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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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Kimmy - 2005-01-08
I have found these little fish to be great for my tank. Some do get agressive when older but not all of them. I have one larger specimen (approx 5cm long) which although it doesnt clean much algae now, it pretty much leaves the rest of the community alone. The tank consists of Plattys, Glowlights, Neons, Black tetras, 1 peppermint bristlenose, Bronze & Sterbai Corys, Emerald Cats, plus three smaller Chinese Algae Eaters. this mix does work well as the smaller eaters keep the tank clean and they are more interested in chasing each other than the other fish. I definitely advise removing territorial fish but basically they are lovely to watch and do a good job in cleaning the tank. I have also found some of these fish do remain active in removing algae even when growing larger. Just keep in mind the fish you intend to keep with the algae eaters and seek some general advice but overall they are a great addition to a tank.

Amy - 2004-12-14
Great when young but unsuitable for a community aquarium when larger. Ours has attacked and killed a number of fish that have wandered into "his" cave, including a microglanis, fat sleeper goby and a keyhole. We are now considering what to do with ours!

Jonny - 2004-10-18
I have a couple of Chinese Algae Eaters in my tank. I must say that they do a great job in cleaning up the algae and uneaten food that settles at the bottom of my tank. They are quick swimmers and are fun to watch. There are just two things I am not very fond of these fish. They are territorial and quite aggressive. They attack the other residents in my tank (platties). They maybe good algae eaters but they also create lots of waste.

Anonymous - 2004-09-29
yah this fish is cool

Lou - 2004-09-27
I have a little bookshelf tank around 2-3 gal. I just put one eater in and in one day has cleaned every bit of algae off of everything! He is very very active and likes to swim in circles. this is by far one of the most fun fish I have to watch!

Jess Leishman - 2004-09-12
I would only suggest this fish to someone with a larger tank. I have a a tank somewhere around the 40 gal mark, I have had this guy for about 4 or so years. My luck he will not stop growing! He is close to 6 inches (I do not lie) and is the monster in my guppies world. Lately his new found hobby is rather disconcerning and making sleeping through the night for myself difficult, He is now trying to constantly jump out of the tank. I have changed the lid arrangement every day to no avail, he keeps ending up on the floor, in the potted plants beside the aquaium, the cats are going nuts, I am going nuts! I am planning on placing a larger hiding place in the tank and hope that will calm the growing beast down.

Evan - 2004-08-06
I have two chinese algae eaters. They are a very interesting fish. They are in with some cichlids and they are very tough little guys. They keep my tank 100 pecent clean all the time. I recommend them to all aquarists!!!!!!!!!!!

Kit - 2004-07-17
Be careful with Chinese Algae eaters. They will occasionally nibble algae, but once they discover the wonders of fallen flake food, they will prefer that over algae. Chinese Algae eaters also tend to nibble on other fish when they get bored. They are particularly fond of the slime coatings and trailing fins of my angelfish and betta. If you are looking for an interesting fish to eat your surplus of algae, you would be better off trying to find a Siamese Algae Eater. He looks similar, but not the same as the Chinese Algae Eater. My Siamese Algae Eater, Sludge, does a great job with all the algae that pops up in my planted tank.

Joy Midkiff - 2004-07-03
This is a MUST HAVE for a tank!!! Just before my daughter was born we had two fish. A betta named Herbert and one of these. That thing was SO into algae that before long there was none left. It was like he was on SPEED!!! One day I caught him trying to "clean" the betta. I just KNEW it was coming. And sure enough, we got back from the hospital and Herbert (normally REALLY laid back) was swimming alone. I would NOT have a tank without this fish!!! They are a BLAST to watch!!!

Chen Shao - 2004-06-29
I have 2 Chinese Algae eaters, they are very cool fish. They hide in the most unsuspecting places. Sometimes you think they just disappeared. It is ok though. At night tiptoe to your tank, you should see your "missing" fish right there in the tank. Because they like to hide in tiny crevices, when they go missing take out the filter and check between the body of the filter and the motor housing. That tiny gap is enough for a fish to sneak into. Also sometimes they swim right up into the filter when the motor housing becomes loose and they find their way in and get STUCK.