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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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Cat - 2005-05-17
Yes, I just got rid of mine last night because it was eating my shark. Actually it was on my shark's back and eating him, yelk. They are pretty aggressive. I went to the fish store to find out what I can do and they said it could be because I have no Algae at all and to put some Algae wafers in the tank. I did but it didn't work, it almost killed my shark. Thanks

Shaun Duffy - 2005-04-26
I have 2 sucking loaches, one i have had for 2 weeks and the other 2 monthes. My fish are nocturnal only coming out in the night where they feed on the algae. They love being in the castle and are peaceful to my other fish. But they are not friendly to each other.

Salu - 2005-02-10
I have purchased a total of five algea eaters since I started my aquarium endeavor. They are so cute and I love watching them. Sadly, two have died; one because it got stuck in a treasure chest I had as a decoration, and one from what I can only assume was old age. They are really great at keeping algea away under the waterline, but cannot reach much above it. Watch them if you ever have to take them out of the tank for any reason, they like to leap out of the fishnet and any container you put them in.

Konnor - 2005-02-02
I call my Chinese Algae Eater "The Poopinator" because all the little bugger does is POOP. He guards his cave under the turtle on the rock and chases my albino corys if they get too close him. Oddly enough, he leaves the Pleco alone. He is now almost 6 inches long and I am seriously considering taking him back to the pet store as he has killed my ghost cats and my bleeding heart tetras.

Richie - 2005-01-23
I have one in my tropical. I have only had it for a few weeks but already it has kept my rainbow shark in line. I originally had two but one died not long after getting introduced. The one fish is managing fine to keep a 92 L tank clean but getting fat.
Richie B Scotland

Kimmy - 2005-01-08
I have found these little fish to be great for my tank. Some do get agressive when older but not all of them. I have one larger specimen (approx 5cm long) which although it doesnt clean much algae now, it pretty much leaves the rest of the community alone. The tank consists of Plattys, Glowlights, Neons, Black tetras, 1 peppermint bristlenose, Bronze & Sterbai Corys, Emerald Cats, plus three smaller Chinese Algae Eaters. this mix does work well as the smaller eaters keep the tank clean and they are more interested in chasing each other than the other fish. I definitely advise removing territorial fish but basically they are lovely to watch and do a good job in cleaning the tank. I have also found some of these fish do remain active in removing algae even when growing larger. Just keep in mind the fish you intend to keep with the algae eaters and seek some general advice but overall they are a great addition to a tank.

Amy - 2004-12-14
Great when young but unsuitable for a community aquarium when larger. Ours has attacked and killed a number of fish that have wandered into "his" cave, including a microglanis, fat sleeper goby and a keyhole. We are now considering what to do with ours!

Jonny - 2004-10-18
I have a couple of Chinese Algae Eaters in my tank. I must say that they do a great job in cleaning up the algae and uneaten food that settles at the bottom of my tank. They are quick swimmers and are fun to watch. There are just two things I am not very fond of these fish. They are territorial and quite aggressive. They attack the other residents in my tank (platties). They maybe good algae eaters but they also create lots of waste.

Anonymous - 2004-09-29
yah this fish is cool

Lou - 2004-09-27
I have a little bookshelf tank around 2-3 gal. I just put one eater in and in one day has cleaned every bit of algae off of everything! He is very very active and likes to swim in circles. this is by far one of the most fun fish I have to watch!