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The Chinese Algae Eater is a workhorse when it comes to its job... eating algae!
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Shirley Webler - 2014-07-18
I have a Chinese Algae Eater, got him/her 7 years ago, it was about 1 inch long and 1/2 the size of my pinkie finger and now its the same length of the heater in my 10 gl tank and almost as wide, its very active, spashes the water, pushes the rocks around the tank, and lives with a an Albino Chiclid. 

I also have a 55 gl tank which has 4 Chiclids, 2 Parrot fish, 2 Tinfoil Barbs, & 2 Tire Track Eels.

The Albino Chiclid can not live with the other Chiclids because they kept biting his tail off and he almost died twice from it.

The picture is of my Chinese Algae Eater that I took yesterday.

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  • Rain Kessler - 2014-11-21
    the reason your algae eater doing this is because it has no room so 2 try 2 make room its chewing off its tail
Rain Kessler - 2014-11-21
your goldfish killed them only because they poop every hour or so no matter what u use 2 stop them making your watter toxic with there wase. 

Puppy love girl - 2014-07-31
So I have three goldfish a two commet
And a balck moor they were very healthy until I
I got a bad algae problem so I got a small
Snail and a cae the snail dissaperd in a week
And all that was left was his shell? And after
Like two months the cae got bigger and a
Aggrisve so I went to school and when I came back my black moor was not
Black and was floating I thought my poor little baby was
Dead so I was goig to remove it I saw that
His gills were bearly moving so I put him in a bowel
So hopefully he can get better but sadly he didn't
Last an hour I think it was the cae I mean I was gone
For 6 hours who could've done this

Jgw - 2014-06-15
I have a chinese algae eater for so many years I can't remember exactly how long. 6years ago he was five inches long and I got him when he was tiny. He could be about 15. He lives in a 40 gallon tank with neon tetras, apistogrammas and a clown loach. He and the clown loach cuddle up in the same cave and he gets grumpy and thrashes his tail to make more space but always they go round as a pair. I got in another clown loach to be mates with the other but the original loach only wanted the chinese algae eater. I have had no trouble with the chinese algae eater attacking other fish and he spends his time dashing around with the clown loach, sucking up any algae he finds on leaves or the glass, then hanging on the side watching me. I give them bottom feed tablets and they hoover up any food fallen from the others. Maybe I have been lucky, but he has been a delight and never aggressive, just a bit of a grumpy old man!

Kathy Zadori - 2014-04-17
My son was begging for an iguana for his birthday. I was very reluctant to get one for him. I finally caved in and bought him a baby one. He's totally crazy over it and named him Barney! It's been a few months now since we got the iguana and I'm glad we did! We are considering getting another one! They are really tons of fun. Iguana lovers for life in Nebraska!! ;)

Anonymous - 2013-09-01
Mine was given a model tree and soon after it was put in the tank he dug a tunnel under and nearly came out. I kept it with Platys and he lived under his tree with one of the baby platys and never touched it.

missy - 2013-02-04
Mine is very aggressive in fact its almost 3yrs old and the only tank cleaner that is smart and fast enough to survive with my piranha

Anonymous - 2013-01-27
Now that i have read this i am scared. I have the golden version of this fish with my betta. Most of the time the get along well, but when my betta gets into one of his 'moods' he mostly chases the little guy. Sometimes the algae eater will seemingly fight back, he goes vertical and bats the betta with his tail.Does anyone think that the algae eater will ever make any super agressive moves or anything?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-27
    Could become an issue for the betta as the Algae Eater ages.  The betta is too slow of a swimming fish to be with this fish. 
sherri - 2013-01-02
I am new to this whole aquatic thing. I have a 29 gal. tank with a beta, an angelfish, 2 swordtails, 1 marble molly, a kissing fish, a suckerfish, and ol' mr.chinese algae eating. He swims around like a shark in my tank. I have gotten the veggie wafers and tried the raw zucchini thing. He is just super active/aggressive. I am thinking of taking him out if he doesn't mellow out. Any suggestions?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-02
    These fish can be very aggressive and sometimes needs to be seperated from the other fish.
John Ho - 2012-12-16
I had a 2 and a half inch CAE in my tank doing just fine! It does not act aggressive towards other fishes in my community tank unlike what u guys said. Well it does sometimes (max 2 times a month) chase fishes which i think it was playing with them because it does not really harm them. Anyway, i think it depends on your luck whether you chose the right and non aggressive CAE to put in your tank.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-12-16
    Yeah, if they become testy its usually with age. Sometimes new tankmates upsetting their home can trigger some meanness too. Sometimes they will stay mellow, but I have known many people who had their Chinese Algae Eater end up being very aggressive and start taking out the other fish. Glad you have a nice fellow!