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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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mcdaphnia - 2009-12-11
Chinese Algae Eaters are commercially produced in the Far East, and are available in a few different colors. The suckermouth is for attachment to the substrate, not feeding on algae. Their mouth coincidentally resembles the suckermouth of many true algae eaters, but the Chinese Algae Eater does not earn the name. It is a very ineffective algae eater, even at its best when small, and becomes more and more interested in attacking its tank mates for a mouthful of scales or fin than accepting a veggie diet.

This fish is apparently easy to propagate in huge numbers and so has a profitable mark up compared to fish that actually are algae eaters.

GlendaR - 2009-09-08
Fish have been mysteriously missing from my tank. My CAE was growing at an alarming rate. Last week a tetra came up missing, last night 2 of my large black neons went missing.... I kept noticing the CAE was getting very very aggressive chasing and biting at the other fish in my 55 gallong aquarium. Well, guess who I found belly up at the btm of the tank this morning.... CAE himself. Guess he over done it this time. Am really glad everyone shared the info on this one time algae eater gone cannibal!

tonisha hart - 2009-08-31
This is a good page. Needs more details on the fish.

eric - 2009-05-25
I work in a pet store and currently we have one CAE that someone bought into us because it was to aggressive for their tank. He is about 8 inches long and is currently housed in a tank with a few piranha and is doing fine. At first he used to actually chase the piranha, but now both have settled down and he stays in a cave mostly. This fish is NOT for a community tank.

Shawnee - 2009-03-20
We have a CAE that has grown to about 4-5 inches. In the last two months 4 of our smaller fish (1/4-3/4 inch) have simply disappeared in the tank. Over night last night, 3 more went missing. We have emptied the fish tank, and cleaned it, and the missing fish are nowhere to be found. The CEA is the only aggressive fish in our tank, and I think most likely ate the missing fish.

Shez - 2008-11-12
My 2 algae eaters are only about 2 inches (5 cm) long. Recently one of them changed color, patterns on its skin (stripes to spots) and behavior. He was living peacefully in the warm water tank until one day he started attacking my betta and my angel. I put them both in with my big gold fish (10 cm or about 4 inches) and they still attacked the other fish. I have kept algae eaters in a cold water tank before with gold fish and others and they lived fine together, only now I've noticed aggression. What size are they when they mature...


Carole - 2008-10-30
I've had my Chinese Algae Eater for seven years. He is about 6 inches long and about the thickness of my thumb. (I have large hands) He gets along fine with my kissing gourami, silver dollar fish and two bleeding heart tetras. I just introduced 3 glo-fish which stay at the top of the tank. So far he doesn't bother anyone.

-pili- - 2008-10-27
I have one that's about 5-6 inches in my 160 gallon pond, and yes they do harrass the other fish.

Fie - 2008-10-18
Its weird because no one has ever seen them breed, but I accidently bred them over the summer.

Stephanie - 2008-08-13
I just got two chinese algae eaters and they are in the tank with other tropical community fish. I was reading that they get to be territorial when they get older and they will start to harass other fish in the tank. I just want to know how long could I have my fish before this starts to happen, because I don't want to get rid of the fish cuz I think they are so cool.

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  • ladyfrog - 2010-03-19
    We have had ours for about 4 months and we just had to flush one of our angels last night because we found it belly up at the bottom of the tank half alive. We weren't sure why at first until today our CAE had attached itself to our other Angel half killing it. They will become aggressive and they will kill community fish! Yes, they are great for cleaning the algae out of the tank but I'd rather have a little algae and living fish instead of dead fish and no algae! We are extremely disappointed with our local pet store for telling us that these CAE's are "great community fish". They've just killed our family's favorite fish. At present I'm watching our last Angel try its hardest to stay swimming upright, but I fear she will be flushed by the end of the day. So, I recommend putting them in separate tank if you wish to keep them and your other fish as well.