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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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jacob - 2006-03-30
I have a Gold Gourami and two Chinese algae eaters. I used to have two Gold Gouramis but one of them died of Ick. I only had him for two days. Anyway, I just bought two Chinese algae eaters and im waiting to see what happens and how big they will grow. By the sounds of it they seem pretty aggressive and im kind of starting to change my mind about keeping them. But, i saw my Gold chasing the Chinese around. No nibbling on the fins yet. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Good luck!

Tracy - 2006-03-06
I have kept chinese algea eaters in numerous tanks over the years but until I had one in my 80 gallon tank I did not realize how large they grow. My brown female hit 6.5 inches before she died and my male golden is now almost 8 inches. I have found that their habit of going after their tank mates was only a problem in my smaller aquariums and even then only occasionally. My big guys seemed to get along fine together as long as they stayed out of each other's territory and I even caught my brown female trying to cuddle up to the golden male a couple of times. A very pretty fish and I enjoy them much more than plecos.

Ryan Scannell - 2006-02-07
Hey, i have the biggest algae eater in the world. he was given to me by a friend. take a guess how big he is, 22 INCHES LONG! no joke. he has no aggressive behaivor what so ever. it gets pretty tough to get him out of the tank to clean it!

jj - 2006-02-07
I have 2 alage eaters. iv had them only for a month or two but i think they are great. they are really fun to watch too.

renee - 2006-01-17
I've had a small Chinese algae eater (@ 1&1/2inch) in my tank for two weeks. She was getting quite efficient after adjusting, but by the end of the first week I noticed she was also nipping at the larger Shubunkins (2), most especially the female. The Shubus are peaceful and just dodged her. But when I noticed after 12 days that the female's "flipper" fin was almost completely gone I immediately went on the net hunt. Apparently CAE's don't always wait to get aggressive, and now I have a "Nemo" with a lucky fin. Dodger goes back to be traded for something less interactive--lovely fish, but can be deadly!!

oz - 2005-11-14
I have two adults (one is just touching 7 inches!! yup 7) and two smaller ones in a large well planted tank with plenty of hiding places. They seem more than happy with each other and other tank mates. Great at keeping the algea under control and fun to watch. Strangely attractive fish really, I wouldn't be with out them.

Brett Woofter - 2005-10-28
they do a much better job of cleaning than Plecos, in my experience

tashfiqfarjad - 2005-10-19
this fish is great. mine are 4years old and are 4 inches. They share the tank with 6 goldfish and they never fight. But sometimes they bite the goldfish. Sometimes they try jumping of the aquarium, so keep it closed. They are going to keep my aquarium clean. Great fish, just keep 1 when they are big. tasfiq october 19 2005

Patricia Ramirez - 2005-10-15
I have had chinese algae eaters in my tank, but when they grow up become too aggressive. Will jump onto other fish and bite them. Stopped keeping them a long time ago.

Ben, CA - 2005-08-23
I had two and one jumped. I found him two weeks later stiff as board inside my piggy bank. Great fish but keep the tank covered.