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The Giant Danio is aptly named, because it is two or three times the size of the other danios!
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Rick - 2009-07-22
A minimum number of Giant Danios is five. I have about 18 in a 50 gal tank. You need a small school, and then they won't bother other fish.

MM - 2008-07-23
I have two Giant Danios in a thirty gallon with other bigger and smaller fish. They constantly and aggressively chase the other fish in the tank. It doesn't seem like playing. It looks like constant pestering.

mckenzie - 2007-02-17
Wow! I'm a beginner with fish tanks. For my first fish my brother gave a giant danio. I've kept him for about 4 months now. and two months ago I bought another giant danio two keep the other one company. The giant danios love swimming in circles and chasing each other around.

Holly - 2006-12-27
I recently purchased two giant danios from walmart. They are extrememly active fish and gave the walmart employee quite a workout chasing them around the tank! They seem to be quite hardy and made the trip home well. I also purchased 10 zebra danios. Over all, giant danios are medium sized fish as they can grow to be 4-6 inches when full grown. They are highly active and may nip the fins of other fish. Although to giant danios fin-nipping is just playing it can stress smaller,slower, and even bigger fish in the tank. Even an Oscar can be stressed from the constant playing of giant danios! The zebra danios i have with them in the tank just try to stay out of the giant danios way most of the time. But sometimes they swim over and play along with their bigger cousins until one or the other gets tired(most always the zebra danio)! You will need a tank atleast 30 gallons for giant danios and length is more important than height because giant danios are very active, swimming back and forth from side to side of their tank. Although not a hider, giant danios, as with all fish, do better when they have a few plants in their tank but leave plenty of open swimming room. These fish come from quick running streams with a fine, dark, gravely bottom. I have two power filters , an airstone, and a bubble wall that provides plenty of current for them. overall the giant danio is a hardy ,active fish, that is a joy to have.
I`ve heard that breeding these fish is fairly difficult, and before i can attempt that i plan on buying 2 or 3 more of them. But if i do end up breeding them, i`ll be sure to post the tank conditions for anyone else that may want to also try in breeding them.