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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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Fish Master - 2010-02-07
I would like to point out that Siamese Algae Eaters and Chinese Algae Eaters are two different breeds. Chinese Alage Eaters tend to become agressive while their Siamese cousins do not. Siamese Algae Eaters also tend to eat algae much better.

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  • Fishin\' for Worry - 2010-11-27
    Fish Master, do CAEs eat goldfish?
  • jamieladie - 2012-04-25
    I thought they were the same, that the two names were inter-exchangeable. If this is not true then how do you tell the difference? We are a novice couple. We have two, and I'm sure one is pregnant
  • jamieladie - 2012-04-26
    And now I am so sad because I found the one I thought to be pregnant dead. I was so excited too :(
Pinky - 2012-04-05
I have two in my 30 gallon tank with my guppies. They are really good they don't even try to eat the babies. They chase each other. One has a strip on both sides going from head to tail and the other one doesn't.

Sharlene - 2012-02-27
I bought 2 of these over the last few yrs. One I kept in my 30 gal with a goldfish that was HUGE! So Tigger did great with this fish because the goldy would get mean and tigger just sucked on him a bit to tell him he wasn't afraid. Tigger now lives with my mom and here is the big shocker -- He is in a 20 gal with guppies and other peacefuls but NEVER attacks. He is the sweetest funniest fish ever who plays with moms cats. Now the 2nd one I bought as it got bigger attacked a cat fish and that was it... I found him a home. But Tigger is still the best I've seen and a rarety. He seems happy in his 20 gal. I had sent him to mom to protect him from the ever growing goldfish till it found a new home. Tigger was too big to catch after that and so will stay at moms till he dies or gets aggressive, but still at nearly 9 in he is sweet.

Dorian - 2012-02-09
I have one of these little guys (golden) in my tiger barb tank. he is pretty aggressive... but I don't mind it since the tigers seem to do a good job at pissing him off.

I had a dead Tiger barb the other day, but I dont think it was the golden algae eaters fault. I believed he was a bit sick and was getting picked on by the Tigers. I will have to keep my eyes on him. He seems to do good with my Talking Catfish and my Red Tail Shark. He only seem to chase the Tigers around but thats cuz Striker (one of my tiger barbs) likes to push his luck with him.

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-09
    Chinese Algae Eaters, can be aggressive. However, I would really watch the fish in your aquarium, under these circumstances. If another fish dies, you may want to investigate if the Chinese Algae Eater is the culprit. In the meantime, enjoy your fish.
Lori Tedesco - 2011-06-01
My hubby bought each of our larger aquariums one of these lovely gems when they were small. His tank had tetras and danios and various fish; my 55 gallon had (and still has) fancy guppies that I have been breeding for a long time, and I mean FANCY. WELL... these stupid creatures are huge and both tanks would have entire fish disappear in hours, babies, adults, you name it. Horrible. He had just added some really cute new fish to his tank (thankfully they are peaceful community fish that now live in my tank), and only 2 hours later one was found with its innards consumed!!! I went to the pet store with my suspicions and was told exactly what I thought. When they are large -- and mine are a foot long each now -- they feast on fish and shun the algae wafers and algae, and suck on the slime of the fish and then attack, devouring the whole fish. I was told they can adopt these horrid creatures out for me, but honestly, I'd like to catch them and toss them out into the yard. In the meantime, I moved all of the peaceful community fish from the other tank into mine after catching the horrible beast in my tank, and that took 40 minutes, and put it in my husbands tank. They can contend with each other at this point. Horrid, horrid fish. I got a little 2 inch bottom feeder that doesn't grow any larger and doesn't attack fish and it's amazing how different the tank is behaving today.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-01
    Is it OK to ask which tank your hubby is in? lol
  • Lori Tedesco - 2011-06-03
    LOL He's still free and clear. He had no idea that he bought the CAE's. Petco sold him both, saying they were "great algae eaters" and until I spoke to the lady who now runs the aquarium section recently, I think the people there were clueless. The tanks are now clean, their fish are actually alive, and she new exactly what I had and had nothing nice to say about them herself. She advised getting them completely out of the tanks and offered to adopt them out at the store. When I showed her how different mine were than the Siamese ones she had there, she looked horrified.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-03
    Well, I am glad your hubby is well. I thought maybe you put him in one of the tanks. Thanks for the warning though cuz I bet a lot of people don't know this.
  • needabottomfeeder - 2011-08-30
    Hi, may I ask the name of the new bottom feeder you have as I need one bad!

    Thanks, KC.
  • Anonymous - 2011-11-29
    So what your saying is that the 2 I have in my little 20 gal tank will one day stop being so nice and peaceful and start consuming the other fish in the tank... crap. They were doing such a great job of keeping the place clean.
Mary - 2012-01-05
Up until today I had had one for about 10 yrs..but he/she passed would play with marbles on the tank would push one marble at a time across the gravel and line them all up and then start again at the beginning of the line up and take the first marble in line and push it all the way around the tank to the back of the line and start over with the next marble in daughter bought it and when she moved out of town I took her anyway...I was looking up to see if there was any info on how long the average life span of a CAE is but found just thought Id mention how long this one had lived ...I dont know if 10 yrs is unusual or not...I read another post here that stated they had one that was 12 but no, they don't that long..that's some other type of fish entirely...

Melissa - 2011-12-26
My brother and I each bought one of these fishes, and right from the start I observed my Chinese algae eater harassing its tank mates, while the individual that my brother bought never bothered anyone... Despite this, I have kept mine for about 6 months now with comets, guppies, and swordtails without any disappearances or casualties. From time to time though some of the fish will have small nips in their fins.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-27
    Different types of fish have different personalities but each fish has it's own personality. Sounds like yours wants to make sure everyone knows he is the top dog.
kaitlyn verdin - 2011-12-04
they work so fast its the only sucker fish that i get to clean my tank

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  • Alex Burleson - 2011-12-04
    They are exciting fish to have in an aquarium!
heather - 2011-03-17
I made the mistake of buying two of these fishes, the store said they would be fine in my community tank, over the last 2 days I have had all of my fish turn up dead. I don't want these things anymore and was wondering if they could survive in my grandmothers outside pool? I want to be able to own fish again.

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  • jimmy - 2011-06-10
    Hi, I have 2 algae eaters. Each in their own tank with a female betta. The one algae stays on the bottom of the tank and the younger sits on plant leaves on top of the water. Part of the fish is out side of the water. This one swims next to the female betta like it has the hots for her. The other algae eater in the other tank stays away from the other female betta in that tank. Both tanks have pump water and same types of plants. I do not know it they are female or male AE's
Tiffany - 2011-05-05
I have 2 of these, one grey and black (2 in) and one golden (1.5 in). They live happily with my 4 red belly piranhas in a 55 gal. They seem to like a diet of algae and the meat left overs from the piranhas. They just had close to 50 fry, which was a little bit of a shocker to see a bunch of stuff floating in the water and then realizing they were fry. lol.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-05
    Sounds like you are having fun.