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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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Shawnee - 2009-03-20
We have a CAE that has grown to about 4-5 inches. In the last two months 4 of our smaller fish (1/4-3/4 inch) have simply disappeared in the tank. Over night last night, 3 more went missing. We have emptied the fish tank, and cleaned it, and the missing fish are nowhere to be found. The CEA is the only aggressive fish in our tank, and I think most likely ate the missing fish.

Shez - 2008-11-12
My 2 algae eaters are only about 2 inches (5 cm) long. Recently one of them changed color, patterns on its skin (stripes to spots) and behavior. He was living peacefully in the warm water tank until one day he started attacking my betta and my angel. I put them both in with my big gold fish (10 cm or about 4 inches) and they still attacked the other fish. I have kept algae eaters in a cold water tank before with gold fish and others and they lived fine together, only now I've noticed aggression. What size are they when they mature...


Carole - 2008-10-30
I've had my Chinese Algae Eater for seven years. He is about 6 inches long and about the thickness of my thumb. (I have large hands) He gets along fine with my kissing gourami, silver dollar fish and two bleeding heart tetras. I just introduced 3 glo-fish which stay at the top of the tank. So far he doesn't bother anyone.

-pili- - 2008-10-27
I have one that's about 5-6 inches in my 160 gallon pond, and yes they do harrass the other fish.

Fie - 2008-10-18
Its weird because no one has ever seen them breed, but I accidently bred them over the summer.

Stephanie - 2008-08-13
I just got two chinese algae eaters and they are in the tank with other tropical community fish. I was reading that they get to be territorial when they get older and they will start to harass other fish in the tank. I just want to know how long could I have my fish before this starts to happen, because I don't want to get rid of the fish cuz I think they are so cool.

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  • ladyfrog - 2010-03-19
    We have had ours for about 4 months and we just had to flush one of our angels last night because we found it belly up at the bottom of the tank half alive. We weren't sure why at first until today our CAE had attached itself to our other Angel half killing it. They will become aggressive and they will kill community fish! Yes, they are great for cleaning the algae out of the tank but I'd rather have a little algae and living fish instead of dead fish and no algae! We are extremely disappointed with our local pet store for telling us that these CAE's are "great community fish". They've just killed our family's favorite fish. At present I'm watching our last Angel try its hardest to stay swimming upright, but I fear she will be flushed by the end of the day. So, I recommend putting them in separate tank if you wish to keep them and your other fish as well.
alfie - 2008-07-04
my chinese algae eaters (4pcs) are all very aggressive! the love to hide, play and kill small fishes! LolZ! one thing bad about my CAE, they got so big! 8 inches long and so fat! i think they are crowded in an my 50 gallon tank!

Kurt van Wyk - 2008-06-21
ALL CHINESE ALGAE EATER OWNERS BEWARE! If there is no algae for them to eat they will eat the slime off the other fish in the tank. This will cause the other fish fungal diseases such as hole in the head.

Anonymous - 2008-05-17
I had one really big Chinese algae eater in my cichlid tank. It was so peaceful until it died a couple of days ago. I got four more little ones and they are so good at cleaning. They are really good fish and I recommend them to anyone.

Brooke - 2008-04-19
I have had several throughout the years. I have had good luck with them. I have noticed some agression, but nothing that would hurt my fish. I had all smaller fish too. One tank had Guppies, bettas, neon tetras, corydoras catfish, a red tailed shark, & 2 Algae eaters. The algae eaters did their job & when the algae was low I fed wafers. I fed Shrimp pellets to the corys & I noticed a few times they would eat them. They do grow really fast. I had one grow an inch in a very short time! I think they do better with bigger tanks, but I have had them in 10 gallon tanks before & they lived several years, but didnt get near as big as the others in my bigger tanks did.