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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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kat - 2008-04-12
These little fish are mean! I had one and not only did he kill off four of the other fish in my tank, he jumped out and managed to land under an electrical outlet. Talk about frightening! I won't clean under my tank stand anymore... I make my dad do it!

I would NOT suggest these fish for a small tank unless they are all you are going to be keeping.

Anonymous - 2008-03-13
I got 3 of them. They eat like madfish and they are very quick. 2 of them swim together and I found the 3rd dead about 2 weeks after I got them. I was on my way out the door when I saw it so I couldn't pull it out. I came back about 2 hours later and it had about 4 holes in the side of him. The definitely go carnivorous on each other even at a small size. Otherwise they are great fish to watch, and they go great with plants

Peagreen - 2008-03-08
A word to the wise: CAEs are terrible tank mates once they start getting comfortable in their new surroundings, especially for goldfish (which tend to be slow swimmers). I originally got mine (a golden) thinking it would help keep the tank cleaner. It did its job for the first two months, and then suddenly began getting more and more aggressive. I had to isolate him before he did any damage. They sure are pretty for an algae eater, but I'm afraid that's about all the good that I can say for them.

Sonn - 2008-02-12
I've had a CAE for awhile now. I would really really not recommend them for anyone who cannot provide a separate living space when they get larger. They eat tons of algae when they are small but when they get older and larger their diets completely change mine now prefers "meatier" foods over algae or any other vegetable based food. And if you do plan on putting this fish with other species make sure it is fast enough to get away or it will be a snack to this guy/girl.

Angela - 2008-02-01
I have had a Chinese Algae eater for a couple of months now and I tntroduced him into an aquarium with my Betta (bad idea). The algae eater started out OK, but now he constantly attacks the Betta. It seems that wherever the Betta goes to hide, the algae eater seeks him out. Also, I keep my aquarium plenty warm but he does not seem to keep the tank very clean. I just cleaned it tonight and there was algae coated on everything.

Anonymous - 2007-09-09
My newly added fish ended up dead. I saw my Chinese algae eater attacking my small cat fish so realized that he is the problem. He was ok for about 5 months and then went on his killing spree of all new fish. Very bad.

Rachel - 2007-06-22
The Siamese algae eater is in fact a totally different fish. More placid and generally well suited to a community unlike the chinese algae eater.

Jack - 2007-06-17

Joe Harmer - 2007-02-27
Everywhere else I looked, it said chinese algae eaters don't eat algae! What the heck?

JEF - 2007-02-12
Buy this fish with care! Pet stores seem to get personalaties mixed up between CAE`s (Chinese Algae Eaters) and the algae eating cousin the SAE (Siamese Algae Eaters). CAE's are quiet and peaceful when young and will happily munch on algae, however, as they approach 4 inches they turn more and more agressive and will stop eating algae and start eating little fish, slime coats, and the like! They also grow to just under a foot long. A much better choice for an algea eater would be the SAE, a close cousin of the CAE, who only grows to an adult size of 4-6 inches or even better for peacful community tanks the otocinclus, a 2 inch algea eater that will never think of harming a fly. AGAIN CAES ARE HUGE FISH THAT ALMOST ALWAYS BECOME FISH EATERS! I would however love to get a 55 gallon and do a species tank, also the golden CAE or golden algea eater is just an un-pigmented vesion of the CAE. its likly that people with peacful "CAEs" have a false SAE, a flying fox, or less likly an SAE. All these fish only get to about 4-6" and will usually leave the other tank mates alone.