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Keeping a few Cherry Barbs in full color will create a dazzling color show in any aquarium!
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Darren Lim - 2005-12-02
Thanks alot! i'm a 14 year old boy from Singapore and after your help from this website, my cherry barbs have finally spawned! Anyway thanks!

jeff - 2005-08-05
I put a few of these in my pond, now there are hundreds. The pond freezes in winter and these guys come back to life when it thaws.

bob - 2005-04-03
I have had a single cherry barb in a gallon tank for 4 years, and she has done amazingly well. She originally came from Walgreens in a tiny tank with a snail and plant. I did not know what kind of fish she was until recently. She has done so well in her upgraded tank, with amazon sword plants and a nice rock. I do not know the life expectancy of this fish, but I am sure she will live to old age if she has not already.