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The very popular Bala Shark has a perfectly sweet disposition and peacefully goes about minding its own business!
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pran - 2006-02-26
oh the bala shark rocks. The have no intention on bothering other fish. They make weird noises when i feed them. Peaple talk about them jumping but i find that mine never try to jump when i move them to a diffrent tank or even when they are scared and the lid is open. But still these fish might jump. They were once living with Neon tetras and didnt eat the Neons at all.

Lee - 2006-02-13
I've got two Bala's in my 5' tank and they interact really well with the other fish! They tend to hang out with the Angels in the daytime and in the early evening they hang around the Red eye tetras and Penguin tetras. They never cause trouble and can be very amusing when they start to chase each other in and out of the plants and driftwood. They do make a really strange noise when they feed, at first I thought my tank was cracking! All the little snails have disapeared since I got these fish, which is great!

Jerry - 2006-01-08
I have 2 bala sharks and they are very fast swimmers and dont really bother any other fish but they do nibble plants. they have really shiny scales and look really nice when the fish turns.

ThE cAt - 2005-12-14
my friend has a simalar-looking fish that ate other fish. BE CAREFUL!

game guy - 2005-09-27
I have had mine for bout a week now and i love it. I highly recommend this fish. It wont bug other fish and even mean(red dot) fish stay away from it. When you buy more then one they stick close by.

Adam Leikness - 2005-08-01
I have a long 50 gallon tank with 5 bala sharks. They are awesome! They swim back and forth in the tank and are fun to watch. They do best in schools! In the same tank there is a Tiger Oscer Cichlid, 2 Chinese Algae Eaters, 1 Plecostomus, 3 Mystus Catfish, and 8 crabs! It's a wonderful tank, and I highly recommend Bala Sharks! Just make sure to have a big tank and not to many fish!

-[?]- - 2005-07-26
Bala sharks are very shy fish. they are actually afraid of everything, even small fish like tiger barbs. They don't really eat while your looking at them but they eventually eat, they're awesome in a large group and look pretty fine too.
Their body glows when the light is on and looks good in planted tank.

sue from Merseyside - 2005-07-10
Our two bala sharks have lived in a community tank for 3 years and are now approx 3to4 inches long. Disgusting noises when fed! Have to mind fingers!
Recently have taken to synchronised swimming, extremely complicated sequences mirrored perfectly!! Brilliant to watch. Share 50 gallon tank with three angels, neon and rummy nosed tetras, a flying fox, assorted platys and gouramis and a very shy catfish.

Seamus Dempsey - 2005-06-14
I got my 3 bala sharks about a month ago in my 55 gallon. They were about 1/2 inches long. Now they are about 2 inches and they love to eat blood worms. They live with a raphael catfish, a male and female red tailed shark, five algae eaters, four blackskirted tetras, a small catfish, and a goldust molly.
I love my bala's and can't wait to watch them get big.

Anonymous - 2005-05-25
What I thought was a peaceful fish was swimming around my tank yesterday with a little rummy-nosed tetra in his mouth!!! These fish are great, and fast!!! and remember to keep a lid on thier tank otherwise you will find out how high they can jump! Im hoping the little fish incident was a one off!