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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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Kristy Moore - 2007-01-10
I have two of these. I bought both of them over a year ago and they are both thriving. Something weird has happened though... Although they looked identical when I bought them, one of them remained the same and the other has changed dramatically! It is now bright yellowish orange and much bigger than the other!

Celeste - 2006-08-18
I have enjoyed my chinese algae eater for over 13 years. He is 6 1/2 inches long. He lives with a rainbow shark and they run the 30 gal tank. He always messes up the ornaments in the tank, and he hides when you get too close to see him. Its funny. I love him a lot and hope he continues to do great.

Chad - 2006-07-17
I have a male and a female Chinese Algea Eater apparently. Since the female was bigger and in the tank before the smaller male, I assumed their chasing one another was just teritorial. Now I think that that was the mating ritual since my female is pregnant and doubled in size!

Angela - 2006-06-26
Got one of these beautiful fish 4 years ago as an inch long algae eating machine. Now he owns the bottom floor of my 30 gallon tank, pushes around my 6 inch long Rainbow Shark and has encouraged me in the beginnings of a 55 Gal tank. Now, as he happily sits as the king of his very own 30 Gal passive community tank, with no other bottom dwelling fish, I look at him and I wonder if I should have gotten something else for my long term fish tank goals. My new 55 gallon quite noticeably has Chinese Butterfly Plecos, not my 30 gallon king's brother from a nearby spawning.

Louise Taylor - 2006-05-24
I have 2 sucking loaches and i keep them in a big tank with my 2 gold fish and fan tails. I have had them for almost a year now and they ignore the other fish, it might just be because they are the smallest things in my tank and are scared they might be eaten or they have no need to be aggressive yet.
They like to swim against the filter and swim through the bubbler. They also tend to jump out of their bucket when im cleaning them out.
When i got them i didnt know much about them, what temperature water they need, what ph or what to feed them, but suprisingly they have been living happily in my cold water tank eating fish flakes and have even laid little yellow eggs on a plant. i moved it to a separate bucket not thinking they would hatch, and now i have loads of tiny newly hatched sucking loaches which im feeding fryfood and i dont really know what to do with them if they all survive.

mark - 2006-05-15
I recently bought one for my home tank 55 gallons. When I put the fish I could barely see the back of the tank through all the algae build up. Within 1 day there was a tremendous difference and within 2 weeks all the algae was gone and I am now turning rocks over trying to find some old algae so it can eat. I highly recommend these fish for tank cleaning but beware they are aggressive. I have one of these in with four black skirt tetras, 3 hatchetfish and 3 giant danios. I have often seen the algae eater chasing some of the other fish but they get away. Also, it will soon run out of algae to eat so will purchase some algae wafers or something.

Dave - 2006-04-26
I have a little yellow suckerfish. He is cool. He is also very lazy, and my tank is rather dirty. I have had the grey ones before, but I liked the color of the little yellow guy, so I decided to buy him. he is very peaceful and just sits there sucking on things, not fish though, unless they are dead.

Andrew Garrah - 2006-04-23
i have had a ten gallon aquarium in my room for about a year now. i at one point had a betta, two gold gourami, nine neon tetras, and two chinese algae eaters. i only have the two algae eaters left and one tetra. i found the gouramis are very teritorial. how ever my one algae eaters, 'zig zag', has become very fat in the last two days after i cleaned the tank. the two seem to be courting. i dont know much about my tanks ph or temp levels as i just ran out of tests. they have been fending each other off of the area below a sunken log but from what other fish do i beleive i am about to have a tank full of little algea eaters.

Amber - 2006-04-03
My brother has a goldish brown colored Chinese with spots. He's pretty cool I thought. My tank was starting to get a little scummy. So I asked my brother if I could borrow him to clean my tank. That was the worst mistake ever. It ate 5 small/baby snails, 1 snail that was bigger than it was, baby guppies, and 2 ghost shrimp. Then it tried eating my black moor! And it was friends with the 2 black moors in my brothers tank. It tried even killing my dragon fish which is like at least an inch by now. probably longer. It's an evil psycho killer fish. And it tries to jump out of its tank. It jumped behind my brothers fish tank into a box of clothes when he was cleaning it. I think it's just his fish that's a killer psycho fish. My poor fish are now fine and the black moors fins are growing back. Which scared me to death. I wonder if he knows that I was right about it being a kiler psycho fish. So far he's laughed at me. But buyers beware for the ones who are mean!!

jacob - 2006-03-30
I have a Gold Gourami and two Chinese algae eaters. I used to have two Gold Gouramis but one of them died of Ick. I only had him for two days. Anyway, I just bought two Chinese algae eaters and im waiting to see what happens and how big they will grow. By the sounds of it they seem pretty aggressive and im kind of starting to change my mind about keeping them. But, i saw my Gold chasing the Chinese around. No nibbling on the fins yet. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Good luck!