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The very popular Bala Shark has a perfectly sweet disposition and peacefully goes about minding its own business!
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Andre may 2005 - 2005-05-15
I have a bala shark that loves my 3 discus, 2 swordtails, 3 corys, pleco, kissing gourami, and frog. I called him Jason. he is about three inches long and eats almost anything. I got him at Christmas.

Karen and Jeff - 2005-04-23
We have had our bala shark for 5 years and it is now 11 inches long. He lives in a 135 gallon tank. He dominates this tank which has a few friends like the algae eaters, the tiger barbs, the wide mouth shark which is also 11 inches long. There are also a couple of ciclids and a parrot fish. The bala does get spooked very easily and sometimes hits the ends of the tank back and forth. Once, he even jumped out of the tank. Very entertaining to watch. Glad we have him.

Anonymous - 2005-04-13
Happy and clever ! Balas will eat from your hand if they know you. mine are my pride and joy. Great fish, but please, give them a good size tank!

Anonymous - 2005-03-16
these fish are very fun to care for. i would recommend these for anyone from a newbie to expert breeders. very hardy, and get along very well with all my other fish. im still trying to figure how to breed them. they are very good jumpers, i found out the hard way... i must say tho, if u have anything less then a 55 Gallon tank (if u have a 55, dont get more than 2) dont get one of these because they can grow very very large, i ve seen some that are 15 inches long.

Anonymous - 2005-03-05
I had a silver Bala Shark and it only lived for 5 months. One thing you want to know is if it moves strangly, that is how it moves. The Bala Shark does not do good with snails. The Bala Shark will fight the snail or snails. The snail sometimes falls off the side of the tank and might fall on the shark and kill it after several minutes.

Anonymous - 2004-10-07
Love these fish. my Lemon and Red Eyed Tetra hangs out with them. BUT BEWARE, you should have at LEAST a 150 Gallon Tank or they will start to freak out and will hit the side of the tank and could break the glass. they are VERY strong and fast so dont get them if you have a small tank, and they freak out easily. not very good for kids because they could scare them. they should be in with at least 3 other fish or the above could happen.

charlie hall - 2004-08-05
These are very good pets for even beginners. although the info on this page says they generally are not aggressive this is only true in some cases. my balas, that are all more than 15 inches long, have taken a nip at my fingers when placing cave-rocks and other items in the bottom of my tank, and in one case even drew blood.

Jesse Joseph - 2004-04-17
I love this fish. It is so energetic. I love the way it darts around the tank really fast. And it never tries to eat any of my other fish. Mine is only about 3 inches long, so it is still a baby.

nikits72 - 2004-04-07
Bala shark was one of my first fishes. It is a very peaceful fish. I would advise it to anyone new in this wonderful hobby. It has the apperance of a shark but that is all. It can be stressed easily though.

Anonymous - 2003-11-18
A very good fish. Lively and peacable. Years ago I had a school of 6 in a 240 gallon tank. Even thought they grew quite large they never bother my smaller fish which included dozens of feeder guppies (which are kind of interesting in their own right.)