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The very popular Bala Shark has a perfectly sweet disposition and peacefully goes about minding its own business!
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t-homas - 2010-03-12
i have 4 bala sharks in a 55 gallon tank with my 3 silver dollars, 3 black skirt tetras, and a rather large black ghost knife. the are all interesting but the bala sharks are by far the most sociable! every time i walk in my room they are right there to say hello! i've never seen them play dead or jump out of the tank like most website say tho...

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  • alyssa rene smith - 2010-09-03
    I have 2 bala's they are cute but it seems to me that the tiger barbs and the sucker fish attack the bala's so im worried about mine so keep watch if you have a small bala and make sure no body attack's it cause my sucker fish and tiger barb's killed my bala just by bitting at her so much just warning you
bill - 2009-01-06
I have had bala's for about 3 years now and the old timer, is about 7" now.
For the last 2 weeks I have been having trouble keeping the others alive. I have replaced 2 and now another one is doing the back stroke. But it isn't the oldest or the newst one.
They are fine one minute and the next they are belly up and struggling around the tank upside down. The old man scurries away from them and within 12 hours they are dead.
No sores, or clamp fin,or ick, they just go.
I have tried adding fresh water and am using melafix as well as water treatment.
They are in a 50 gallon tank with Fluval tank filter and a water heater set at 76.
I have a plecastema and a needle fish in the same tank, so there isn't any fighting.
Anyone else having this problem?

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  • carter - 2010-08-24
    Hi I have two little balas in a 10 gal moving up to 50 soon. It hasn't even been a day yet since I bought them I watched it when I got home from school it did 3 circles then they turn upside down. But I haven't removed them because they're gills are still moving. I'm probably going to try rainbows and see if they do the same.
Eoin - 2006-05-18
I have a pair of Balas in my tank, which is not large(only 2ft by 1 ft by 1.5 ft). the tank is decorated in the style of a stream with the filter set to provide a constant current, rocks to swim around and plenty of pondweed floating at the top. i have heard that they never breed in captivity(unless its done professionally), however the female is laying a lot of eggs in the weed. They eat almost anything (but do not eat pellets unless there is no other food in the tank) and particurly love daphnia. the egg layer is not large, she is only around 4 inches long and quite slim. it is almost impossible to sex them so i will be adding a few more of similar size to the tank in the hopes that one is a fertile male.
keep your eyes posted on this notice, because if i get a load of little babies, i will post all of the details of their tank conditions in the hopes that we can haave a few more successes in the future.

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  • no expert - 2010-03-07
    Nice to hear that you sharks are breeding, it may have been pregnant when you bought it though. But I think that u should reconsider buying more in a 2ft tank as silver sharks can grow quite large and will out grow that tank in no time
  • Tim - 2010-06-01
    I'm seriously thinking about getting a school of these sharks and breeding them. As I plan to do with many species for profit. I'd love to know if your success was brought to fruition. I really loved the balas but as you know local petstore clerks know as much as I did when I said "Hey I'd like to have some fish". I want to try the rainbow sharks as well. Instead of hurting the population I'd like to relieve it a little maybe. Hope all goes well I read and read that they are hard to spawn. Good luck let us all know!
Lee Coats - 2009-09-11
You should never buy a fish and then go home and research it. If you want to Know more go to watch what you read always find as many articles as you can and check out the authors. I find about 40% of what you read online about fish is accurate data.

sue - 2009-08-14
I had silver sharks for some time and find they do their best in the biggest tank you can give them, as well as a group. Mine were in a group of 6 in, a 5ft x 2ft x 2ft set up, along with clown loach.
I think they are a really good mix as the sharks will often be heard clicking when feeding, which draws in the other sharks as well as the clowns, which often make the same clicking sound. Almost sounds like the glass may be cracking somewhere, u wait till u hear it.

Barbara - 2009-08-11
I just found and enjoy your informative site. I am surprised bala sharks are so readily available in stores since they are threatened. I have a couple of them that I have had for years, but I would not have purchased a threatened species. I also have three red rainbows that I read are on a watch list. Pet stores should post this information so consumers can make educated purchases. Thank you!

ANGELBABE420 - 2009-06-09
Awesome fish but be careful, they do play dead!!

Samantha - 2009-03-26
I have never had a Bala shark. I am just doing research on it and I am not havng to much luck. I was hoping to find something in here. I still intend to look around here, and find something. Well I have to go and I also hope that I have more luck.

Sagar Shiwakoti - 2008-12-23
Well, my smaller bala shark has been dead for nearly two months now and i have bought a new one in its place. But, the bigger one is still alive and as before-the center of attraction. Another one is also healthy, lively and growing day by day. They both swim together, chase one another and entertain the spectators.
I never have had a problem with them, but if small bala sharks are reluctant to eat the pellets then there is a chance that their strength may wane day per day and they may die.
Just that to take care of(plus temperature around 25 degrees)and you have a wonderful aquarium with the balas.
And let me tell you one more thing-they are the quietest creatures that go together with goldfish in you aquarium.

Christie - 2008-11-03
My husband & I have 4 in a 120gal tank. We've only had them for a few months now, but WOW, have they grown. And they are great to watch! Between them and our 4 Boesmani Rainbow's, it's a sight to see! They all seem to dart around together until the Gourami makes his appearance, and then playtime is over! We'd like to get a bigger tank just to get some more Bala's. They really are awesome fish. And to answer the other guys question, from what I've been told, you can't breed the Bala's in a tank. They only breed in the TRUE wild, in a river. Not sure if that's true, but it's what I was told!