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The very popular Bala Shark has a perfectly sweet disposition and peacefully goes about minding its own business!
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Yo - 2011-11-19
I had 3 silver shark and one albino rainbow. . .the rainbow killed them all except one D:

Jb - 2011-01-23
Why won't my shark eat fish flakes it only eats sinking pellets what should I do?

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  • nm123 - 2011-11-07
    Nothing as long as it's eating it's fine, if you want to feed it something else though cut a pea in half and drop both pieces into the tank depending on the size of your shark (silver shark).
Bradley Charles Pastuers - 2011-03-23
Hey everyone, I just bought two of these from the local fish store. They are doing well in their new tank, I'm hoping they don't grow too quickly, my tank isn't that big, about ten litres or so. They're only about an inch long though. One of them has a demented rear fin, I hope he ends up this site.

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  • nm123 - 2011-11-06
    Don't worry my pet store (petland) said they grow very slow but might need a bigger tank as they age.

    ps - they should be full grown in about a year.
Sarah - 2008-03-12
My mom and I have the hardest time trying to get these fish to live in our tank. We have bought 4 so far. We put 2 in our 35 gallon tank but they died within the week. When we got a 55 gallon tank, after the 8 weeks to get its bacteria right, mom went and got me 2 more sharks and they died within the day. I don't know what is wrong but the pet store (Petco) told us our water and nito are just right. Any idea why they would be dying, I really like the fish. I though they would be good with my gourami and mollys.


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  • kristofer - 2010-12-26
    I have one bala shark in a 10 gallon tank since they are a tropical fish they need heat between 75-78 degrees.
  • trey - 2011-01-04
    Stress you let the vibrations of the car or whatever you were in because I have some too.
  • bala buzzy - 2011-02-15
    When you buy new bala sharks don't let the pet shop sell you one that looks "tucked up" and skinny in the stomach area. Choose fish with a well rounded abdomen. We started keeping bala sharks a few years ago, and every time we bought a "skinny" fish it died within hours or days. When we bought fish with a rounded belly they have now grown to be about 6 inches long. You must let them acclimatise to your tank water temperature before just dumping them in when you get home too. Put a little of your aquarium water in the shop bag and float them on the top of your tank for a while.
  • yohseeme - 2011-10-31
    Oh that's good to know to get the fatty belly ones. My second silver shark just died after the first one, the water temp and ph were perfect....don't know the reason why...maybe stressed and didn't eat well...?
Beth Denniston - 2011-10-28
Hi! I just witnessed some bizarre behavior by my two balas. I am aware that breeding is almost impossible in an aquarium, but they looked attached to each other (they really weren't, swimming in circles together and rubbing each other constantly. It lasted about 10 minutes. Is this normal behavior or were they trying to breed? Thanks.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-28
    Sounds like they were trying to mate but it is said they need a lot of room to actually accomplish the feat. Here is a link balasharkmating that the owner feels is mating behavior. There are also other movies on u tube of bala shark mating behavior.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-28
    Hi this is a utube link which supposedly shows bala sharks mating behavior mating.
    or you can cut paste it
hartin marie - 2008-01-23
I have just been given a bala shark which occasionally goes to the side of the tank which has the heater, and hangs upside down like a bat! Any reason why anyone?

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  • tim - 2011-01-20
    To stay warm.
wendycats2003 - 2009-09-29
Hi, I have 11 bala sharks and they are doing really well, even the youngsters are growing. My question is, how long are they pregnant for, as I cant seem to get any answers. In my local pet shops, you can buy them on a regular basis. I go to a person who knows his tropical/cold/marine fish very well. Some pet shops will just sell you anything, but after contacting the right people I now know who to go to.

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  • Carol - 2011-01-02
    I hope you have a fish tank as big as sea worlds if you have 11 of them. They are wonderful fish but not for most home fish tanks due to their size. A tank of 12" fish had better be a super-sized one.

    They do not breed in captivity.
spencer - 2010-11-15
I love this website as they explain what temperature, water hardness and PH value is needed for each type of the variety of fishes on this website. The bala shark is the best. I keep 5 clown loaches, 4 tiger barbs, 2 bala sharks, 2 leopard plecos, 2 siamese algae eaters, 2 sterba's cories and 3 unknown shrimps. Love this website and highly recommend fish-keeping beginners to go to this website.

Anonymous - 2010-04-08
Do they have teeth?

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  • spencer - 2010-11-15
    No. Balas, rainbows and red-tailed sharks do not have teeth as they usually eat their food by sucking it like plecos and algae eaters-spencer.
bic man - 2009-09-26
A buddy of mind had a fish that really looks like a shark. I don't know the name but he said it was a shark and it was sweet. I want one but no site has a pic or any info, only balas, rainbows, and the usuals. I read something about a topeto shark is that true, help me out.

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  • alyssa rene smith - 2010-09-03
    You should get bala's they are so sweet. I have 2 and I love them so much, their names are shy and boota.