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The very popular Bala Shark has a perfectly sweet disposition and peacefully goes about minding its own business!
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Grace K - 2007-06-23
Thank you so much for this internet site. It helped me alot. One of my Bala Sharks is pregnant and I have no idea what to do, so I might call my dogs vet and ask for help. But your other information was very clear.

GugaRedy - 2007-06-13
Very useful resource. THE BEST. I liked your site.



KinaRumin - 2007-06-04
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RenatyKiyLi - 2007-05-29
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connor - 2007-02-04
I have 4 bala sharks. i feed them blood worms and tropical flakes. they love their new home. i love the balas! and they are all about 3 inches long.

Richie - 2007-01-01
When i got my first bala it did jump alot. Added other fish, a common goldfish and red rose fish. I often see the goldfish's tail bitten. i do not know what fish did it but i am still trying to figure it out. my bala has only eaten fat healthy color flakes. I only feed 3x a day. on the first day i got it, it seemed to often take food from the other fish. i am beginning to learn more about my fish. I hope that my fish will grow healthy. i did know your fish have to be at a certain age to breed. Make sure you have an age fish from 20+ or it will not breed. i will post again when i find a way to breed it.

kev - 2006-12-10
while i'm no expert i am left wondering why two people say they have bred/egg layer siler sharks/bala fish yet according to the REAL experts its never happened and is impossible to breed these in captivity/normal fishtank.
be interesting to see some proof from the ones that have ''bred'' from these fish, who knows you might even be famous

Austin - 2006-11-20
My friend has bred Bala Sharks for a year in a tank and they reproduced very rapidly so he had to quit because he did not have enough room for them.

A8nTT585kg - 2006-11-19
I have 3 bala sharks and they are school fish, so if you are going to get one i suggest you get a big tank. But over all they are fun to watch. one of mine sometimes rams against the glass but they are really fun. A good and nice color for them is dark black if they are healthy.

Valerie - 2006-10-02
I have had my small bala sharks for a few weeks now, and i would recommend them to anybody who wishes to start their own aquarium. Over the weeks i have learned a few things about these little fellows.
The first thing i realised was how timid a fish they are. They tend to stay close to one another and tend to hid behind plants (or under the water heater in my case) when you approach the tank too fast or if you turn on the overhead light. They don't seem to mind having other fish in the tank, they do however keep their space. (My friend put in two neons, approximately 1/4" long, and though the bala's ignore them they do tend to stay on the opposite side of the tank.
The bala's also prefer to eat live things. When i put the flake food in the tank sometimes my fish won't eat it. They will if they are hungry but whenever i put in brine shrimp or mosquito larva they go crazy and eat as much as they can, even pushing back their timid tendancies. They don't care if you watch or if the neons are near the food.
I started off my temperature at 76 degrees (farenheit) like most sites recommend. My bala's however did become more active once i raised the temp to 82 degrees. any more or any less and they tend to drift slowly around my tank, while at 82 they seem perfectly happy.
My Bala's however do still pose one problem for me; they jump, frequently, and their bodies prove it. Luckily they heal quickly and any small injuries (black spots on the body, and the occassional loose scale) heal rapidly and do not change the fishes overall behavior.
These fish are very easy to care for.