndard long 55 gallon would.
Anonymous - 2010-01-13
Hey, Kyle, that only applies as a GENERAL rule. If you have many live plants you can support a higher bioload. If you have superior filtration you can support a higher bioload.

Zing - 2007-03-27
Love that fish, have 8 in a 29g heavily planted tank together with odessa barbs and a red-fin shark.
Very active, always on the move, swim mostly at top-middle, enjoy swimming against the current from the pump. They do not seem to be as shy as the article describes - even though barbs try to chase glow-lights once in a while, danios easily outrun them and continue to swim as normal. Sometimes i can see danios "fighting" with each other - circling around, trying to get the opponents tale, but no harm is done. I believe it is a part of courtship.
I bought mine for as little as $3 per fish, though very few stores carry them.

ariwan - 2006-08-19
I used to have one. Lived for 1 year++. good fish to buy but quite rare!

H - 2008-04-21
I have about 50 of these little guys in a 32 gallon and they are insane. Together they get along well with 2 boseman rainbows, 1 austrailian rainbow, 2 roseline barbs (my fav's), and 7 golden white clouds. Heavily planted, they have so much fun swiming through the plants & wood; 8 mossballs (giant) at different levels off the wood & plants, with plenty of flow.