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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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tashfiqfarjad - 2005-10-19
this fish is great. mine are 4years old and are 4 inches. They share the tank with 6 goldfish and they never fight. But sometimes they bite the goldfish. Sometimes they try jumping of the aquarium, so keep it closed. They are going to keep my aquarium clean. Great fish, just keep 1 when they are big. tasfiq october 19 2005

Patricia Ramirez - 2005-10-15
I have had chinese algae eaters in my tank, but when they grow up become too aggressive. Will jump onto other fish and bite them. Stopped keeping them a long time ago.

Ben, CA - 2005-08-23
I had two and one jumped. I found him two weeks later stiff as board inside my piggy bank. Great fish but keep the tank covered.

Kami - 2005-07-29
We call our algae eater 'the freak'. He is three or four years old and about seven inches long. As a youngin' he would hide and stay towards the bottom of the tank. Now he is clearly visible and somewhat aggressive. We named him 'the freak' because he dives head first into the gravel creating large holes and tunnels. He often buries himself leaving only his nose and eyes visible. The top of the power heads are also a favorite resting spot of his. He's cool, we love him. My only warning is the size... I never imagined he would get so big. Keep this in mind and avoid other bottom feeders or algae eaters with this one. Currently we own three large tanks. One with african cichlids, one south american cichlids and one with community fish where our 'freak' resides. Happy fishing :) !

Sabrina - 2005-07-26
I have had my Chinese Algae eater for about three months now, and he is 4" long all ready. He leaves everyone alone in the tank except for the occassional chase around the tank with the 4-1/2" red tail shark that is in there. The other fish in the tank are smaller then him. He keeps my tank clean, and it is a 38 U.S.Gallon tank. For Algae wise it is just him and a Dojo loach that clean the whole thing and my tank is always sparkling clean. I would recommend him to others, but I think that every fish is different. Every fish has a different disposition within the same breeds.

amber holliday - 2005-07-22
i bought 3 and only one lived. i have had it for almost 2 years and he has grown to 5.5" in a 20 gallon tank. now he is in a 30, and i hope he gets bigger.

samkit - 2005-06-30
Al was about one inch long when I bought him, now he's about four and a half, I think (I'm bad at judging such things). Very shy, will swim and hide under the tree stump decoration. I have a small school of Neon Tetras in the tank as well and have had no problems between the species (that I've seen). Fin rot withered down Al's pectoral fins and added a split in the middle of his tail, but that doesn't seem to have bothered him. I've occasionally seen him stuck to the glass or nibbling algae growth off the outside of the tree stump, so he's doing his job. Even though he's so shy that I rarely see more than just his head in the entrance of the tree stump, I still think he's very beautiful and would definately add a Chinese Algae Eater to any future fish communities.

anthony - 2005-06-04
I have had my Chinese Algae Eater for about 7months he has grown bigger with two other goldfish that I also keep in the tank. Although he has grown exceptionally big in this time frame he does well with the two goldfish. He use to try and eat the goldfish alive, but I drop algae wafers in the tank, which he enjoys. Most of the time he will start eating the wafer until the goldfish come over and start to eat it. I'm just glad he does not get aggressive towards them and tries to eat them again. I think since they've been together so long they have adapted to each other.

margo - 2005-05-19
Thanks y'all. I just purchased a Chinese Algae Eater along with 4 goldfish for my pond. My pond is about 3' around and is made of concrete.

I released the fish in the pond yesterday but I couldn't find my Chinese Algae Eater (Hop Sing) today. I was worried because a turtle was in the pond. He's gone now but I thought he ate Hop Sing. But y'all make me feel better because I do have a cave in the pond and I did see Hop Sing going in and out of it yesterday. So I'm confident he's in there. He'll probably come out tonight. :)

Cat - 2005-05-17
Yes, I just got rid of mine last night because it was eating my shark. Actually it was on my shark's back and eating him, yelk. They are pretty aggressive. I went to the fish store to find out what I can do and they said it could be because I have no Algae at all and to put some Algae wafers in the tank. I did but it didn't work, it almost killed my shark. Thanks