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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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Cory B. - 2004-02-20
It sits under the filter and lets the food come to it rather than actualy cleaning the walls of the tank. It only moves if you try to look at it, upon walking up to the glass, it darts out from under the filter. Aside from a little obesity, its healthy and low maintenance.

Cecilia - 2004-01-20
LUCY I hear ya sister. ive had three suckers climb out of my 10 gallon tank through a 4x1 inch space. what happened in my other experiences. more catastophe- it sucked the scales off of its tank mate- wounds which quickly festered and grew fungus and the fish died. After killing all my other fish- the little demon climbed through the tank and on to the hood, right next to the light switch. The image of its dried out body practicaly mocking me still haunts me today.

Lucy - 2003-11-30
Lovely, efficient fish, but beware. They are smart little devils and will climb. I had about five square inches of open space, a gap in the hood for my filter. Low and behold, the little sucker managed to climb out of the tank and on to the floor. Also, this fish can be territorial, and if in the right mind will have its way. My second, the fish that preceded the little worm who climbed his way to my living room carpet, had a huge territory problem, he would suck the scales off fish who entered it. I gave him a rock cave to please him, but then he stopped EaTiNg, heaven knows why.

michelle - 2003-08-17
I have kept one of these fish in a non heated four ft tank with mexican walking fish and it ate all my algae so they do work in cold water or at least for me it did unfortunatly my walking fish ate it not long after!
now i have another one in the same tank but now it is a heated tank with tropical fish my algue eater however is not the same as the one pictured as i have an albino morph of this species its a nice golden colour. my fish is only 2 inches and is friendly and fun to watch.