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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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Anonymous - 2007-09-09
My newly added fish ended up dead. I saw my Chinese algae eater attacking my small cat fish so realized that he is the problem. He was ok for about 5 months and then went on his killing spree of all new fish. Very bad.

Rachel - 2007-06-22
The Siamese algae eater is in fact a totally different fish. More placid and generally well suited to a community unlike the chinese algae eater.

Jack - 2007-06-17

Joe Harmer - 2007-02-27
Everywhere else I looked, it said chinese algae eaters don't eat algae! What the heck?

JEF - 2007-02-12
Buy this fish with care! Pet stores seem to get personalaties mixed up between CAE`s (Chinese Algae Eaters) and the algae eating cousin the SAE (Siamese Algae Eaters). CAE's are quiet and peaceful when young and will happily munch on algae, however, as they approach 4 inches they turn more and more agressive and will stop eating algae and start eating little fish, slime coats, and the like! They also grow to just under a foot long. A much better choice for an algea eater would be the SAE, a close cousin of the CAE, who only grows to an adult size of 4-6 inches or even better for peacful community tanks the otocinclus, a 2 inch algea eater that will never think of harming a fly. AGAIN CAES ARE HUGE FISH THAT ALMOST ALWAYS BECOME FISH EATERS! I would however love to get a 55 gallon and do a species tank, also the golden CAE or golden algea eater is just an un-pigmented vesion of the CAE. its likly that people with peacful "CAEs" have a false SAE, a flying fox, or less likly an SAE. All these fish only get to about 4-6" and will usually leave the other tank mates alone.

Kristy Moore - 2007-01-10
I have two of these. I bought both of them over a year ago and they are both thriving. Something weird has happened though... Although they looked identical when I bought them, one of them remained the same and the other has changed dramatically! It is now bright yellowish orange and much bigger than the other!

Celeste - 2006-08-18
I have enjoyed my chinese algae eater for over 13 years. He is 6 1/2 inches long. He lives with a rainbow shark and they run the 30 gal tank. He always messes up the ornaments in the tank, and he hides when you get too close to see him. Its funny. I love him a lot and hope he continues to do great.

Chad - 2006-07-17
I have a male and a female Chinese Algea Eater apparently. Since the female was bigger and in the tank before the smaller male, I assumed their chasing one another was just teritorial. Now I think that that was the mating ritual since my female is pregnant and doubled in size!

Angela - 2006-06-26
Got one of these beautiful fish 4 years ago as an inch long algae eating machine. Now he owns the bottom floor of my 30 gallon tank, pushes around my 6 inch long Rainbow Shark and has encouraged me in the beginnings of a 55 Gal tank. Now, as he happily sits as the king of his very own 30 Gal passive community tank, with no other bottom dwelling fish, I look at him and I wonder if I should have gotten something else for my long term fish tank goals. My new 55 gallon quite noticeably has Chinese Butterfly Plecos, not my 30 gallon king's brother from a nearby spawning.

Louise Taylor - 2006-05-24
I have 2 sucking loaches and i keep them in a big tank with my 2 gold fish and fan tails. I have had them for almost a year now and they ignore the other fish, it might just be because they are the smallest things in my tank and are scared they might be eaten or they have no need to be aggressive yet.
They like to swim against the filter and swim through the bubbler. They also tend to jump out of their bucket when im cleaning them out.
When i got them i didnt know much about them, what temperature water they need, what ph or what to feed them, but suprisingly they have been living happily in my cold water tank eating fish flakes and have even laid little yellow eggs on a plant. i moved it to a separate bucket not thinking they would hatch, and now i have loads of tiny newly hatched sucking loaches which im feeding fryfood and i dont really know what to do with them if they all survive.