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The very popular Bala Shark has a perfectly sweet disposition and peacefully goes about minding its own business!
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Valerie - 2006-10-02
I have had my small bala sharks for a few weeks now, and i would recommend them to anybody who wishes to start their own aquarium. Over the weeks i have learned a few things about these little fellows.
The first thing i realised was how timid a fish they are. They tend to stay close to one another and tend to hid behind plants (or under the water heater in my case) when you approach the tank too fast or if you turn on the overhead light. They don't seem to mind having other fish in the tank, they do however keep their space. (My friend put in two neons, approximately 1/4" long, and though the bala's ignore them they do tend to stay on the opposite side of the tank.
The bala's also prefer to eat live things. When i put the flake food in the tank sometimes my fish won't eat it. They will if they are hungry but whenever i put in brine shrimp or mosquito larva they go crazy and eat as much as they can, even pushing back their timid tendancies. They don't care if you watch or if the neons are near the food.
I started off my temperature at 76 degrees (farenheit) like most sites recommend. My bala's however did become more active once i raised the temp to 82 degrees. any more or any less and they tend to drift slowly around my tank, while at 82 they seem perfectly happy.
My Bala's however do still pose one problem for me; they jump, frequently, and their bodies prove it. Luckily they heal quickly and any small injuries (black spots on the body, and the occassional loose scale) heal rapidly and do not change the fishes overall behavior.
These fish are very easy to care for.

Skizza - 2006-09-13
I've had my silvershark for about three and a half years now. He started off as being about five-six centimetres and being quite skinny. Now he is a well bodied fish about 20cm in length. I found this fish to be quite a fast growing fish feeding on bloodworms. he is quite a timid fish and does scare quite easily.

Shan Kumarage - 2006-08-30
These Bala Sharks are very very active, but peaceful fish. I have two of them. it's great looking at them going all over the tank! when i feed them, when they come to the top to pick up the food, they make noises. it's great to hear them eating. :))

Dr. Anand Verma - 2006-08-19
These silver sharks are amazing lively fresh water fish and its great fun to keep, feed and see them swim.

Carla - 2006-07-25
i have three silver sharks. i think they are awesome, really easy fish to have. They mind their own business and keep themselves to themsleves. I feed them flake, bloodworm, prawns, bread, peas and cucumber. They are great!

Amy from KY - 2006-06-22
I have 2 bala's and they do very well with all others. we have 4 i.d. 1 rainbow, and 2 black sharks and they seem to be one happy family. have had them for almost 4 yrs. now.

Khalid MUSTAFA - 2006-06-16
I have Just bought 2 lovely middle size BALLA, with 3 small size gold fish, red tailed black shark, pelco, cat fish corydoras, clown loach, 2 small size kuhli banded loaches. they felt frightened when one of my gold fish chased them trying to bite the tails, so the red tailed shark pretended some of his usual aggressive nature, but now they are doing well all together. i hope they will become a great MIXED LOVELY TEAM...ONE FAMILY..NO HATES...

ben hills - 2006-06-10
my silver shark is a baby but i have heard that they grow to 13 inches. i am trying to breed them but have had no success, but i am still trying.

tashfiq - 2006-03-23
i have 6 balas in 250 gl, 6 i.d. sharks, 1 pleco, and 4 goldfish. All do fine. But the balas are my favorite.

Ric - 2006-03-11
these fish can be sexed. the Female is the larger, rounder fish. the male is slimmer. i have 2 in a 150 gallon aquarium. they eat Krill, Tetra Bits and blood worms. the only gravel in my tank is Pea gravel for a 9" and growing, Marble sailfin catfish.
the Female is the more domintate fish. the 2 sharks will get side by side and will go through a spawning motion. if i add plants, i have a feeling they scatter eggs in a slow moving filtration. they will breed soon